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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #49

No Bookmarks 2016 runner ups
My new music obsession
The biggest book haul yet

Hello my lovely people :) welcome to the beginning of a new week :) since I have tons of very fun stuff to share with you guys, let me just get straight to it :) and this time, we will go with the order of those headlines :)

Sooooo... we are very near the end of #Bookmarks2016 :) they are awards that I started doing last year on my blog, when I name my favourite books / authors and such in different categories :) you can read all about them if you follow this tag right here -> Bookmarks 2016 <- :) I had so much fun picking out winners, although in some cases it was very hard to do :) before I started posting each category, I said that I will tell you more about runner ups in some categories later on in my #RandomRamblings posts... and I had every intention on doing just that at the time when I wrote it... but then, after thinking some more about it... I decided against that idea... :) hear me out :) trust me, it was hard enough to choose a winner... although if were being totally honest I created certain categories just so I can talk about a specific book or character ;) but in a few cases, I struggled for a long time... but once I landed on those winners, I realized I don't really want to go back and talk about the *almost ones* and besides, if you guys follow my reviews I'm sure you can always tell if I loved certain books / authors a little more than others... after all, not all 5 stars books are equal :) but that's a subject for a whole different discussion :) I just wanted to explain this little thing for you guys :)

And since we're following the headlines, let's talk about "La la land" :) I saw it last week and... I just can't stop listening to the soundtrack ever since... :) I loved the movie as well... in fact, the more time passes from me seeing it, the more I'm falling in love with it :) I can't relly explain it logically, but it just really got to me... :) and the music is simply beautiful :) if by any chance you have no idea what this musical is about, I will have a trailer for you below :) but I just have to add, that I was truly surprised by my reaction to that story... on paper it doesn't really sound like something I would like to re-watch, for reasons that I can't share with you because of spoilers, but somehow... this particular story went straight to my heart and I loved it :) definitely something for you guys to consider if you're thinking about going to see it :) I personally can definitely recommend it

Last but not least, we get to the best part of this post :) but you already know how much I like to share with you guys my joy with the books I get :) and this time I have for you 20+ books to share :) why so many? trust me, it's an unusual situation :) you may or may not know, but I gave myself a monthly book budget, so I don't spend all of them on books... because that would totally happen ;) and in the last two months I was in a peculiar situation :) usually I buy my books once a month and for the last few of them I kept making these monthly book hauls in my #RandomRamblings posts... but since I was not allowed to buy books in december because I knew I would get some for christmas, I bought my december books very late... so very soon after, I bought mu january books and I figured I would wait for all of them to get to me before hauling them for you guys :) additionally, I got a bit of extra money in december because I had to work on a saturday, and I decided to reward myself for that by spending all of that money on books :) and since BookDepository got around the time I was buying books some sweet sales... well, one thing led to another and here we are :) so since it will be a pretty long post let us get straight to the books :) there is no particular order in which I am sharing them with you, so let's start with...

"Truth or beard" and "Grin and beard it" by Penny Reid, the first two books in her Winston brothers series :) she is definitely one of my all time favourite authors, and her writing style is absolutely amazing :) this particular series is my favourite of hers :) and now I have all the books in it available at this moment :) also, there is a very sweet story behind me getting "Truth or beard" :) I have one of my #BookBesties to thank for it :) so thanks again K :) when we talked on Facebook one time, she mentioned she can't find anywhere this one edition of a book that would match others in her series... I had no troubles in finding it, but apparently it was unavailable to get in her country, so I offered a #BookExchange :) I would buy this book and send it directly to her, and she can get me another book in exchange :) so now I know she will have a lovely gift from me, and I will always hold this particular story a little bit closer to my heart, because it was a gift from a friend :) side note: those books are fantastic and you all need to read them :) but I can say that about pretty much all the books I buy :)

Another series I want to talk about, that I was able to complete, is Stage Dive by Kylie Scott :) I already owned one of them, my favourite ;) so now I got the remaining three :) "Lick" (book #1) "Lead" (book #3) and "Deep" (book #4) are gonna look sooooo pretty on my shelf :) it's a series about the members of a rock bank and all of them are absolutely hilarious :) another fantastic recs if you need something with great writing style and characters to die for ;)

