Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite historical romance

Hello, hello my wonderful people in the very first #Bookmarks2016 post :) and this year I have lots of amazing books and authors to share with you... maybe even a fictional character or two... ;) but to be honest, I don't really have a schedule of when I will post which category, so we will just go with the flow of things :) what I CAN say to you guys, is that there will be 16 categories in general and the only one I am sure when I will post, is the very last one, and that will be "favourite book" :) also, J decided to do these with me :) J is my awesome sister :) but she will be picking an overall winners in each category, because she hadn't kept track of the books she read last year :) it will give you two great recs in one post, so no reason to complain :) but in the meantime, let us concentrate on the winner of this category :) so without further delay I give you... :)

"Burning bright" by Melissa McShane is the very first book in her The extraordinaries series :) it's definitely a very interesting mix... because it has some very unusual paranormal elements in it :) to be perfectly honest, I haven't read that many historical romances this past year, and decided that even though this one is not *just* a historical book, after all... these are my categories, and I can pick as a winner whomever and whatever I want :) so I decided to go with the first book in a series set in an alternate Regency era, where each book will revolve around a different woman with an extraordinary talent :) Elinor, the heroine of this story, has an ability to start fires... but what is even more unique, she can also extinguish them :) the romance part of this book is definitely in the background, as the majority of the story shows how she fights to be independent and learns to control her ability... it was a phenomenally written book that I fell in love with :) you will find a link to my full review of this book at the end of this post, but before that, I will let J tell you all about her own winner...

J: I picked "Love in the afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas, book #5, and the conclusion, to The Hathaways series :) I adore soooo many things about this story... but I will try not to spend all day talking about how amazing it is :) I absolutely loved that the love story between our main characters actually started with letters, although that situation was a bit tricky... but I will say no more about it here :) #NoSpoilers :) another great thing about it, was the fact that it took place over a very long amount of time, and that gave our main couple the possibility to actually grow as people, and make conscious decisions about being together :) not to mention that I absolutely adore this whole family :) they are unique and quirky and soooo much fun to read about, and Beatrix, the heroine, is the most unique of them all :) and let's not forget about Christopher :) I think what I love most about him, is that he accepted Beatrix just as she is, and he didn't try to change her... and his dog was definitely a plus :) and last but not least, the rest of the family and their significant others, plus kids, appear in this book :) so it has everything I love in stories :) you should definitely try it :)

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