Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A little something special... ;)

Hey you guys... :) I'm coming to you all in the middle of the week with a little surprise... I don't know if you have been counting, or keeping a watchful eye on the calendar... because I almost missed it to be honest ;) but...

Can you believe it's been two years since I started this blog?!? :) I know, me neither... ;) I feel like just recently we hit a one year mark and I was so excited about it :) and now here we are, one year later, and soooo many things have changed... :) for the better of course :) I am very proud of how I worked to improve my blog, and hopefully you guys can see it :) I read 156 books last year... 156!?! :) Goodreads doesn't lie... ;) I wrote and published 269 posts here for you guys... :) most of them reviews, with additional, more original content, like Bookmarks, awards I started last january and will continue this year as well, starting later this week :) or my weekly #RandomRamblings posts :) I am especially happy that I managed to still write for you guys, when I started a full time job in august... although it took me a while to really find balance ;) I changed the visual side of my blog and started to slowly branched out on social media... :) *slowly* being the key word in that sentence... #WorkInProgress ;) I got in contact with lots of publishers / PR companies / authors and got soooo many books for review... which resulted in discovering a hell of a lot fantastic authors for me :) but what gives me the most pleasure... is the fact that you guys are still reading my posts and reviews... and some of you even interact with me in all sorts of different places... I've met some truly wonderful #BookBesties this way, and I hope that you guys know how much you mean to me :) so here's to all of us... readers in love with the written word... who adore to leave our world from time to time, and slip into a story... hopefully there are many more amazing years before us all :) biggest hugs to you all :) thank you for everything :)



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