Friday, December 29, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) january edition

Hello my lovely people to the very last post of the year... :) I know, I know... it all went by soooo fast :) but instead of thinking about the past, let's look into the future... and let me tell you all about books I can't wait to get my hands on from the upcoming month :)

"Reigh of ash" by Meg Anne is the second book in her The chosen series and damn... the first book took me absolutely by surprise :) I read this amazing fantasy novel last week... if you missed it, I posted a review just a few days ago, go and check it out if you want :) and after that cliffhanger at the ending I need this book ASAP... fortunately for me I already have an ARC and will definitely start it very soon, but for the rest of you... it's not gonna be a long wait :)

Another book I can't wait to read... and again, I will be able to read it a bit earlier than the rest of you, because I am a part of the author's ARC team... one of my most treasured accomplishments to be honest :) is "Storm of desire" by Bec McMaster, sequel in her Legends of the storm series :) it's a fantasy story with dreki, mystical creatures who can become human and all sorts of other awesomeness :) there is no official cover yet... or to be more precise, there is one, but it was only posted in Bec's Facebook group and she asked to not share it, so I found you a little teaser on her website instead :) I adored the first book in this series and cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel :)

Last but definitely not least, I need to mention "Man card" co-written by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby, sequel in their Man hands series :) the first book was absolutely hilarious and I inhaled it in record time... I loved it so much that as soon as I finished it, I pre-ordered the sequel and have been counting down the days to read another story crafted by this talented duo :) fingers crossed they will repeat the awesomeness of that first contemporary romance :)



Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review: "A conjuring of light" by V. E. Schwab

Author: V. E. Schwab
Book 3 in series Shades of magic
Main characters: well, about that... ;)

This is the third and final book of the series... and wow... just... wow... I have no words good enough to describe how much I loved this conclusion... this whole series in general was amazing but the ending... *sighs dreamily* was phenomenal :) since this is the last book in a series where stories are extremely connected to one another and you really can't read them out of order... well, you can since I won't stand next to you and stop you if you really want to do it ;) but I highly recommend you to read them in order :) this definitely makes it harder for me to write this review :) so I will do this: the next paragraph will be about the whole series, characters and the world in general, without any spoilers whatsoever, so even if you are brand new to the series feel free to read it :) but the third and last paragraph will be filled with spoilers about the first two books... :) nothing spoilery about the book that is the centre of this particular review, but I cannot talk about it without sharing some major twists and surprises from those first two books :) ok, everything clear? than let's proceed to the total non spoilery section :)

Shades of magic trilogy is a series that took me a bit by surprise... oh, I heard the praises and the hype surrounding it, but... well, you guys know how it is... the hype is not always worth it :) but in this case... all those people were definitely right :) because these books are amazing :) it's a fantasy series set in a sort of alternate version of ours some time ago... I wanna say around early 1800s... but with a very interesting twist :) we have paralel worlds... with different countries and such, but all of them have a sort of London in the same place :) so there's Grey London, which is our world, where magic is basically nonexistent, there's Red London, where magic is thriving, White London, where magic is dying, and once there was also Black London... but magic got out of control there and consumed everything and everyone in its path... doesn't it sounds fascinating? and trust me, I am not doing justice to the whole world building, which is simply astounding in this series... I swear, V. E. Schwab is a master story teller... she woves such intricate pictures with her words... I felt like I was watching a movie... besides the amazing world, we cannot forget about the characters in it... *sighs dreamily* again, there are no words good enough to describe my love for them... all of them flawed and complex in the most beautiful and human way... making mistakes, but learning from them and accepting the consequences of their actions... I can name only two to avoid spoilers for those of you brand new to the series :) we have Kell, who comes from Red London and is an Antari, which means his magic is special and more powerful and allows him to travel between different Londons :) he's a messenger to the royal family of Red London, but his connection to them is much more complicated than that :) and then we have Lila, a thief from Grey London... clever, mysterious Lila... they meet when she steals something surprisingly valuable from him and... well... you're just gonna have to read the books to know more :) overall I have nothing but love for this series... the writing style is phenomenal... telling the epic tale, layered with complex characters and you all need to read it ;) don't even bother trying to predict where the story is going... I tried and gave up very quickly... because every time I thought I might know where we are heading, BAM! plot twist :) seriously, gasping with surprise was my main reaction during the whole trilogy :) so definitely go read it :) now that we have this spolier free part out of the way, let me tell you what I thought specifically about the conclusion :)

Ok, last warning people, spoilers from the first two books will begin right now :) I assume all of you who proceed read the other two stories, because I will be mentioning people and stuff without additional explanations :) ok, so we pick up right where we left of :) which is a good thing, and don't even get me started how happy I was to have the whole trilogy already on my shelf when I read that cliffhanger at the end of the second book :) we go back straight into the whole situation, with Kell trapped and dying in White London and Rhy dying back in Red London because of their connection... fortunately Lila helps save both of them :) unfortunately, it's only the beginning of their problems... Osaron, released thanks to Holland and using his body is out of White London and starting to take over Red one... the whole conclusion of the trilogy is concentrated on the efforts to defeat him... it's filled with action and surprises along the way... and it's definitely the one story that made me cry the most out of the whole three... *sighs* along with such serious conflicts there will be victims... and oh how my heart broke... I am still in denial about that one particular death... deep... deep denial... *sighs heavily* the character development was yet again fantastic in this book... I think my favourite ones were Rhy and Holland... Rhy, because he changed so much from that carefree prince from the beginning... and Holland... oh Holland... my opinion about him changed so much throughout this whole series... especially within the pages of this last book, where we got to see through flashbacks many parts of his story... I just wanted to hug him so much... his arch was my favourite one in the whole book... the whole novel was... again, I have no words good enough to describe how impressed am I by this story in particular and by the whole series in general :) I think it was an amazing conclusion to a fantastic series and I will definitely go back and re-read it many times in the future... you know, once I get hydrated again after all the tears I spilled while reading ;) I highly recommend this gem to all of you to get if you haven't already :)



Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Review: "Edible" by Ella Frank

Author: Ella Frank
Title: "Edible"
Book 3 in series Exquisite
Main characters: Cole Madison and Rachel Langley

It's the third and final book of this series, but fear not if you are not caught up on it :) I read it completely out of order... in fact, I started with this one without reading the previous two and I am just fine ;) I actually read a lot of Ella's novels out of order of publication, so I've seen many couples before reading their stories and it never lessened my joy of reading the books, so... :) no worries ;) yes, it definitely helps with your understanding of all the connections and relationships between certain people in the story, but you get all the necessary informations to enjoy the one you are reading :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple :)

Since I read some other books by Ella out of order before diving into this one, I knew Cole and Rachel as a couple already... I also knew that their relationship will be an intense one, that happened over a very short amount of time... and it's really good I knew those things before, cause usually I am not the biggest fan of those too much too fast situations... ;) but in this case it really worked :) Cole is a lawyer, and I have to say he surprised me in the biggest way... I remember him being all smooth talking and everything, but with those suits I definitely did not expect all those... delicious contradictions... ;) *sighs dreamily* trust me, there is sooo much more than meets the eye with him... :) Rachel is a... I wanna say a pastry / dessert chef in her brother's restaurant and owns a flower shop and I wasn't as big a fan of hers... it's not that I didn't like her, it's just that we... didn't *click* if that makes sense... she's an interesting person and she defintiely grew on me before the end of the book, but it wasn't love at first sight ;) I really liked her with Cole if that helps ;) I think they make a really good pair ;)

