Monday, January 23, 2017

Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite beginning of a series

Hello again my lovely people to yet another category of #Bookmarks2016 ;) and this was another one where I really had troubles picking out my winner... because I started surprisingly a lot of series last year... and quite a few of them were really fantastic ;) you'll get a bonus book rec from my awesome sister as well, who discovered one of my beloved series last year ;) but first, let me start with the winner of this cateogry... drumroll, please, because this book is so amazing it deserves this.. ;)

"The emperor's edge" by Lindsay Buroker is the beginning of a series named the same :) and I will be forever grateful to my lovely #BookBestie K for recommending me this amazing series :) because I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard as I did on these books... I read so far only two of them... #TooMuchBooksTooLittleTime ;) but I loved them both immensly :) it's such an entertaining mix of steampunk and fantasy vibes, with such an unusual group of characters at the center of it all... *sighs* you all need to read them :) I will have a link to my full review below, so be sure to check that out for many reasons why you need this story in your lives :)

J: I had to pick "Truth or beard" by Penny Reid, that starts her Winston brothers series :) when I met those guys in one of her Knitting in the city books... there will be A's full reviw of this book below where you can find all the details about which book I'm talking about, I immediately fell in love with that whole family :) so I was very curious about this sort of a spin-off series... so imagine my joy when I read this first book and discovered how truly amazing it is :) with each book I read about them, I love them even more... if that's even possible ;) it takes place in a small town and it's full of such entertaining interactions between all the siblings... trust me, you all need it :) what more can you want? only more books about them... ;)

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