Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite scene stealer

This time I have for you one of those categories that I created specifically so I could talk about a certain character... ;) #NoShame :) J, my lovely sister, also picked out a fantastic winner, but you'll get just one link to my review below, because I read the series she chose a while back, and I don't have them written down :) hopefully in the future when I'll re-read them I will remedy that situation :) but for today, let us concentrate on my winner first... :)

It could only be Blake from "Us" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy :) he was the funniest character in that book, and he absolutely stole my heart from the very first time I met him :) he's hilarious, unpredictable... as in you NEVER know what's gonna come out of his mouth next, AND he's a hockey player... only like my favourite kind of athlete to read about... don't ask why, because there is no logic behind that love :) I have yet to see a game, live or on TV, not to mention understand all the rules ;) but I looooove reading about them :) and Blake... *sighs* oh how I love him :) as a bonus information, I can share, that I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of his own book that comes out next week ("Good boy") and it was phenomenal :) so keep your eye out on that one... and my full review as well, in the very near future :)

J: when I hear *scene stealer* the answer can be only one... :) Lady Danbury from Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn :) all the books in this series of historical romances are phenomenal and unique and I adore each and every one of them for many reasons :) they work as standalones, but I highly recommend you read them in order to get the most out of all the interactions between the characters :) and Lady Danbury is present in all of them, although she appears the most in Hyacinth's story ;) just FYI ;) she's an old and sarcastic woman, and before you can see her, you can always hear her walking cane tapping on the floor... and that's the sound that can scare even the bravest men ;) she does and says whatever she wants and is a perfect example of humor that all this series if full of :) I really hope that if you haven't read them yet... and if that's the case, have you been living under a rock?!? ;) you'll give them a try :)

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