I think that my issues... if you can even call it like that... were all because of the weird mood I was in when I read the book... I still gave it 5 stars, because I enjoyed it a lot :) Elle Frank has a very entertaining writing style and I inhale her books :) this one was definitely a very good one, and it made me want to read the previous two books even more, cause those couples all make appearances throughout the story and now I want to know more about them :) because of the fantastic writing style I read it very quickly and it wasn't just a fun and sexy read... it really surprised me with scenes that melted my heart and made me tear up... there are a few scenes in there that broke my heart a bit... I can't tell you anything else about it, or even who am I talking about, trust me... you'll know when you read them... all in all it was a great read, so I hope you will give this book a try... :)



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: "Mother of shadows" by Meg Anne

Author: Meg Anne
Book 1 in series The chosen
Main character: Helena

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ;) what an amazing surprise this book was for me :) first of all, I have no idea why I thought it's a paranormal / urban fantasy sort of a story... it's not :) again, it's not like somebody told me that, I just assumed without any logical reason whatsoever... so imagine my utter joy when I started reading it, and it turned out to be a fantasy book... just what I was in the mood for ;) and not only that... it is a really great fantasy story... first one in a series an I am already super excited to get my hands on the sequel very, very soon... especially after that ending... I swear, my "nooooo..." was heard around the world when I finished the book... but more about that in a second :) first, let me tell you a bit more about the main character and the world in general :)

This is a world filled with magic... not everyone has it, and Helena, our main character, thinks she's one of the regular people... that is until her childhood friend returns home and reveals that she's in fact very powerful, but her power has been locked away inside her since she was little, so she could grow up in peace and away from all the corruption and evil that surrounded magic recently... now it's time for her to come back and claim her place :) excited yet? cause I was ;) the world is absolutely enchanting... and thanks to the absolutely beautiful writing style, you can't help but become mesmerized by the places you see... because yes, you feel like you're there when you read :) and Helena is such a wonderful character... not perfect, definitely not, but smart and kind and brave and I need more... :) about her, her Circle... let me explain real quick: as the ruler, she has a close, inner Circle of five people... her Shield, her Sword, her Advisor and her Master... the first two are for her protection, the second two, to help navigate politics and magic... all four of them swore to protect and help her until they live... and of course we can't forget about the last, fifth part of the Circle... her Mate... it's the only one she chooses over the course of this first book and just... *sighs happily* usually I prefer slow burn types of romances, but sometimes, when it's done right, these mate types of relationships really work for me in fantasy stories :) and that was definitely the case here :) I loved the dynamic between Helena and Von... and no, it's not a spoiler... we all know they are gonna end up together from the first time they meet ;)

I absolutely adored this story :) the writing style was phenomenal... especially since this is a debut novel... so when you think about that... I was even more impressed :) the world building is great as well... yes, we are thrown straight into things, but then the explanations are slowly given to us, so we don't feel overwhelm and have the time to absorb everything ;) not to mention that there is so many teasers and glimpses into all the possibilities... like we just scratched the surface of potential things to discover along the way :) and the characters... *sighs* like I already mentioned, I adore Helena and Von... I want to know more about them... especially him ;) and to see how their dynamics will change over time... especially ater than ending... just... UGH!!! be warned that it ends on a cliffhanger, and the only thing that makes me feel better is that the sequel is only weeks away... apparently that one also ends in a sort of similar way, but I will let you know how accurate that is when I read the book :) besides them we have a whole bunch of secondary characters that I want to get to know more about :) I'm not gonna say any names, because I don't want to spoil you who is important or something, so keep an eye out for my review of the second book, where I will definitely have a more spoilery paragraph :) I hope I convinced you to give this amazing book a try, because more people need to read it :) it was filled with surprising twists, witty banter and just overall awesomeness so do yourselves a favour and go get this gem :)



Monday, December 25, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #88

Bookmarks 2017
Changes... changes everywhere
Reaching book-ish goals

Welcome my lovely people to the very last #RandomRamblings of 2017 ;) don't worry, there will still be four other posts this week, every day till friday, so plenty to read for you :) and this one... well, it's filled with all sorts of informations, so just keep on reading and I will tell you all about it :) let's start with...

Bookmarks 2017 :) it's the annual awards I am doing for the third time this year here on my blog :) if you haven't heard about them, or you are new, or new-ish, to my blog, let me explain :) throughout january I unveil all my favourites from the previous year... books, authors, series... the categories vary every year, because I adjust them to fit the books I read and loved :) there won't be any negative ones, because I like to focus on the good books I read... that's the main reason why all my categories are named "favourite..." for example: contemporary romance and so on... not "the best" just favourite for me :) and J, my lovely sister will do them again with me this year :) I am not sure how many categories there will be exactly, cause it's still #WorkInProgress, but I know there will be one new addition this year :) at the very end, right before I announce my favourite book of the year as the last category ;) I will tell you about some "honorable mentions"... as in books that were truly amazing but just missed the winning place by this much... you can't see me, but I'm holding my thumb and forefinger very close to each other... :) so they were super close to winning some categories, unfortunately I loved other books / authors a bit more, but ther are still amazing and you need to hear about them :) we'll see how many will fit that category :) I am also gonna have a specific dates of posting them, it won't be completely chaotic this time :) but it all fits into the second thing I want to talk to you guys about so just keep on reading to know more :)

I am planning to make some changes here... as in on my blog ;) no worries, nothing major :) BUT you will get back a weekly monday post :) not #RandomRamblings :) this will stay as an one-every-two-weeks kind of a post... mainly because it gives me more time to think about what I can talk to you about besides books ;) and speaking of... starting next monday you will get the very first #WeeklyWrapUp post :) I don't always have interesting things to talk about, but I do read all the time, so I will always have book-ish things to say to you guys :) so I am starting a new series, where I will tell you a bit about all the books I read, or partially read throughout the week :) I will post it each monday, and it will be all about the previous week :) that way I will have the time over the weekend to prepare it, and you will have a regular post from me :) going back to Bookmarks 2017 :) instead of doing each category separately... especially since I think I may have really a lot of them this year, I decided to do it differently this time :) each wednesday you will get a post with some categories... the first four, cause there are five wednesdays in january :) will include almost all winners, and the very last one will talk about the honorable mentions and that very last category, "favourite book" :) this way it will be easier for me to prepare and post everything and you will get lots and lots of great book recommendations in one place :) after january the only regular posts will be #WeeklyWrapUps every monday, #RandomRamblings every second monday and my #BooksICan'tWaitToGetMyHandsOn post at the end of each month :) I was thinking about maybe doing a more regular schedule, like review every thursday or something like that, but it won't work for two main reasons... #1 the majority of the books I'm signing up for from authors and publishers have very random dates, so it would be hard to keep that schedule... and #2 I recently discovered that restrictions when it comes to posting don't really work for me... when I have specific dates when I have to post, I have to read a certain amount of books to preapare reviews and it takes the joy out of reading for me... so I decided to not do this and just post reviews as the mood strikes me ;) there are weeks when I read so many stories that you will get a few of them... and there will be weeks where live will get crazy and busy and you will get just one review :) and we are all gonna be ok with that ;) and speaking of restrictions, plans and goals... ;)

