Monday, January 30, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite new author

Are you guys ready for the one before last category of #Bookmarks2016 ? :) I know, we are almost at the very end... I can't believe it either :) I feel like just yesterday I wrote for you guys the first post announcing a winner :) but on the other hand, these awards have taken over a lot of my free time, so I'm kind of looking forward to more free time as well :) but for today, let us concentrate on the winners, because you will get mine as well as my sister J's one :) so here's my choice :)

Ok, this category was by far the hardest one for me... mainly because I discovered soooo many new and amazing authors last year :) I started wroking with different PR companies and publishers and it really increased my possibilities to get new books written by authors that I might not have found otherwise... :) so when it came to picking out my favourite new author... damn, it was hard :) fortunately for me, some of them won other categories so you heard about them either way :) ultimately I decided on the lovely Cora Cade :) she is just the sweetest person ever :) I reached out to her after reading and absolutely loving one of her novellas, and she offered all the rest of her books :) she has such an entertaining writing style, and even though her books are novellas, at least so far :) she creates characters so interesting and stories so rich, that you can't help but fall in love with them :) I will have a link down below to all the reviews I did of her books :) trust me, whichever one you choose, you can't pick wrong :) I am already dying to see what will she publish next :) I will also have a link to all the reviews I did of J's winner, but first, let her tell you all about... :)

J: Sherrilyn Kenyon :) I had to choose her, mainly because of her The league series :) I discovered it last year, and by discover, I mean I finally gave up after A kept pestering me to read it :) she kept saying how amazing this series is, and how much I would love it, and I was like *really? a series set in space? that's not really my thing* ;) but she was right :) so I'm gonna officially say it here: sis, you were right, these books are awesome :) she has an amazing writing style, and ability to create such different characters, so I'm sure each of you will be able to find someone you'll love, but my personal favourites were the stories of Darling, Talyn and Dagger :) all three books broke my heart, but ultimately had such beautiful endings, so they were worth it :) but it's just another sign of how brilliant she is as an author, no matter how dark and horrible moments there are during the book... you know the ending will bring only tears of joy :)

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  1. I'm so late to this party, but THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can't even tell you how touched I am! My cup runneth over.