Monday, January 16, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #47

Songs of the moment
Update on the book-ish resolutions
Why I need a physical planner in my life

Hello my lovely people :) I hope the beginning of this brand new week have been good for you so far ;) mine is definitely better than the ending of the previous one, when I had to take a day off from work, because I was fighting the beginning of a cold... #GoodTimes ;) but fortunately I feel much better now, not 100 % healthy but ready for new challenges nonetheless :) this time, we are gonna embrace the chaos, and totally ignore the order of those headlines :) and start at the very end :)

I recently realized, that I really need an actual, physical planner in my life :) previously I was using all sorts of apps on my phone, but... well... it wasn't working for me as well as I know it should have :) and that's because I need an actual planner, with actual paper pages where I can write stuff down and then cross it off ;) I learned recently that I just work better this way :) so now I actually have two :) one I got for christmas from my family... it's really lovely, with inspirational quotes for every day :) I use it for my day-to-day lists of stuff to do, all the activities I participate in and generally all the important and not-so-important things I need to keep track of ;) but then I got this second one at work, from one of the companies we work with... and it's soooooo pertty, with my name on it and everything, that I decided I need to find a way to actually use it :) so I figured it will be my all-things-book-ish planner :) I will keep there all my lists of books to read... :) from authors, from NetGalley and all others, divided into months and all other categories that I will need to keep them in order :) along with all the things I need to write for my blog, so I don't forget about a review or two ;) and so far I am very happy with how everything is working out for me :) don't get me wrong, I still use notes on my phone when I need to write something down really quickly, like a thought that comes to my head when I'm reading a book on my way to / from work that I absolutely need to put in my review ;) but ultimately all important stuff land on my planner... one or the other ;)

Now let us circle back a bit to the middle of those headlines... since it's the middle of january, I figured it's a good moment to evaluate how have I been doing with my book-ish resolutions :) my biggest one for this year, was to read all the free copies I got from authors last year, along with all the NetGalley books I still had from last year as well... let's just say both those lists had 20+ books on them ;) but I'm quite proud of myself that even with my pretty packed schedule for january, 3 out of 7 books I read so far... which is pretty impressive all on itself... I mean... seven books in a bit more than two weeks?!? I'm very happy with that result :) but back to the topic ;) 3 out of those 7 were books from those lists :) so I am definitely on my way :) and I am planning on keeping that pace going forward... :) 3 out of more than 40 might seem like not a lot, but slow progress is always progress after all ;) and I'm looking at it that way ;)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys a few songs that I've been obsessed recently with... none of them are new or anything, it's just that I discovered them last weekend and I can't stop listening to them :) so I figured I'd share, in case they will be new to you as well, and maybe you'll enjoy them :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) be prepared for a lot of posts coming your way till the end of january, because we have a lot of #Bookmarks2016 categories still before us... ;) be sure to mark this tag right here -> Bookmarks 2016 <- to make sure you won't miss anything ;) and as always, I love talking to you guys, so be sure to interact with me here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I am there every day :)



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