Let's talk about the book-ish goals I did or did not achieve throughout this year... yeah... :) so I definitely reached my Goodreads goal :) I set it on 104, as in two books for each week of the year and I actuelly passed it somewhere in spetember :) overall I am gonna read 130+ books... I don't know the exact number, because we have still one week left in the year, and I will definitely finish some more novels... :) but next year I am going smaller... I am gonna set 52, as in one book for each week, although I know I am gonna reach it easily... I would probably reach 104 again, and more, but... these last few months I realized I'm getting into these small reading slumps... they last for a few days... a week at the latest, when I don't feel like reading at all.. and I want to give myself to take that time off from reading when I need it :) that is also connected to the fact that I did not achieve my other book-ish goal for the year... I wanted to read all books I got through NetGalley, at least the ones from 2016, and the ones I got from authors... and I failed at that goal horrendously... mainly because I firmly confirmed that I am a very mood reader... that's why monthly to-be-read lists don't work for me... I need freedom to be able to pick out whatever I'm gonna be in the mood to read at any given moment :) so I decided to stop signing up for books... I have a bunch of authors that I will always have time for, but not much else... this will give me time to go back and reach into that huge #BookMountain :) but instead of having lists for NetGalley books, or the ones I got from authors, I made genre lists :) I wrote down all my Kindle books into four categories: contemporary, historical, fantasy and paranormal :) I also put little asterisks next to the ones that I find most interesting, so that instead of stressing out and trying to choose between books only from authors, I will pick them solely based on what's the story is about :) it will definitely work much better for me :) I am already super excited about a bunch of them... I can't tell you how many hidden gems I discovered on my Kindle that I totally forgot about :)

That's it for my last #RandomRamblings of the year :) do you guys have any book-ish goals that you achieved and want to brag about? any plans for the next year you want to share? :) let me know on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, it's the easiest way to reach me... :) happy holidays :)



Friday, December 22, 2017

Review: "Licked" by Brooke Blaine

Author: Brooke Blaine
Title: "Licked"
Book 1 in series L.A. liaisons
Main characters: Hunter Morgan and Ryleigh Phillips

This story was soooo much fun :) I previously read only PresLocke series Brooke wrote with Ella Frank, and I absolutely adored it, so I was very curious to see how I will feel about her own books... and I have to say she did not disappoint :) I had such a blast reading this story, and since it's the first one in a series, I am very excited to read the sequels very soon :) don't worry, there is no cliffhangers in this one, each of the books concentrates on another couple within the same circle of friends :) so let me tell you a bit more about the story and our main couple :)

Ryleigh was a fantastic character... except for one thing she did, that she knew she shouldn't but she did it anyway, and that's the main reason why I rate this book 4,5 instead of full five stars :) but besides that, I adored her :) she was hilarious and original, with the way she looks and the business she owns... because Ryleigh owns an ice cream shop... filled with sundaes with names full of puns... naughty puns I have to add ;) I want to visit a place like this soooo badly... ;) she reconnects during a high school reunion with Cameron, a guy she had a crush on, but... let's just say they cannot catch a break :) soon after she meets Hunter... *sighs dreamily* I'm sorry, where was I? got distracted there for a moment thinking about him again... *sighs* ok, get a grip woman :) Hunter is a contractor with his own business, and he's actually Cameron's roommate, who offers to help Ryleigh when she's in a bind :) it's a much more complicated situation and I don't want to get into all the details right now :) she definitely catches Hunter's atttention and... well... it gets very interesting from there ;) please, don't be discouraged if you think this is a love triangle or some sort of unhealthy rivalry between friends about the same woman... none of that :) I can't explain it with more details, cause I would spoil you a lot of stuff, but just trust me :) I hate those kind of messy situations and I would not love this book as much if it would be something like that :)

The whole story is written from Ryleigh's point of view and I have to say that I really wanted to see Hunter's perspective as well... but the writing style was hilarious and so entertaining that I can't complain ;) Brooke introduced us to a group of friends I immediately fell in love with, and I cannot wait to read about their stories... at least the ones that are already published :) I had so many things to say about this book after I finished it, but unfortunately I waited a bit too long before sitting down and writing my review... bad A... ;) but it's because life's been prety crazy, with work and everything and just... ugh... but this book was defintiely a ray of sunshine, and I hope you can forgive my small in details review and still pick it up if you haven't already :) it's a phenomenally written story with such colorful characters that you will read chapter by chapter, cause it will be impossible to put it down :) you will laugh out loud reading about all the shenanigans and adventures and wishing you can be a part of that fantastic group :) I highly recommend you guys to give this series, and this author in general, a try if you haven't already :)



Thursday, December 21, 2017

Review: "Kissing Tolstoy" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 1 in series Dear professor
Main characters: Luca Kroft and Anna Harris

I have to be honest from the very start... Penny Reid is my favourite author ever :) I always adore her stories, because they are smart, unique, with interesting and complex characters and they never go when I expect them to :) that being said, it's no surprise that I loved "Kissing Tolstoy" as well :) this is a story, something between a novella and full lenght novel, that started as a bonus for Penny's newsletter subscribers... she sent a new chapter each month within her newsletter, and it concluded this month :) the published version have a few additional chapters, but what I love the most about it, is that all of the profits she makes go to the charity :) in november it was one thing, and I was sure it would last only during that month, so imagine my joy when I discovered that in december, she chose a new charity, and all the profits from that month will bring a lot of joy to people as well :) it makes me want to buy that book all over again, so be sure to remember this little tidbit of information ;) since this is not a very lenghty book, my review will be a lot shorter than my other reviews of her books, cause I refuse to spoil you anything :) in fact, I will mainly focus on my thoughts and feelings about it instead of the plot ;)

If you think it will be like all other student / professor sort of stories, think again... at least I never read a book like this one, so there is a chance that similar stories are out there... :) if so, let me know, I would love to read them :) Penny always writes complex characters, and even if the story is shorter than I would like, she still makes me fall in love with them... :) additionally, it was the first book in what feels like forever, when the heroine is named like me :) not just similar... exactly like me... so trust me... whenever Luca said her name, I was a puddle on the floor... ;) already can't wait for the audiobook to actually hear that voice in my ears ;) speaking of writing... :) as always, it was that phenomenal and unique blend that is so Penny... :) we had chapters from both of our main characters points of view, but definitely too little from Luca... :) although don't get me wrong, I more than enjoyed Anna's inner monologues :) to be honest, I don't want to tell you anything else about the story, because the less you know, the more you will be surprised when it will sweep you of your feet, so just trust me on that one, and go read it :)



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Review: "A gathering of shadows" by V. E. Schwab

Author: V. E. Schwab
Book 2 in series Shades of magic
Main characters: Kell, Lila, Rhy and Alucard

This is the sequel in Shades of magic trilogy and you definitely have to read the first book before this one :) it's not one of those series when they are just loosely connected and you can read them however you like... nope, you have to read them in order to understand everything :) and every time something like that happens it always makes writing my review that much more difficult... because there needs to be a completely spoiler free section for the people who are completely new to those books, as well as a part where I warn you that spoilers from previous books are coming :) so prepare thyselves... :) the next paragraph will be about the series / world / characters in general, so all of you are safe to read it :) then the next one will be my thoughts and opinions about this second book, spoiler free when it comes to the actual book I'm reviewing, but absolutely full of spoilers about the previous one, because I cannot do it otherwise :) so all of you not caught up on it should skip it :) and then the last one will be just gushes and praises in general about the awesomeness of this author and series, again, safe for everyone :) so let's begin, shall we? ;)

You may or may not already heard about this series, but in case it's brand new to you, here's what you need to know :) it's a fantasy story, because of magic, set in an alternate version of our world some years ago... think historical setting, but with parallel Londons :) there are four of them: Grey London, which is the one where we live, where magic is basically nonexistent, then there is Red London, where magic is thriving, White London, where it's dying and slowly killing that world with it and once there was also Black London... but magic got out of control there, consuming everything and everyone in its path... all the doors and ways of traveling were cut off, so this... disease won't spread to other Londons... interested yet? :) in that first book we have two main characters... Kell is an Antari, one of the very last ones, and that means he is able to travel between different Londons... he's a messenger for the royal family of the Red London, but his relationship with them is much more complicated than that :) the other main character of that first part of the story is Lila, who is a thief from Grey London... one day she steals something dangerous from Kell and everything changes after that :) it was an amazing start to a series, it introduced the world, rules and characters phenomenally and the writing style was absolutely fantastic :) I highly recommend it to you guys :) now that we have this completely spoiler free part out of the way, we can proceed to the paragraph when I will be talking about very spoilery things, events and people from that first story, so be prepared :)