Let's switch up genres a bit, and let me tell you about "Forevermore" by Kristen Callihan :) it's the seventh and final book in her Darkest London series and these covers are just stunning :) seriously, look them up on Amazon UK :) I read all previous books in this series, and I am very curious how everything will end... although each book in this paranormal / steampunk-ish series focuses on a different couple, there is a bigger story arch there... I just hope I will be able to follow the plot, even though I remember very little from this world and these characters... fingers crossed ;)

Remember when I told you there was a big sale on BookDepository? this is the main reason why I was able to get soooo many Nalini Singh's books within my budget :) I got the first three books in her Guild hunter series :) which is set in an alternate version of our world but with angels, archangels, vampires and such :) it has paranormal / urban fantasy themes in it and I love it ;) but I am just a huge fan of her writing style in general, so that can't be a shock for you :)

I was also able to get another five books from her Psy-changeling series :) it's definitely one of my all time favourite series as well, so I jumped at the chance to get those books cheaper than usual :) it's also set in an alternate version of our world, where people in it can be divided into three: regular people, Psy with mental abilities and changelings, who are all sorts of shapeshifters... trust me, this is a huge simplification of a very complex series, where each book concentrates on a different couple, but there are much bigger stories that span more than a few books :) I love it :)

Can you guys believe this is my FIRST Sherrilyn Kenyon paperback? AND my fist The league series book on my shelf?!? I cannot believe it took me this long to buy one :) because I absolutely adore this series :) it's one of my all time favourites and I would love to get all of them, but I started from "Born of shadows" because it was on a great sale :) it's a complex series, set in a futuristic world, with all sorts of different planets and races and it's filled with sarcastic humor, action and characters that you'll love :)

I also got "Our forever" by Elena Matthews, because it was one of my favourite books last year :) it won favourite contemporary romance category of Bookmarks 2016 :) this absolutely sweet story stole my heart and I just had to have it on my shelf... so I can pet it whenever I want to :) because we all do that to our books, don't make me sound weird ;)

Another great books I got, was the last two in Off-campus series by Elle Kennedy :) I still haven't read that last one, but I heard only great things about it from a very trusted sources, so I figured why not spoil myself a little and get actual paperback editions so I can have it in my hands while I read and I can turn page after page... :) it's a new adult sports themed series centered about hockey players in college and I adore it :)

There is actually a bit of a story with "When he was wicked" by Julia Quinn :) I had it for quite some time now :) I bought it years ago when I was still reading and buying books in translation (I live in a none-english speaking country) but this one book was nowhere to be found :) and since I needed to read ALL of the Bridgertons stories, I bought the original edition :) I recently found it, and decided to put in on my shelf, especially since I'm planning to get all the rest of them at some point :) they are on the #Wishlist ;)

One more historical romance I got is "A wallflower christmas" by the lovely Lisa Kleypas, the last... or should I say the additional story in her Wallflowers series :) I absolutely adore her writing style, especially in her historical romances... they are always full of sensual seduction and witty banter and this particular one is very close to my heart :)

We have only two more books to go, so stay with me ;) the one I want to tell you about next is "Rae of sunshine" by Micalea Smeltzer, the beginning of her Light in the dark series :) I read the books in it out of order, starting in the middle, then going back to read this one... because I actually already read it, by the way ;) I will have a full review for you guys this week, so keep an eye on that, because I loved this new adult story centered about two college students who help each other overcome some hard stuff from their pasts... I loved this slow building romance :)

The last, but definitely not least, book I want to mention is "Managed" by Kristen Callihan, the sequel in her new VIP series :) I have very high hopes for this contemporary romance, mainly because my lovely sister J already read it and she claims it's a story written specifically for me :) apparently it has everything I love in books :) and since she was right about these kinds of predictions in the past, I definitely believe her... :) I am saving it for a special occasion... ;)

And now that I rambled on and on about all the books, are you ready to see my shelves? as in plural and everything, because I finally have enough books that I need two shelves for all of them :)

Since you can't really see the books, I have pics of each shelves for you as well :) so here is my paranormal / fantasy one :) and yes, I realize it's mainly just one author for now, but that will change in the future :) plus, I absolutely love her soooo #NoRegrets ;)

And this is my contemporary / historical one :) as you can see I own more of those types of books :) but don't get too attached to the way they look now, cause with new books coming in the upcoming months, I have a feeling I'm gonna keep changing stuff... like, all the time ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope all of you, or at least the majority, stayed with me to this end :) as always, I love connecting with you guys so be sure to reach out to me here, on my Facebook page or my Goodreads account, cause I'm there every day :)



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