Monday, January 16, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite novella

Well hello my awesome people... are you ready to know another winner of #Bookmarks2016 ? :) or winners, to be exact, because you're getting my choice, as well as my sister J's winner :) I know! two great book recs in one post! how amazing ;) so without additional delay, let us concentrate on the topic of this post... I will go first ;)

Picking a winner in this particular category was actually much harder than I thought it would be... mainly because I read a lot of great novellas last year... :) but deep in my heart I knew there could be only one winner... "Partners in persuasion" by Nalini Singh, part of her "Wild embrace" anthology in her Psy-changeling series :) not only this is one of my all time favourite series, but this particular novella included shapeshifters, my favourite... let's call them paranormal creatures ;) it's hard to explain with just a few sentences why I adored this particular story, as well as my love for the entire series, so just be sure to follow the link below to read my full review of this anthology where you can learn some more about the series if you are new to it :) to all the rest of you... *sighs dreamily* you probably can guess why I adored this story :) so how about we go straight into J's answer... and even though I read this novella as well, it was some time ago and I don't have a reviw for it on my blog... but it was fantastic so I can definitely recommend it to you guys :)

J: I decided on "Hunter's season" by Thea Harrison, part of her Elder races series :) I really adore this world in general... I mean, what's not to love? it's a paranormal / fantasy alternate version of out world full of all sorts of magical creatures... shapeshifters, dark and light fae, vampires, jinn and sooo much more... there is even an oracle so every one can find someone for themselves to like ;) I adore all novellas... and it's a series with quite a lot of them ;) but when I have just a short amount of time and I need a sweet story, I always come back to this one... the unusual situation our main characters are in, the relationship between them... all of that is undeniably adorable, especially for such a short story :) I can definitely recommend it to you guys ;)

Review mentioned in this post:

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