Ok, last warning people :) SPOILERS from the first book after this :) I loved the first book... the hype surrounding it is definitely well deserved :) you have no idea how happy I was that I had the sequel already waiting on my shelf, cause I dived right into it ;) it's been four months since the Dane twins from White London were killed and sooo much has happened... :) and don't think that since they are dead, we are not gonna go back there... oh, we will... and I was surprised about what we found there... but to be honest, surprised is my main reaction while I am reading this trilogy... seriously, I stopped trying to guess where the plot is going long ago, because I was always wrong :) but back to the book :) we skipped those four months, but along the way we learn what our main characters did during that time... Lila made her dream of becoming a part of the crew on a ship come true... by joining captain's Alucard Emery's crew... *sighs dreamily* I absolutely love him :) he's a brand new character and so interesting... and complex, don't think you have him all figured out... :) but since he is new to the series I won't say anything else about him, only this: prepared to be amazed ;) when it comes to Kell... he is struggling... both him and Rhy, who are now connected because of the bond Kell created to basically bring him back from the dead... each of them deals with that differently... but both of them are restless and all over the place... it was intriguing to see how all of them are dealing with all the traumatic things that happened in the previous story, and if you think that that was intense, just wait for this installment... :) with new characters, even more surprising twists you did not see coming, it's a crazy ride... did I mention that there is also a magical tournament? yep, you read that correctly :) and it includes magicians from other countries, so we get to know a bit more about the rest of the world and their relationship with magic... in fact, there will be another series set in this world, but I have zero knowledge about it... basically, I'm afraid to read what it will be about, because I don't want to spoil myself about certain events or fate of some people... I will do it after finishing the third book :) but I am already excited to explore this world even more ;) now that I shared with you all what's the second book is about, let me tell you why I loved it :) and don't worry, that last paragraph won't contain any spoilers about the story whatsoever :)

Ok, if you skipped this previous paragraph to avoid spoilers, you can read this one safely :) I will tell you all about why I loved this book, but once again, it will be completely spoiler free for every one :) I loved the first book... even though it took me what feels like forever to read, but it's only because I wanted it to last, cause it was soooo good :) so my expectations were high when I started the sequel... and man oh man... this one was even better :) we learned more about the characters we already loved and met new ones, that charmed their way into our hearts... we saw character development and growth... it was a great balance between exploring what we already know, with lots of action :) I was once again blown again... but be prepred... this one ends on a cliffhanger, so be sure you have that last book ready to go ;) I was yet again so impressed with the phenomenal writing style... so much so, that I have several other books by her on my immediate wishlist :) and by that I mean I will get them after christmas ;) the sequel was so different from the first book, and yet just as amazing... if not slightly better :) if you haven't read this book, or this series in general, definitely go do it immediately... you have no idea what you're missing out on ;)



Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Review: "Wounded" by Abby Brooks

Author: Abby Brooks
Title: "Wounded"
Book 1 in series Brookside romance
Main characters: Liam McGuire and Bailey Schultz

When I was looking for small town recommendations in my trusted online group, this was one of the suggestions... :) I'm not sure why, but out of all of them, this one, along with a few others, captured my attention a bit more, so I bumped it higher on my list to read :) and it was definitely the right move, cause I really liked it :) it's the first one in a series, but ends without any cliffhangers whatsoever, so don't worry :) other books in it revolve around some characters we meet in this first novel, and I am definitely looking forward to read at least some of them :) but for now, let me tell you a bit more about this particular story :)

Our main characters... :) let's start with Liam :) he's a pop star... one of those where it doesn't matter what you sing as long as you look good doing it... his words, not mine :) so when accident lefts him with a scar on his face, his future gets shaky... hospital is actually the place where he meets Bailey :) she's a nurse, and definitely a one with don't-mess-with-me attitude ;) she's not charmed by him at all... :) she has a troubled past, with her parents dying in a car accident a few years ago, and not-so-great relationship with her brother, she's not easy at making friends... but somehow she ends up helping Liam stay in her town while he recovers in peace... I won't say any more details about that particular situation, cause I don't want to spoil you certain events and decisions, so let's just move on :) theirs is definitely a bit of hate-to-love relationships, which is usually not my thing, but here it was more of a witty and sarcastic banter, so I actually quite enjoyed it :) I don't really want to get into too many details about how they got together and what happened next, mainly because it would involve some major spoilers that absolutely surprised me along the way, and I want you to be surprised as well ;) so now I will jump into all the reasons why I gave this awesome story 4,5 stars :)

First of all, the writing style :) this one is written in my favourite way, which is 2 POVs, and that means we got chapters from both Liam and Bailey in this story ;) not only that, but the writing style itself is very entertaining :) I think that's the main reason why certain behaviour didn't bother me... because the author made me understand why those people acted the way they did... the banter between our main couple is hilarious, but if you think the whole book is light then think again... because I was blindsided by the emotional aspects of it, that made me cry on my way to work on the subway... a great read :) although I have to say that my absolutely favourite character was Lexi, Bailey's best friend and a single mom... she is the heroine of one of the books in this series and I am tempted to skip ahead and read hers out of order :) we'll see how that will go :) I really loved this book... yeah, it wasn't perfect, but the interactions between our main couple, how their relationship changed within the pages of this story... how each of them changed and grew... *sighs happily* it was a joy to read and I highly recommend you guys to give it a try :) I certainly will go back to read more stories from this series, and generally written by this author :)



Monday, December 18, 2017

Review: "Hour of mischief" by Aimee Hyndman

Author: Aimee Hyndman
Main character: Janet Redstone

I got a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review :) what a fantastic read... :) I inhaled this story and already can't wait to know more... about everything and everyone :) but let me explain a bit more :) "Hour of mischief" is the first installment in this fantasy / steampunk series called The clockwork gods chronicles :) sounds cool, right? and it definitely is :) I inhaled this book and easily gave it 5 stars :) next one will follow the same main character, so it's definitely a series where you have to read books in order to truly understand all the events and connections :) so let me tell you a bit more about the world and our main character, and then let me gush about all the reasons why I adored this story :)

Like I said before, this is a phenomenal mix of fantasy and steampunk vibes :) our main character, Janet Redstone, is a daughter of a prostitute... and a thief with a prosthetic arm... I mean... come on, she sounds kick-ass :) and she is ;) she's the leader of this small group of thieves, and when one of their heists lands them in prison, she agrees to make a pact with one of the clockwork gods to save them... all she has to do is convince other gods to save all humans from the upcoming war / end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it types of situations... ;) how hard can it be? ;) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about all the reasons why I adored this story :)

It is a fantastic start to a series :) a world so rich and full of details... so vivd and colorful... I feel like we just scratched the surface in this installment... :) both when it comes to places as well as people... ;) there are so many little teasers and glimpses into what may come in the future, what we may know about certain people and events... GAH!!! :) I have my guesses and predictions and am more than curious to see if I will be right or not ;) or how close to the truth I was... ;) Janet is a great main character... flawed, of course, but brave and clever... caring about her friends... and so full of secrets and mysteries... I want to know more :) in this story we also met several clockwork gods and let me tell you... :) I need more, especially about Itazura... ;) he's the god of mischief, and the one who made a pact with Janet :) as his domain suggests he's mischievous, chaotic and very clever... *sighs happily* he was not the only god we met in this installment, but I won't spoil you the rest :) the whole book was so entertaining that I just flew through it :) full of surprises and twists, action packed and fast paced I couldn't put it down ;) there are so many more things that I want to tell you, but I want to leave as many mysteries for you to discover by yourselves as I possibly can, so just trust me on this and go read this gem immediately :) the writing style is fantastic, the banter between characters, world building... I cannot recommend it enough ;) just... read it already and you won't regret that decision ;)



