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Review: "Bountiful" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Title: "Bountiful"
Book 4 in series True north
Main characters: David "Dave" Beringer and Zara Rossi

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is the newest installment in Sarina's True north series but you don't have to be caught up on previous books to enjoy this one, because it works perfectly well as a standalone :) in fact... it's also sort of a crossover story... but I will get to that in a moment :) it was yet another great read from this author and honestly, at this point I have to stop being surprised by this :) her writing style just *clicks* for me :) so how about I will tell you a bit more about our main couple :)

Zara and Dave... :) we actually met Zara previously, but again... you get all the necessary informations about her in this book so don't feel bad if you haven't read the first three books / don't remember much about them ;) Zara works as a bartender / sort of an owner of a bar, who is technically owned by her uncle, but she basically runs it :) I don't want to say more about her, because she has certain connections to other characters that appeared in this series, and if you are new to it, I don't want to spoil you stuff :) but safe to say, one night she meets this guy... he keeps coming back and after a while, they decide to act on the chemistry between them :) and yes, I am of course talking about Dave... who just happens to be a Brooklyn Bruisers hockey player :) which is the name of the team, but also another series from Sarina :) but again, you don't need to be caught up on all the books in that series to enjoy this one ;) it's just the cameos from the other players will be more meaningful if you are familiar with other stories ;) so what can I tell you about them... they are definitely not relationship material... neither of them is looking for anything serious, so a few weeks of passion while Dave is in town works for them... until it turns out that he left something else behind him than just memories... which is when we skip ahead for about two years to see what changed... Dave is back in Vermont on another vacation and is definitely surprised to learn that Zara is now a mother... to none other but his own daughter... and from that moment forward we are witnesses to how these two adults who never were in a serious relationship try to navigate the attraction between them at the same time keeping in mind that their little girl is now the most important... :) I adored their story... which was a bit of a surprise, because usually I am not the biggest fan of these types of characters... Zara can be described as prickly... which is definitely a mild adjective for her... although I loved how tough she was and how she stood up for herself :) Dave is charming and sometimes a bit too honest, but I actually liked that about him :) both of them are definitely not looking for a relationship so seeing them fall for each other was such a sweet read :) I'm not gonna say more though, because you should read the book for yourselves to enjoy all of it :)

Honestly guys... it was yet another fantastic book from Sarina... I should just stop being surprised by her amazing writing style and from now on just expect that I will love everything she is willing to give me :) this book was once again written in 2 POVs, which means we got parts from Zara's perspective as well as from Dave's, and I have to say that is definitely my favourite way :) I love to be able to get inside the heads of our main characters to truly see what they feel :) besides a surprisingly lovable although grumpy main couple ;) we had several very interesting secondary characters... some of them couples from previous books, which just reminded me how much I loved their stories and made me want to re-read them :) but there were quite a few new ones... and from them Benito, Zara's twin brother was definitely my fave... let's just say I see soooooo much potential for future stories... :) I refuse to think that this was the last one... nope.... we all need more :) I have to say that I did not expect to love this story as much as I did... of course I knew I would enjoy it... it is one of Sarina's books after all ;) I liked our main couple from the start, but the further we got into the story, and the more I got to know them, the more they snuck up under my skin and the more I fell in love with them... not to mention that there were definitely some heart melting scenes with Dave and his daughter... *swoons* ;) I highly recommend you guys to check out this lovely gem :) start at the beginning of the series if you don't want to miss anything, or right here, if this story speaks to you the most, but either way, definitely go read something by Sarina... :) it's gonna be worth it :)



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: "The demon girl's song" by Susan Jane Bigelow

Main character: Andin

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) this book has been sitting on my kindle for the longest time... I don't even want to admit how many months... but when it comes to fantasy stories... especially as unique and different as this one :) I have to be in a specific mood to really enjoy them :) so I'm very glad I waited for the right time to appreciate this novel :)

This is a standalone story that follows our main character, Andin... she is almost eighteen at the beginning of the book, and the whole novel takes place over the span of just a few months... at the beginning she lives in a small village in this giant empire, and has plans to leave it, to study at the university... what she doesn't know, is that her life will be much different than she expected... because one day, Andin gets a demon inside of her... and that is just the start of some crazy journey filled with surprises... :) there's not really anyting else I can share about the overall plot of the book, because it is filled with surprising twists and turns along the way and I don't want to spoil you anything, so let me jump into my thoughts and feelings about it ;)

