Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite paranormal romance

Are you ready for a brand new #Bookmarks2016 category? ;) and do I have an interesting one for you today... ;) paranormal romance is definitely a very vague description, but that's what I love about it... ;) cause a lot of great books can be counted as this one ;) as always, at least this year, you will get my winner and then J's pick as well :) J being my lovely sister :) unfortunately I don't have a full review of the book she chose, and the later books in that series I do have reviews for, can be too spoilerific, so you're just gonna have to trust us, because it's an amazing series worth reading :) but first, let me share with you guys my winner :)

Well... if we're being completely honest, "The deathsniffer's assistant" by Kate McIntyre is not really a *romance* ;) the beginning of The Faraday files series definitely has some romantic plots, but they are way in the background of all the other awesome stuff happening :) it's this steampunk-ish world full of amazing paranormal elements, with main characters that blew my mind :) it also has a mystery in each book, like a criminal case, and some overall bigger plots that will keep you guessing ;) the friendship between our main characters and their interactions definitely remind me of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson dynamics, except in this case Sherlock is actually Olivia Faraday ;) for more details about this phenomenal book be sure to follow the link below to my full review :)

J: for me there could really only be one winner... :) "Archangel's kiss" by Nalini Singh is the sequel in her Guild hunter series and I love it :) the whole series in general, but this book specifically ;) it takes place in an alternate version of our world, but with angels, archangels, vampires and a few unique creatures in it :) and since it's a sequel I can't really discuss it in as many details as I would like to why I adore it :) so let' just say that our main couple is in a very new and different place with their relationship, and that's very exciting to read about :) plus, we already know the world and the rules in it, so it's that much easier to dive straight into the story :) and since the action takes place majorly in one place, a new place for us to see by the way, there are quite a few new characters introduced and a whole lot of great interactions between them all :)

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