Monday, December 11, 2017

Review: "Man hands" by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

Authors: Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby
Title: "Man hands"
Book 1 in series Man hands
Main characters: Tom and Brynn

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review :) this is the first book in a new series, and let me tell you... I am extremely thankful that this is just the beginning, because after inhaling this story in record time I absolutely need more ASAP :) no worries, this is a full standalone book with no cliffhangers whatsoever, but you'll want more as well after you read it ;) trust me on that :) but don't worry, I will actually tell you a bit more about this awesome book and why I loved it so much :)

I fell in love with our main characters from the first moment I saw each of them :) Brynn is an english professor who is finishing her divorce and looking for a new job, with a delicious and a bit naughty food blog on the side ;) and she is absolutely hilarious... :) I started laughing during the first chapter and did not stop till the end of the book :) her two best friends are helping her get back on her feet and back into the world of dating :) and don't even get me started about Sadie and Ash, cause I absolutely cannot wait for sequels :) Tom is a... well, he's sort of a contractor with his own TV show :) he's absolutely charming, swoonworthy, and hilarious as well :) they meet in a very... unconventional way... :) and that's all I am gonna say about that scene, because... damn, it's so much better if you don't know what's gonna happen :) their relationship is sexy, so much fun to read about and... you can probably guess what adjective I want to use... yes, again... ;) hilarious :) but it truly is the best way to describe this story and those characters, so I am not gonna apologize ;) it's a whirlwind full of adventures and surprising twists and you will love them together :)

I inhaled this book... I kid you not :) I started reading it on my way to work in the morning, then I got there and I adulted as long as it was necessary... ;) and then I got home, promptly picked the book again and finished it, because I couldn't concentrate on anything else until I read everything... :) if I could I would pick up the sequel straight away, especially after *that* scene at the end ;) fortunately for all of us, book #2 goes live in about a month, so I think I will somehow survive the wait ;) this book is co-written by two authors, and as much as I am a fan of Sarina Bowen, Tanya Eby was brand new for me... but after reading this story, she won't be much longer :) because now I am super curious how her unique brand of humor will look like without the mix of Sarina's writing style :) although I have to say I am a huge fan of this duo, and hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation ;) this book is written in 2 POVs which means we have chapters from Brynn's perspective, as well as Tom's and both are super entertaining to read :) the best compliment I can give, is that I was really unable to put it down... it's also one of the reasons why I can't really tell you much mroe about the actual book... ;) I don't want to spoil you anything, because trust me, this wild ride is definitely better if you don't know what's gonna happen next... ;) but also because some details are a bit... blurry ;) but that's what happens when you read the book as fast as I did... :) but it was sooooo good :) I couldn't help myself :) so get this gem immediately so we can sigh and laugh about how amazing it is together... and then wait impatiently for Ash's story... cause I am seriously counting down the days... ;)



Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #87

Working on balance and order
That Avengers trailer
Ups and downs of my recent trips to the movie theatre

Hello my awesome people :) can you believe we are already in the middle of december?!? :) I know... me neither ;) christmas is coming and fortunately I already have all of the presents at home, just ready to be wrapped... *sighs happily* I hate leaving it for the last days, because the amount of people in stores... *shudders* so we usually order most of it online about a month in advance and everyone is happy ;) I cannot wait for christmas and those few days off from work to really relax and unwind... and speaking of...

Lately I've been wound up pretty tight... a lot of little and bigger things added together to me feeling that way, but those previous months definitely took its tool on me... fortunately things are slowing down, both at work and with my blog, and I can finally take back control over stuff that are happening around me... :) so I've been definitely implementing some order and balance around myself... since I had so many things on my mind and so little time to actually do it, well... lately it's been chaotic... and the longer I am living in that sort of environment, the harder it is for me... I am definitely one of those people who thrive when there is order and balance around them... so I am back to working on achieving just that... I don't know, maybe it's the end of the year that's coming closer and closer that put me in that mood, or maybe it's just the right time for it but believe it or not, it's been super relaxing :) for example, I spent quite a few hours this past weekend, putting my kindle books in order :) I removed all of the old ARCs and books I've read and I know I won't read again... I made lists of different genres to find my next book... :) before, I had different lists of books that I got through NetGalley, or from authors and such, but it made more difficult for me to find my next read when I was in certain moods... now if I'm gonna want to read for example a fantasy story, I have a list of all the books on my kindle within that category, with little asterisks next to some of them, marking the most interesting ones to me :) it took me hours to make, mainly because I had to check a lot of those books on Goodreads, but I found so many hidden gems... :) *squeels with excitement* if I could I would read all of them at the same time ;) but that's just the beginning of changes all around... I will share some of them once I actually successfully implement them into my life :)

I don't know if you heard or saw, but the very first full trailer for "Avengers infinity war" finally dropped recently :) and it looks sooo good :) I swear you guys, Marvel is on a roll recently... with a phenomenal "Thor Ragnarok", "Black panther" coming at the beginning of next year and then "Avengers infinity war"... :) I am sooo excited to see those new movies... I already saw the new Thor movie twice, sooo... ;) moving on :) if you missed it, I have for you that trailer below... :)

Speaking of going to the movie theatre, I've been a very frequent visitor there recently :) and I have a very long list of movies I want to see in the near future as well ;) like I mentioned, I saw "Thor Ragnarok" twice... *sighs dreamily* I would go even more, but there are too many movies I want to see and not enough time :) I also checked out "Bad moms 2" and had a blast :) it was sooo much fun :) I went to see "Justice league" as well, and it was definitely better than I expected, so I went to see it again with my sister J... or at least that was the plan... yeah... get ready for the *down* part of the paragraph... we were watching it, until suddenly, a bit more than halfway through the movie, the screen went blank and emergency lights came on... the movie theatre lost power... at this moment I should mention that it was friday evening, after a very long week, and the movie originally started around 7.30 PM... they said it's just a minor issue and the movie will begin shortly, so we waited... and waited... and waited some more... after 45 minutes everything was repaired... or so we thought... the movie did start again... almost from the beginning... ugh... at this point we were both so pissed that we just left... it was really late and we were both tired... but coming back to the ups... :) I saw "Murder in the Orient Express" :) believe it or not, I did not know the resolution to the mystery... well, at least until someone spoiled it to me a few days before I saw it... I think he didn't believe me when I said I don't know who was the killer... :) but even though I was spoiled, I thoroughly enjoyed myself :) in fact, I loved it so much, that when me and J got out of the movie, I asked her: "are all mystery / detective stories like that?" :) she laughed ;) I never was a big fan of those type of stories, but seeing the movie definitely inspired me to check some of them out :) so I decided to get a couple of Agatha Christie's books from my library :) and we see how it will go... :) if I enjoy them I will definitely ask J for some recommendations :)

Ok you guys, that is it for today's #RandomRamblings post :) be sure to come back in two weeks, to read my last #RandomRamblings post this year, because there will be lots and lots of news to share :) in the meantime, be sure to reach out to me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I love connecting with you :)