I have to say that I quite enjoyed it ;) I didn't really expected that, so that was a nice surprise... :) Andid was a very interesting main character... yes, she started as this a bit obnoxious teenager, but I loved to see her growth and character development throughout the story... :) her interactions with the demon were very entertaining as well... not to mention that he also changed... the more time has passed, the more they merged together, influencing one another along the way... ;) even though I really want to say more about their adventures, I can't possibly do that without spoilers, so let's just say that don't be discouraged if you feel like the story is chaotic and a bit all over the place... it's all explained at the end... maybe not in as many details as I would like, but still ;) so don't get frustrated if not everything makes sense from the start and just go with the flow ;) the main theme of this book can be described with one word: surprising :) there were so many turns I did not expect, so many things that made me gasp in shock... I definitely enjoyed this story :) so if you are looking for a diffeent read, then give it a try :)



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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #83

THAT cover
THAT trailer
Still on sort of a break

Hello my lovely people :) it's been a while since I sat down and actually wrote anything here... but it's connected to one of the headlines, so how about we jump straight into them so I can tell you more ;) this time, we'll embrace the chaos ;) and start at the very end ;)

I am still on my sort of a break from blogging... well, it's kind of hard to explain... and even more so, I feel like I've been talking to you guys about it enough already, so to sum up the whole situation... I'm super busy with work and real life stuff, which leaves me less time to actually read, so I don't have to write as much as I used to... plus, I really needed a break to catch some fresh perspective on my blog and some other stuff... let's just say that I am in one of those a-lot-of-things-are-running-around-in-my-head-let's-change-some-things moods... ;) so I'm hoping to make a transition from the thinking phase to the actual doing phase soon :) in the meantime, there is just gonna be a bit less posts and reviews here, and we all just gonna have to find a way to be ok with that :)

Next we have a very exciting announcement... I don't know if you heard about it already, but Tahereh Mafi will release another three books in her Shatter me series :) *squeels with excitement* you may not know that about me, cause I read them before starting this blog, so I don't actually have reviews for them, but I adored the original trilogy... it's definitely one of my all time favourites, with it's whimsical writing... *sighs happily* :) so when I heard the news I was very happy, but also a bit apprehensive... I mean, the first three books are wonderful, an amazing journey about a girl who can't touch anyone, cause her touch is lethal... the writing is stunning, the character development absolutely fantastic, so I'm torn between being scared how everything after the original ending will go, but on the other hand I have faith that she knows what she's doing... :) nevertheless, we now have an official cover for that fourth book, and it's awesome :) so if you haven't seen it already, let's look at it now together :)

Last but definitely not least, I need to share with you guys the newest trailer for "Pacific rim uprising" :) *sighs happily* I don't know what is it with me and that trailer, but I have the same excited feeling about it, as it happened with "Mad Max fury road" a while back, so hopefully I will love the actual movie as much as I did that other one ;) not to mention, that the music from this trailer is super motivating and I listen to it in the mornings before going to work ;) so if you missed this gem, I have it for you right below :)

Ok, that is a wrap you guys :) I hope you enjoyed my little #RandomRamblings post :) as always you know how much I adore connecting with you, so be sure to reach out to me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account ;) and I will talk to you some more soon ;)



Monday, October 9, 2017

Review: "Abounding might" by Melissa McShane

Book 3 in series The extraordinaries
Main character: Daphne St. Clair

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this was another fantastic installment in this very unique series... :) I absolutely loved it, but worry not if you are not familiar with previous books or you just don't remember them, becuase each story can be read as a standalone :) since this is book 3, and they are loosely connected to one another, I will first tell you a little bit more about the world and our heroine, and then I will tell you all about how much I adored it :)

This is a historical / paranormal mix :) which means that the action takes place during the Napoleonic Wars but we have a very interesting twist... everything is very similar to our world during that time, but certain people have... I believe the word I'm looking for is *Talents* :) these are special abilities, and there are eight of them... I'm not gonna go into details about all of them, just give you some examples :) you can be a Scorcher, which means you can manipulate fire, or a Speaker, when you can telepathically communicate with people all over the world... Daphne, the heroine of this story, is a Bounder, which means she can teleport herself, along with people and things she can carry with her :) but wait, that's not all :) she's actually an Extraordinary Bounder, meaning she's even more talented... each of the book in this series... and there will be eight in total, will concentrate on a different woman, with a different Extraordinary Talent :) so on the one hand they are all related, because of the war and the confrontation with the Napoleon... because that is where we are headed... but on the other hand, you can read them as standalones, because you get all the informations in each book to fully appreciate the story :) so now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about Daphne and why I adored her story :)

