Friday, January 20, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 favourite musician

Today I have for you guys a category that had one of the easiest winners this year :) and that is... favourite musician :) J, my lovely sister will share with you guys her pick as well :) and after that we will take a short / weekend break and come back to all the good stuff on monday :) I read both books mentioned in this post when I already had my blog, so I will leave both links to my full reviews below :) that being said, without additonal delay, let me get straight into... ;)

If you know me a little and / or you've been following my reviews you guys probably could guess that Mal would win this... ;) I mean, come on... I have been saying only the bestest things... and yes, that is totally a word ;) about "Play", book #2 in Stage Dive series written by the amazing Kylie Scott :) Mal, the hero of that story, is just... *sighs dreamily* he says the most unpredictable and deliciously innapropriate things... ;) he's hot and hilarious, with a surprisingly vulnerable side... but again... the things he says... :) they will make you either laugh out loud, or blush... or both at the same time :) I highly recommend you this book, and this series in general, if you need a fantastic story with excellent writing style :)

J: I really tried to pick different winners than A in every category, and saying that I am perfectly aware that A picked him as the winner for this category last year... and even though I read plenty of books about musicians so I should be able to choose someone else... when I hear the words *favourite musician* my mind goes straight to Noah St. John :) so I decided not to fight myself on this one :) he's the hero of "Rock redemption" by Nalini Singh, book #3 in her Rock kiss series and... well... his is a story that breaks my heart every time... Noah and Kit... I can't even begin to tell you how many times I cried on that book... the scene with the teddy bear always make me tear up... theirs is a relationship with a lot of obstacles, but they care about each other too much not to give it a try... and Noah... oh how he broke my heart... this whole book is just so heartbreaking, but in the best possible way, with a beautiful happy ending, and it has a special place in my heart... :)

Reviews mentioned in this post:

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