Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite steampunk romance

I hope you guys are ready for some more awesome book recs because me and J, my lovely sister, have got you covered ;) and what a great category of #Bookmarks2016 we have for you guys today :) so as always, my winner will go first, and then J will have her own pick for you guys as well ;) two book recs in one category? I know... awesome, right? ;) so without further ado let's get to the good stuff... ;)

I actually read a few books last year that fit into this category, but the winner could be only one... although J's pick is fantastic as well, and I will have both reviews linked down below ;) but back to my winner :) "Mission: improper" by Bec McMaster is the beginning of her new series London steampunk the blue blood conspiracy, which is a spin-off series from her London steampunk series, set three years later :) and how in love I was with that first series... *sighs dreamily* so I was very curious about the new one, as well as a bit apprehensive, because I was afraid I won't love the new one as much as the original one... oh you foolish girl... is all I kept telling myself while I read "Mission: improper" because that... book... was... *sighs* perfection... ;) I loved every part of it :) and since there are quite a few things to explain about it, I will just tell you to follow that link below to read my full... and quite lenghtyI have to say ;) review of this gem... all I can say is that I am dying to read the sequel :)

J: well, my choice may not technically be counted as a *romance* or to be totally honest, the romance part is quite in the background, but I'm going with it either way ;) "The timeseer's gambit" by Kate McIntyre is book #2 in her The Faraday files series that I absolutely adore :) I mean, come on... it's inspired by Sherlock Holmes and dr Watson adventures, but with a woman as the detective :) and since I am a fan of their dynamic, I loved this book... and this series in general, but with this second installment we got even more interactions between characters and development of those characters... :) just more awesomeness in general :) plus, the world it's set in, is simply amazing... mixing steampunk with paranormal elements, it's soooo entertaining :) not to mention the great writing style and witty dialogues full of humor :) plus, it also has a very interesting criminal case... and who doesn't love a good serial killer mystery? nope? just me? ;) oh well... I have no regrets ;)

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