Thursday, December 7, 2017

Review: "Ready to fall" by Daisy Prescott

Book 1 in series Wingmen
Main characters: John Day and Diane Watson

I had this author on my radar for quite a while now, but I just couldn't pick up her books... don't ask me why, cause there's no logical reason... ;) but recently I asked my trusted online group for recommendations about small town, very low angst, preferably slow burn romances, and this series was one of the very first responses... :) so I figured this is the perfect time to give it a try... :) and I absolutely adored this story :) it's the beginning of a spin-off series, but worry not if you are not familiar with other books by Daisy Prescott, cause it was my very first novel by her, and I enjoyed it immensly without the knowledge about any of her other stories... although fair warning: you absolutely will want to go back and read those other books :) but for now, let's concentrate on the topic of this particular review :) I'm gonna start with our main characters :)

What can I say to you about John and Diane? :) John is this tall, bearded, manly... *sighs dreamily* where was I? sorry, got distracted there for a moment thinking about him :) moving on :) he lives on a small island, and works, or possibly owns, cause I don't remember that particular detail at this moment and I didn't write it down in my notes ;) for a logger company :) he's friends with Maggie, his next door neighbour... side note: she already has a book about her and I am definitely reading that one soon ;) but now that she's somewhere else for a few months, she rented her cabin to Diane :) Diane is finishing up a divorce and looking for a quite place to stand back on her feet... what I adore about them is that they are both in their thirties and actually act like adults... :) you have no idea how infuriating this is for me, when I read about characters who are supposed to be my age or higher, and they act like teenagers... ugh... it's one of my book-ish pet peeves... so every time I find a book like this one, it's like a breath of much needed fresh air, that makes me smile all the time :) what's even better, John and Diane start out as friends... truly, just friends :) he's actually involved with someone else at the beginning... :) and I adored that dynamic... seeing how it changes over the course of time she spends on the island... how they get to know each other better.. *sighs happily* it was a wonderful story :)

This was my first read of a book by Daisy Prescott, but it will definitely not be the last ;) I already have on my kindle the second novel in this series, about Tom, the perpetual flirt, and I am very curious to see him as the main hero :) my sister J already read it and she says it's amazing as well, so my expectations are high :) but back to this story :) it was definitely right up my alley :) a slow burn romance, with adult people who acted like adults, and a phenomenal writing style that made chapters just flew by... :) what's even more interesting is that the whole book is written from John's perspective, which is actually very unusual... or maybe I just haven't read more books like that :) but I very much enjoyed it :) it was definitely unique, and in my opinion done really well :) I loved the relationship between our main couple, the honesty, how they started as friends... I inhaled this book... because of the fantastic writing style, I finished it before I knew what was happening... I just couldn't put it down :) and since recently I was in some sort of reading slump a bit... when I am not really sure what I want to read, but also because I am super busy and stressed out at work, it's hard to unwind at home... but this book definitely helped with that situation :) so if you are looking for a charming romance that will make you smile all the time, and you haven't read this one yet, definitely give this gem a try :) I highly recommend it :)



Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Review: "Making faces" by Amy Harmon

Author: Amy Harmon
Main characters: Ambrose Young and Fern Taylor

When I read The bird and the sword chronicles by Amy Harmon earlier this year, I fell in love with her writing style... it's mesmerizing, enchanting, whimsical... beautiful is not good enough adjective to describe it... but since it was a fantasy series, I wasn't sure if her contemporary stories will have the same... quality is not the right word... I was afraid that the vibe will be different... but oh how wrong I have been... after loving that series I decided to try one of her other stories, and since I heard the most praises about "Making faces" I bought that one... it came, and then spent several weeks on my shelf, waiting for me to have the right mood to pick it up... until a certain saturday when I suddenly felt the need to read that story... and to read it in one sitting... it's been ages since I did it, mainly cause I am super busy and taking a few hours at once to read a book usually feels like I am wasting time that I could spend more productive... but we are not gonna talk about that right now :) and that saturday I knew I would be able to relax and take my time to truly appreciate this story... you can't understand, because I have no words good enough to describe my feelings right now, but it was the best decision I've made in a long time... I am sitting here, writing the original, pre-edited version of this review when the book is still sitting on the nightstand next to me, and the tears hadn't yet fully dried on my face, because I know... I just know I won't be able to do anything else... to just go back to my life before I spill all the thoughts and feelings that I have about it into words... I'm tempted to add a paragraph at the end filled with spoilery things, because I feel like I need to talk about them, but we'll see how it goes... don't worry, if I decide to do that, I will mark it very clearly, so all of you who don't want to know anything can easily avoid it...

So what can I tell you about this book and the characters in it... to be perfectly honest I wish that me saying that this book is perfection would be enough for every one who will read this review, to give it a try... I knew very little... next to nothing really, before I picked it up... and this way it made an even bigger impression on me... I did not expect this story to unfold over that amount of time... I did not expect certain characters to be as important or as dear to my heart as they were... and I certainly did not expect to get so emotional... to feel so overwhelmed by everything I was reading about, that I end up sobbing curled in my reading chair on a saturday eveing, crying so much that my eyes were puffy and I was afraid I would get dehydrated... so I am not gonna be sorry for being vague, and not sharing as much as maybe you would like to know... you can always check other reviews for that... that's why I decided within the last few minutes since I wrote that earlier sentence, that I won't have any spoilers in my review :) so worry not and read it till the end :) in fact, there will be just one more paragraph, filled with my spoiler free thoughts and feelings, where I will try and add at least some details about characters and the plot, without giving away too much...

Putting this book only in the *romance* category is a huge understatement... trust me, there's nothing wrong with books that are *just romances* and I have no problems with them, but it's a subject for a whole other post... :) this book, this story is so much more... it's a tale of love, yes... but also of friendship, loss, change, what it means to be brave... what it means to be beautiful... filled with multidimensional characters that you immediately fall in love with... I see a lot of myself in Fern, the heroine... or maybe I would like to see a lot of myself in her, because she is such a wonderful person :) her light and goodness shines from every page... and Ambrose, the hero... my heart ached for him... but the one who truly stole my heart was Bailey... he's Fern's best friend... who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy... he made me laugh and cry, a hidden gem I so unexpectedly found within the pages of this novel... I could tell you that the book starts when all of them are in high school... I could tell that it takes place over the span of a few years... I could tell you more about certain events at least from the beginning of the story, to paint you a better picture what it's about, but I won't do it... I am still shaken and utterly impressed with this book and it's partially because I knew next to nothing going into it... I did not expect to love it as much as I did... I did not expect to cry my eyes out and laugh out loud and sigh happily, but I did... I am still processing everything and honestly... I cannot find adjectives good enough to describe how much I loved this novel... how beautiful the message in it was... how phenomenal the writing style was... so please, just go and read it... if you follow my blog and my reviews for a while and trust my opinions, go read it without any additional questions... if this is the first review I wrote that you are reading, take a leap of faith and go read that book... because it needs to be read by every one... I am not kidding... those words, this story... will change you for the better... just be sure to pick it up when you have the time to read all of it in peace... because you won't be able to put it down... I just finished it and I already want to re-read it, but I am not emotionally ready to do it... but I will go back and find some of my favourite quotes, cause I was so swept away when I read it, that I did not mark anything down... and some of those quotes... *sighs* they moved me deep within and I need to remember them... so please, go get this amazing gem... read it, and let yourselves be better...