Like I said, Daphne is an Extraordinary Bounder, and we actually met her in the previous book :) but again, no worries... yes, I adored her there and was super excited to learn she will be the next heroine, but you don't have to read that story to enjoy this one :) she wants to join the army to help serve her country, and she succeeds... which was not easy... unfortunately Daphne has... well... a certain condition... as in she faints at the sight of blood, so when she's Bounding all over the battlefield... you can see where I'm going with this... after a failed mission she is sent to serve in India, to Bound family members of one of the high ranking Officers to and from England... it is a waste of her Talent, but for the time being it is what it is... fortunately, things change soon... :) when Captain Phineas Fletcher, after meeting her during a bal, requests her help and assistance in a mission of his own... I'm not gonna get into all the details, because I don't want to spoil anything for you guys, but that's when the interesting part starts :)

I absolutely adored this story :) I am a huge fan of this series in general, because it's always a woman at the center of every novel... yes, there is a romance plot in each one, but it's never the main one... all of them show the growth and development of a different heroine and I love it :) Daphne certainly had things to overcome in this one... again, I don't really want to get into too many details, because I believe the less you know about it, the more you will enjoy all of it :) additionally, we have a beautiful, slow-building romance between Daphne and... well, you'll know when you see it ;) the witty banter between them was to die for :) I absolutely adored all their interactions... and yes, there was definitely swooning on my part along the way... ;) I enjoyed meeting new characters, including the heroine of the next story... you'll know when you meet her ;) one of the best parts of the story was actually the mystery they were trying to solve... this one took so many surprising turns I can't even count how many times I gasped in shock about what happened :) #TrueStory :) I highly recommend you guys to check out this gem if you haven't already :)



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Blog tour + Review: "All or nothing" by Felice Stevens

Book 3 in series Together
Main characters: Adam Barton and Rico Estevez


A past he couldn’t forget 
Adam Barton is living his dream of working as a firefighter in his small Texas town, but a tragedy from his youth continues to haunt him. He decides New York City is the perfect place to start a new life and joins the FDNY, living and loving his own way—no strings and nothing personal. Until he catches sight of Rico Estevez, the sexy chef with the mysterious smile who rocks his world. After one explosive night together, Adam craves another….And then another. The more he and Rico are together, the more Adam wants him. 

A future he never imagined 
Rico Estevez is living a lie. For years he’s hidden his sexuality, afraid to hurt the career of his politically ambitious father. He’s the perfect American―the best schools, top of his class and most importantly, to his father, a successful businessman. Who needs a boyfriend when sex is so easy to find? Starting a torrid love affair with Adam Barton isn’t a problem; neither one is looking toward forever. But Rico’s father is about to get the chance of a lifetime and Rico feels forced to play by his rules. 

Rules are made to be broken 
Adam proves more unforgettable than Rico ever imagines, but he gives in to family pressures above personal desire. When a fire reunites them, both men discover their passion for each other hasn’t died; rather it’s stronger than ever. Want turns to need and something more dangerous to their hearts—love. Adam and Rico know if they want to have it all, they can let no one and nothing stand in their way of a life together.

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review :) this was the second novel I read written by this lovely author and once again she hit me in all the feels... :) definitely don't be discouraged by the fact that it's book #3 in a series, because the first two... although it's more of a novel and a short story than two full lenght books, are about a different couple :) yes, they appear in this one, and there are hints here and there about certain events from the previous stories, but it's not necessary to read them, to enjoy this one :) I didn't and I still had such a blast reading this book :) so let me tell you more about it :)

Our main couple, Adam and Rico, couldn't be more different ;) Adam is a firefighter and an openly gay man... after some bumps at the beginning, he has a supportive parents behind him and even though there are some very dark moments in his past... *sighs* I so cried when he was telling that particular story even though I sort of knew it was gonna be something like that but don't worry, #NoSpoilers for you :) he feels pretty good in his own skin :) Rico on the other hand... my heart went out to him... he's definitely in the closet... he keeps to himself, going from one one-night-stand hookup to another and never looking for a relationship, because of his father... he's in politics and knows nothing about Rico's sexuality... and since he's the only close family he has now, after his mother passed away years ago, he don't want to jeopardize their relationship by telling him about being gay... it's of course a much more complex situation that what I am describing, but you're gonna have to read the book for more details :) from the beginning of this book you can tell that there were some small interactions between them in that previous story, but nothing that will ruin your experience right now if you haven't read it :) there's definitely a spark there, that's for sure :) which very quickly turns into a full blown fire ;) but since neither of them is looking for anything serious, they decide to just... well... become friends with benefits of sorts ;) of course over time both of them start to feel more for each other and... you just gonna have to read the book to see that beautiful story :)

