Monday, January 23, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #48

Almost book haul
All the stuff
Great movie rec

Hello my lovely people :) are you ready for the start of this new week? I hope you are, because I'm definitely excited for all the things happening in the near future ;) and since I've been, and still am, super busy recently, how about we go straight into the good stuff ;) and once more let's not stick to the order of those headlines... organized chaos is my nickname recently, so it works perfectly ;)

So I will start right in the middle ;) and first of all, let me explain, because the words *all the stuff* can mean pretty much everything ;) but it was the shortest way of describing how busy I've been lately... and it's still gonna be a while ;) why am I sooo busy? oh, I'll tell ya ;) first of all, my job :) I am getting more and more responsibilities there, which is a good thing, because it means they trust me to actually be good at them ;) I'm not gonna go into details, but let's just say I'm glad I have such a big desk there... ;) because the amount of papers on it just keeps getting bigger and bigger ;) the stuff on the blog front is also going well :) I am around the middle of announcing to you guys the winners of #Bookmarks2016 :) there are quite a few interesting categories before us, so if you want to make sure you won't miss anything, just mark this tag right here -> Bookmarks 2016 <- :) not to mention all the lovely books I have on my kindle, sent to me from publishers and authors *sighs happily* and now that I am not drowning in books I HAVE TO read before a certain deadline, I actually read more than I used to ;) when I can choose and skip as I please between genres, authors and series, I am discovering the joy of reading all over again... but me reading more equals more work on the blog, writing and editing reviews for you guys ;) so now I am in the middle of working out a good balance between reading and actually writing reviews before I forget what I read about ;)

Now let me skip back to the beginning of those headlines... do you guys remember when a few weeks back I told you there's a HUGE book haul coming your way? it's almost here :) I am waiting for just one more book, and it's on the way :) well, I am technically waiting for two books, but that second one will get here in the second half of february, so I will haul it with my february books for you :) I am predicting that my last book will get to me this week, so hopefully I can share with you guys all the awesome books I got in my next #RandomRamblings post :) but since I can't control myself, I wanted to share with you guys a little teaser of at least the amount of books I got :) I can't wait for that very last one to come, because then I will be able to put all of them on my shelves and it's gonna be sooo pretty :)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys a movie recommendation :) I went to see "The great wall" on friday with my family and absolutely loved it :) it was visually stunning, full of action and adventure and I enjoyed myself immensly :) if you are looking for a great entertainment, definitely go check it out on the big screen ;) I have a trailer for you guys right below if you don't know what it's about :)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed my little #RandomRamblings post :) I will see you very soon with all sorts of amazing reviews and #Bookmarks2016 winners, because trust me... it's gonna be a very busy week ;) as always, I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account cause I check those every day :)



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