Monday, January 9, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm;) #46

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Hello my lovely people ;) it's the begnning of a brand new week and I have a few things to share with you guys ;) I am definitely still in this positive and optimistic mood that I started new year with, which is a good sign actually ;) fingers crossed it will stay with me permanently... or with really small breaks for recharging my batteries ;) ok, let's just get into those headlines, before I start to babble incoherently ;) and this time we will go with the order of them ;)

So first things first, if you have been following me for some time, you may remember that around this time last year, something new happened :) I am talking about Bookmarks, the awards I started last year on my blog ;) and I plan to continue with that tradition :) so to those of you who were here last year, but don't remember the details, or to all of you who are new to it, let me explain :) sooo, first of all, it's named Bookmarks 2016, NOT 2017, because it revolves all around the books I read last year :) mind you, NOT the ones that were published over the span of those 12 months, but the ones I read during that time :) if you want to, feel free to check out this tag right here -> Bookmarks 2015 <- to read all about the winners from last year ;) and be prepared for some changes this time around :) there will be some familiar categories, some new ones as well... let's not kid ourselves, I read 156 books last year, so I have plenty of books / characters / authors to choose from, I have #NoShame admitting I will probably create a category or two JUST so I can tell you about one more book ;) but this year the posts are gonna be shorter :) mainly, because I want to talk only about the winner in each category :) last year I said a bit more about the runner ups, but this time, I want to concentrate only on the winners, and then I wll definitely dive deeper into each category throughout the year in my #RandonRamblings posts, so keep an eye on those if you want to see who was really close to grabbing the title in each category :) also, my sister J will add her own winners in those categories :) but since she hadn't kept track of the books she read last year, she will be picking her all time winners :) I want to start posting later this week, but it all depends when I will have all my winners prepared in my mind, and on a piece of paper ;) because I need to make a schedule :) but I'm cautiously optimistic that I will be able to start at the end of this week and depending on the amount of categories, we will see how many days it will take to tell you all about my winners :)

Heading straight into that second part of the headlines, I want to tell you a bit more about the three, or more like two and a half, movies I've seen recently :) don't worry, I'll explain everything :) sooooo, the first one, was "Rogue One" that I saw with my family in the movie theatre... and even though ultimately it was a pretty sad movie, I really liked it :) it's impossible really, to tell you more without spoilers, so I'm just gonna leave you with a trailer and my recommendation to go see it, because it's worth it ;)

The second movie that I just saw a few days ago is "Assassin's creed" *sighs heavily* and my feelings about that one are a bit all over the place... don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed it, but... I don't know, I expected something else from it... again, it's impossible to explain in more details because of my no-spoilers rule, but... well... it's not like watching Michael Fassbender kicking ass was a chore ;) so I had my fun :) you can check out the trailer below :)

The last movie I want to mention is "Alice through the looking glass" I watched it, or should I say, tried to watch it this last weekend, and stopped around the middle... or maybe a few minutes before that... I just couldn't get into the story... the magic of the first one was just no longer there and... well, I am way too busy to waste my time on things I don't enjoy :) and please don't get mad at me if you watched it and loved it, because I think that's awesome :) I'm happy that you enjoyed yourselves... it just wasn't for me :) in case you don't know what the movie is about, I will leave a trailer below as well :)

Ok, last but definitely not least, I need to share with you guys a song that's been stuck in my head for the last few days... I know it's been around for longer, but I just recently discovered it and... man oh man, I am in love... just... *sighs happily* it's beautiful :) so just click play below and let's listen to it all together once more :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope your beginning of the year was really good and I wish you a wonderful rest of the week :) as always, I love interacting with you guys, so be sure to reach out to me here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I am there every day :)



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