Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite family

We are slowly progressing through all the categories I prepared for you guys... :) hopefully you are still having fun ;) because I definitely enojyed picking out all the winners for you guys... and I know that J, my one and only awesome sister, definitely had fun when she chose her own winners... maybe a bit of anxiety as well, because it's hard to choose from all the books, but fun nonetheless ;) so how about we get into the winner of this particular one... ;)

It was actually pretty hard to pick one family, because I read about soooo many amazing ones throughout the year... :) but ultimately I decided on Kavanagh family, from Kavanagh legends series by Sarah Robinson :) and yes, I only read two out of three available books so far... you can laugh harder now, because it's book #1 that I still haven't read :) anyway.... ;) I just adore these guys :) awesome parents, five fantastic brothers and a sort of sister... it's a bit complicated to explain here, so just go with it :) each sibling will get their own book, and the ones I read so far were absolutely amazing :) and all those different family scenes, whether we are talking about all of them during a sunday dinner, or just scenes with smaller amount of siblings, they are always one of my favourite parts of the stories... how close they are with each other and how present they all are in each other lives :) let's just say that I would loooooove to join them for a dinner or two ;)

J: I'm going to cheat a little bit... but after all this is MY winner so I can pick whatever I want ;) and I will say Eve and Roarke + all their friends from In death series by Nora Roberts... well, technically J. D. Robb, but it's her pseudonym soooo... ;) they may not be connected by blood, but DNA is not everything... in this case, the bonds of friendships are actually much stronger... and better ;) after all, friends are the family we choose :) I am a huge fan of criminal / detective stories, with mysteries to solve, so a series about a New York detective, where each book revolves around a different case is like made especially for me :) add to that all those amazing characters and I'm in heaven :) there are too many of them, to name them all here, but I need to name at least a few ;) Eve and her husband Roarke... the rest of them will go without descriptions, because if you are new to the series, they might spoil you what happens along the way, but to those of you familiar with the series you'll know why... ;) so here they are: Peabody, McNab, Feeney, Baxter, dr Mira and her husband... and my personal favourite, Summerset, with his daily dose of sarcastic comments between him and Eve :) and let's not forget about Galahad, the cat ;) 40+ books in the series and still going strong, I highly recommend it :)

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