Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite book

Oh my gosh you guys... can you believe we arrived at the very last category of #Bookmarks2016 ? I know, I'm a little bit sad too... but I saved the best for last :) you will get my favourite book of last year, and J's, my lovely sister, favourite book of all time :) although I don't have a review for her choice, cause I read it before I started this blog :) but when it comes to my winner... :)

Oh come on, we all knew this book would win :) if you have been following my reviews for some time, you could guess that "Beard science" by Penny Reid would be my choice :) book #3 in her Winston brothers series was a stunning contemporary romance that I fell completely in love with... ever since I read it in october, I knew no other book will be better and that this one will win this particular category... for the longest time I felt like no other book will ever be good enough... :) I still have those moments to this day :) yes, it was that good :) I could write you all about how an amazingly talented author Penny is, how her characters are always complex and different, and how her stories always go straight to my heart... I could tell you how empowered her heroines make me feel, how they are always strong, smart and flawed in the best possible way, which makes them feel more real and human... I could spend days telling you all the wonderful things about Penny and her books, especially this one, but we don't have that much time :) so be sure to follow the link below to at least read my full review of this gem :)

J: I really enjoy the majority of the books I read, but when it came to picking out my favourite, the choice was easy :) "Kiss of snow" by Nalini Singh, book #10 in her Psy-changeling series :) I won't go into details about the whole world this series is set in, I can just recommend you guys reading all the books in order, and let me tell you a bit more why I adore this particular story sooo much :) when I started this series I knew that Hawke's book will be my favourite and I was right :) it took me a while to get to it, but it was worth it :) I re-read it so many times already, and yet I always tear up during certain scenes :) the romance between main couple takes place over a longer amount of time, which is great, because it gives them time to make very strong bonds... especially since the situation they are in is not an easy one... I don't want to say more in case you are not caught up to this book or to this series in general :) there are some very serious topics and stories in this book, but they are balanced very well with somy funny ones as well ;) not to mention a whole lot of secondary characters we already love :) and if that wasn't enough, there is a romance between some secondary characters in this book as well :) I highly, highly recommend you guys this book, and this series in general :) now that I spent so much time saying how great it is I convinced myself to re-read it yet again... oh well... ;)

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