Thursday, November 30, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) december edition

Hello my awesome people :) we are heading into the last month of the year... how is that even possible?!? wasn't it the middle of july like yesterday? ;) anyway... ;) here we are, approaching the end of the year, when I am slowly starting to think about the new edition of Bookmarks, which is my awards that I give each year to my favourite books / authors in different categories... :) I am thinking about making some small changes, but I need more time to settle all the details straight, before I share them with you :) so in the meantime, let me tell you about two books from the upcoming month that I can't wait to read :)

First we have "Man hands" by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby :) hopefully it is only the beginning of a new series, cause I am a huge fan of Sarina's writing style :) Tanya is a completely new author for me, but I am more than curious to see what this duo will create together :) as a matter of fact, I will have a full review for you guys of this contemporary romance on the release day, cause I was able to get my hands on the ARC :) *squeels with excitement* ;) edited to add just before posting: I inhaled the ARC of this book in one day and it's hilarious and phenomenal :) go pre-order it right now!!! :)

That other book I want to talk about is "Behind the bars" by Brittainy C. Cherry :) her stories are always emotional and hauntingly beautiful and I cannot wait to dive into another one... her writing style is very unique, but hits me straight into all the feels... I'm thinking this one will once again break my heart before putting it back together again... it's gonna be phenomenal ;)



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Review: "Definition of flawed" by Lia Peele

Author: Lia Peele
Book 0,5 in series Definition
Main character: Scarlett Trent

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is a prequel novella to a new series, so my review won't be as long as usual as well, but I definitely enjoyed this story :) although enjoy feels like such a simple word to describe the complexity of everything that happens in it... so I'm gonna tell you a bit more about the story, and then my main thoughts and feelings about it, cause I want to avoid spoilers and giving away where this whole story might be headed... a small part of that is because I think I may be wrong in my predictions ;) so let's get into it :)

We meet Scarlett when she's finishing up college / university and working part time at a coffee shop :) that's where she meets Paul, who is quite a bit older than her... they hit it off and soon after get pretty serious... that's when she meets his son, Dev... and that is pretty much all I can tell you guys about the actual plot of the story :) since it's a novella, I don't want to spoil you certain events... so now I'm gonna change the subject to my thoughts and feelings about this story :) I gave it 4 stars... it was a really good beginning to a series... introducing us to the main characters, only scratching the surface of how complex they truly are... just in this novella I already saw characters grow and develop... yes, they were flawed and made mistakes, but it's only human... we are not perfect... I have to say that I absolutely adored the writing style... it was raw, honest and definitely left an impression... and it's a debut author, so that's even more impressive :) there are so many more things I want to tell you, but I have to stop myself from spoilers... so I'm just gonna add, that I highly recommend you to read this novella :) with really engaging writing style, great insight into the main characters, it's the perfect introduction to what shapes up to be a very interesting series... I am definitely intrigued, and can't wait to pick up the next installment as soon as it's available :)



Monday, November 27, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #86

Dobby is free ;)
All the entertainment
Songs of the moment

Hello my lovely people :) I am in a surprisingly good mood, especially if you think how crazy work is gonna be in the next few weeks... :) but I am still... well, optimistic is not the best way to describe it, so I'm gonna say again, that I am in a wonderful mood, and that's definitely connected to the first part of the headlines, so how about we jump into them, in order this time ;)

Dobby is free! :) if you don't get that reference, we can't be friends anymore... ;) no worries, I'm just kidding ;) if you don't get it, what I basically mean is that I can finally do... and by that I mean read... whatever I want ;) and I know what you're thinking... *you can always read whatever you want* :) and that's only partially true :) as a book blogger, I sign up for blog tours, or receive ARCs / free books, with a specific deadline for a review... so there are books I *have to* read at a certain time... and becuase I was super greedy, for a very long time I was signing up and agreeing to review a lot of books... and when I finally realized how my calendar looks, I started to wind all of it down... and it took me months... yes, you read that correctly... months, to get to this point :) as in... the pressure is finally off :) because I have just one book to read for december, and then nothing :) I have a few authors that I will of course always review if given the opportunity, but we are talking about two... maybe three books a month when they decide to publish all at the same time ;) it's nothing compared to the schedule I had for more than a year... :) *sighs happily* trust me, I learned my lesson :) never again :) now I am definitely enjoying the fact, that if I'm not in the mood, I don't have to read at all :) I can catch up on movies / TV shows, listen to a podcast... life is pretty great ;) speaking of... ;)

I have quite a few super fun things planned for the upcoming weeks / months when it comes to entertainment stuff ;) but I will leave all the details for another occasion and for now, I will share with you guys two things I actually did recently :) first, the movie :) I saw "Justice League" a couple of days ago and I have to say it was better than I expected... yes, my expectations weren't super high, but still... I had a lot of fun ;) I'm not gonna lie, every time Jason Momoa appeared as Aquaman on the screen, I was a puddle on the floor ;) but Ezra Miller as Flash was absolutely fantastic :) along with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, they were the reasons why I went to see it in the first place, and I'm super happy they didn't disappoint :) if you haven't seen it before, check out the trailer below :)

The second thing I want to talk about is the concert I saw last week ;) me and my sister, along with one of her friends, went to see 2 Cellos :) if you haven't heard about them, it's these two amazing guys who do unique covers... :) I'm gonna give you a little glimpse at what I encountered during the live performance, but definitely check out their other stuff... it's absolutely phenomenal :) and no, it's not from my concert, but this one had better quality ;) enjoy and if you ever have the chance to go see them... do it ;)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys three songs, that are currently on repeat on my iPod :) all of them have this... haunting and epic quality, and I am very into it lately :) maybe you'll find something to enjoy as well ;)

Ok, that's a wrap my awesome people :) I hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings this time ;) as always, I love connecting with you so be sure to catch me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account ;)



Thursday, November 23, 2017

Review: "Take" by Ella Frank

Author: Ella Frank
Title: "Take"
Book 2 in series Temptation
Main characters: Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison

This is the sequel in what is shaping up to be a truly amazing series :) all books follow around the same couple, so it's detinitely one of those where you really should read them in order to fully understand and appreciate all the interactions and connections :) plus, that first book is absolutely amazing, so it's not like it will be a chore for you ;) so without any additional delays, let me tell you more about this story :) no worries, spoiler free :)

This whole series is all about how Tate and Logan, our main couple, met and got together :) Logan is this hot shot attorney, all confident, borderline cocky and arrogant... and by borderline I mean he's definitely just that, I'm just being nice ;) he is attracted to both men and women and one night he meets Tate... Tate is a bartender going through a nasty divorce and he's definitely not interested in guys... but Logan cannot be so easily dismissed... :) the first book, titles very appropriately "Try" is all about how they met and how Logan seduced his way into Tate's... mind... ;) what did you think I would say? get your minds out of the gutter ;) although your guess would be correct as well ;) ok, moving on :) this second installment on the other hand is all about them starting out as a couple, getting to know each other better, discovering all sorts of things about one another... :) I loved it... already can't wait for the next book :) and yes, I know it's available at the moment... in fact I have it on my shelf, but I have to pace myself... trust me... *fans myself* you can't read too much at once or you will combust... ;) now that we have these basic informations out of the way, let me tell you all the reasons why I absolutely adored this book :)

When I finished the first novel, I immediately talked with my sister, J :) cause she read the whole series before me :) and I told her how much I adored it :) she on the other hand immediately claimed, that the first one is the worst one... as in it's still amazing, but the sequels are even better :) and now that I finished the second novel, I have to wholeheartedly agree :) we got to know more about our main characters, and all those informations made me fall in love with them even more :) Logan seems super confident and like nothing can hurt him, but he has such a vulnerable and soft side... *sighs dreamily* :) Tate on the other hand showed his much more confident and demanding side ;) not to mention that they two togehter is such a hot, sexy and surprisingly sweet duo :) this book was filled with sexy and steamy scenes... like so hot you don't want to read it in public ;) but at the same time, there were many cute little moments between them... :) unfortunately, there were also scenes that broke my heart... especially with Tate family and how they handled the news of him seeing a guy... yeah... it was harsh... I'm hoping it will get better in future installments :) but there were a bunch of other secondary characters, who already have their own books, and my favourite scene including them was game night... and that is all I'm gonna say about it :) and yes, it is even more awesome than you think ;) the more books by Ella I read, the more I'm falling in love with her writing style :) it's super entertaining, mixing perfectly fun and sexy moments with much more emotional ones :) I highly recommend you guys this book, this series and just this author in general :) if you haven't before, definitely give her a try :)



