Friday, January 13, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite book that made me cry

Ok, so first of all, I feel like I need to explain one thing... when I mean "book that made me cry" do not mistake this for a sad story... or, well... to be more exact, for a story without a happy ending... cause I don't like those books... :) why I prefer the ones with a happy ending is a topic for a whole another conversation, so we will skip it today ;) so don't worry, both books... my winner as well as J's winner, have good endings... great even :) so with that in mind, let me present you...

"Steadfast" by Sarina Bowen, sequel in her new, and truly phenomenal series, True north :) it's a contemporary story that can be read as a standalone, although the first book is just the cutest so you should give it a try as well... ;) but let's go back to Jude's story... oh, how it broke my heart... he's an ex-con on the road to recovery from his drug addiction and Sophie, the heroine... they were a couple in high school, so seeing him after a few years, when he comes back to the town is really hard and complicated... I cried many times during my reading of this book, which is unusual, because I rarely cry because of books... so it really takes a talented author to bring me to tears... and Sarina is really gifted... her books often include hard and complicated topics in a way that don't force just one opinion on you... and there are always many reasons to smile during them as well... but this story... oh how it got to me... so raw, and honest... *sighs* you will get a link to my full review below, so let us jump to J's answer... J being my lovely sister :) and to be honest, probably the only reason why I haven't picked the same book as she did, is because I haven't read it yet ;) that is also why there will be no link to my review about it :)

J: I had to pick "The fire between High & Lo" by Brittainy C. Cherry, the second book in her Elements series, but they are all standalones... and when I said I had to pick this one, I truly mean there was no other choice... I read it months ago, but to this day I think about it... I did not expect to fall in love with such beautiful and complicated story that on the one hand broke my heart, but on the other, gave me hope... :) trust me... I read a lot of books that made me tear up, but no other story made me cry wherever I was... at home, on the subway on my way to work... no matter where I was, I cried... but please have in mind, that it wasn't only because of the sad parts... and this book had plenty of them... there were also so many beautiful and happy tears along the way... not to mention that to this day I tear up whenever someone mentions *Logan's documentary* you'll undertand why when you read the book ;) and you truly should read it, because it was amazing... fantastic writing style, characters, not only our main couple, but plenty of secondary characters as well... the story, the fact that we have parts in the past and parts in the present... more people need to discover this gem and hopefully I convinced you to give it a try :)

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