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review: "A darker shade of magic" by V. E. Schawb

Author: V. E. Schwab
Book 1 in series Shades of magic
Main characters: Kell and Lila

Ok people... I have to say that all the hype is definitely worth it in this case :) I've been hearing a lot of stuff about this book, and this trilogy in general, because it's the first installment, for quite a while now... :) and pretty much everything I heard were praises... the only difference was how much someone loved them ;) so after checking out the free e-book sample that you can download through Amazon on your kindle... or kindle app like in my case ;) and really liking the writing style, I went ahead and bought all three books... and let me tell you... it was one of my best decisions :) because after finishing the first one, I immediately started the second one :) I will now tell you a bit more about the whole series and the world in general plus some basic informations about our main characters, and then I will jump into all the praises about how awesome this book was ;)

I'm pretty sure that a lot of you may know this already, but for all of you who never heard about these books, here goes :) Shades of magic, the amazing fantasy trilogy, or at least this first book ;) takes place in Londons... yes, you read that correctly... Londons as in plural and everything ;) because it's set in an alternate version of our world a few centuries back ;) and when I said that there are multiple Londons, I actually have in mind number four :) so there is Grey London, which is our London, where magic is nonexistent... we have Red London, where magic is thriving and full of life... White London, where it's dying and Black London... well, there used to be Black London, but something went horribly wrong there and now it's closed off from everything and everyone else... :) sounds super interesting, right? :) w ealso have two main characters in this story... and a few very strong secondary ones, but I will get to them in a second :) Kell and Lila... and I don't mean that as a couple... at least not yet ;) Kell is an Antari... and one of the last ones... :) long story short, it means that he can travel between different Londons, which is impossible for everyone else... his magic is also stronger and a bit different from others... he works for the royal family of Red London as a sort of emissary but that's not all... because Kell has a weakness... he is also a smuggler... and one day things go wrong... it all starts when Lila steals something very important from him when he's in Grey London... because Lila is a thief :) raised on the streets, taking care of herself for a very long time and tough as nails... I loved her :) their paths crossed and then everything got even better ;) trust me, I am trying to be as vague as I possibly can, because I don't want to spoil you certain informations and events, so don't get mad if I'm not making much sense... ;) I am trying here, ok? ;) now that we have some basic info out of the way, let me tell you all about why I loved this book :)

Where can I start... it doesn't really matter, because I adored evrything about this story... ;) so how about we start with the characters? :) I have no idea why some people have problems with Lila... I mean, I guess I can sort of understand their point of view, but I absolutely loved her :) yes, she didn't always make the best decisions... but already in that first book she experienced some character development and I cannot wait to see what will happen with her next :) she was tough, resourceful and no matter how much she wanted to convince everyone around her, including herself, how detached she is from everything and everyone, there were scenes and little glimpses into the much softer side of her... :) not to mention that she is such a kick-ass character :) and Kell... he seems like the better person out of the two, but don't be deceived by that... he is a much more complex character than that... :) which can basically be said about everyone in this book... I am absolutely amazed by how much I was invested into all of them... besides these two, I want to mention one more person by name... Rhy :) he's... well... sort of Kell's brother, but not by blood, and the prince of Red London... and with that juicy teaser, I won't mention anything else about him :) *insert evil laugh* ;) everything else, including naming certain people that made a lasting impression on me, can be considered spoiler-y, because it may clue you in on the fact who exactly can be a major player in the story :) but trust me when I say, that every person I met within the pages of this book was complex, and multidimensional and so vivid... *sighs happily* it was an absolute pleasure to read ;) and not only characters were so interesting... the world itself this author created was amazing... absolutely stunning... it really shows how much thought went into creating this... it's so detailed and intriguing and just... I have no adjectives good enough to explain and express my love :) one of the best qualities of this book, is that there is no info dumping withinthe first few chapters... you know what I mean? there are some books, especially fantasy ones, where in the beginning we get all the informations and you cannot possibly remember all of them, so then throughout the majority of the story you have to go back to that beginning to check things... but here... oh here it was done so masterfully... the informations were slowly teased for us, and before I knew what was happening, I was absolutely hooked... :) turning page after page, wanting... needing to know more about everyone and everything :) and the writing style itself... *sighs dreamily* let's just say that all of her other books are now at the top of my wishlist to buy next :) I am so impressed by her and her ability to craft such entertaining stories... which is actually not as easy to accomplish as you might think :) as a book blogger I read a lot... and there are very few authors who can enchant me so thoroughly like V. E. Schwab did with her book... :) I very highly recommend you guys to check out this gem :) even if you think you don't like fantasy, give this one a try... you will be surprised ;)



Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Review: "Guardian of the crown" by Melissa McShane

Book 2 in series The saga of Willow North
Main character: Willow

I got an ARC of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review :) what a fantastic sequel :) it picks up right where we left off at the end of the first novel, and continue on the amazing story that is this fantasy series :) since this is the second book, and all three novels, because it will be a trilogy, follow around the same character, it is necessary to read all of them in order, I will have a spoiler free paragraph about the series in general, and then I will share my thoughts and feelings about this second installment, which will include some spoilers about that first part :) now that we have this explanation out of the way, let me jump into telling you a bit about our main character and the world in general :)

The saga of Willow North follow around our main character... yep, you think correctly, Willow :) at the beginning of that first story we meet her during one of her heists... because what I forgot to mention, is that she's a thief :) so one of her heists goes a little bit differently that she planned, and... well... she meets a guy ;) I am not gonna say anything else about their first encounter, but it was a fantastic scene :) they start a relationship after that and then BAM! we skip ahead a few years :) I was like *whaaaaaa????* when that happened ;) Willow and Kerish are no longer together and we have no idea what happened during the time jump... but you have no time to worry about that, because Kerish appears in Willow's home with the boy king with him... after an assasination attempt and a whole other drama and events, they have to run... and after that the best part of the story starts :) the whole series is set in the fantasy world, with magic and other... interesting abilities, including the one Willow has :) but I will leave that little gem to discover for you when you read the story :) we travel to different places and see different cultures but that is basically everything I can tell you guys without some major spoilers :) all you need to know is that these books are amazing and if you haven't already, definitely give them a try :)

Ok, now we are gonna get into my actual review of the second novel, which will definitely include spoilers about the first installment, so all of you who are not caught up, avert your eyes ;) like I mentioned before, there is no time jump between the books, so go back straight into action :) Willow is working with Kerish and his family to gather support of Eskandel for Felix and his rightful claim for the throne of Tremontane :) this story is filled with politics and intrigue and intricate relationships between different families in that country... and I absolutely adored it :) which is surprising, because I am not always the biggest fan of that particular plot in books :) but it was done really well here :) the shifts of power, how every conversation had many meanings... *sighs happily* it was very interesting to read :) not to mention that this particular installment was filled with strong women :) Willow is a phenomenal character... strong, but at the same time flawed, because she's human, and people make mistakes sometime... but I could understood her every action and why she made certain decisions along the way... but there were so many complex characters in this story besides her :) not to mention that this author in general writes adults who act like adults... which means they actually talk to one another and try to understand each others motivations, even though they may not agree with everything :) and that is not as common as one would want in stories :) I had so much fun reading this book... it was once again filled with adventures and surprising twists... and definitely a bit of romance :) with phenomenally entertaining writing style the chapters just flew by :) I already cannot wait to get my hands on the conclusion to the series because the ending... my oh my... the ending to this story will leave you wanting more ASAP :) so if you haven't checked it out, definitely do it now :)