I gave this book 5 stars... :) I definitely enjoyed the previous one by this author, but this one was even better... :) there is just something about her writing style... she hits me in all the feels... I laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed myself :) there is no magical resolutions to some real and serious problems / issues our main characters face in this story... yes, we get a happy ending... and oh how lovely that epilogue was... :) but there are definitely still things we know will take time to fully be resolved... and that's amazing :) because it's so honest and real... :) like I mentioned before, we do get several appearances of the couple from that previous stories and they definitely made me want to read more about them :) after loving yet another book from this author I am generally in the mood to read more of her work :) so I definitely highly recommend you guys to check her out :) start here or with another one of her stories, but definitely don't miss out on her wonderful work :)

About the author:

I have always been a romantic at heart. I believe that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, My characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love, but getting there is oh so fun and oh so sexy.

I live in New York City with my husband and two children. My day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass (or two of red wine). I practice law but daydream of a time when I can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there are bound to be a few bumps along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.

Find her online: Website | Facebook | Twitter



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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #82

Slowly coming back to life
A bit of a change
#TheStruggleIsReal ;)

Hello my lovely people :) once again I have a shorter #RandomRamblings for you guys, but there's a reason for it... :) and since all the headlines are basically connected, I'm just gonna have for you guys one longer-ish paragraph today, so let's just jump straight into it :)

So the last few weeks have been hard... if were being totally honest, I could say the last few months, but those recent couple of weeks were especially exhausting... I'm hoping that things will start to slow down a little bit / going back to normal, but I'm not sure how long it will actually take... so since my real life job is so demanding and I have so much stuff going on with my blog and we can't forget that I actually have a presonal / private life too... well... it's just too much for one person :) so I decided to make some decisions that will help me regain some sort of balance in life :) I can't quit my job, cause you know... I need the money to buy books ;) #Priorities ;) and I do like the fact that more responsibilities actually mean that I am moving forward and all that jazz ;) there is a project or two that I am really passionate about and that I want to definitely be a part of, so keep your fingers crossed ;) when it comes to my blog... to be honest, what I would love to do, is take a break for a couple of weeks all together, but I can't do that... I have a few obligations / promises for october that I can't / really don't want to break, but definitely expect less frequent posting... for example, my #RandomRamblings will now be posted every two weeks instead of every week... still on monday though ;) I'm hoping those little changes will help me catch my breath a little bit... :) especially since I tend to put my personal goals and plans at the very last place on my list... and I need to stop doing that... recent events, and by that I mean a truly horrible day I had recently at work when things just... *sighs heavily* it was just too much and I snapped... really showed me how important my personal being and mental health, along with the physical one, is... I don't want a repeat of that day... but the struggle is real people... cause I tend to put pressure on myself and then stress over that pressure and it's a vicious circle... *sighs* but I am working on it... it's just hard and slow... but hopefully it will get better :)

Ok, that is a wrap on my litte #RandomRamblings post for today :) I'm hoping that starting from next time, which will be in two weeks, I will have enough new things to talk to you guys about :) as always, be sure to connect with me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, casue I love talking with you :)



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Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) october edition

Welcome, welcome my lovely people... *sighs* I decided to post this one day earlier than I originally planned, because... well... it's been a long day... at the end of a very long week... at the end of a very long and hard month for me... and since tomorrow is my extra day off from work, I really need to reset and recharge... so I decided to write, edit and post this little monthly thingy tonight, and then have two and a half days totally away from work and blog related things... I do need to write some stuff on sunday afternoon for next week, but I will have plenty of time to just chill... so here I am, listening to Bruno Mars and writing for you about all of the books I'm excited to get my hands on very soon... especially since I'm gonna be lucky to get ARCs of them all *squeels with excitement* ;)

First of all, we have "Bountiful" by Sarina Bowen, the newest addition in her True north series... *sighs dreamily* those books... damn... ;) she's one of my favourite authors ever, cause she have an amazing talent to write books that combine romance, hilarious and witty dialogue and at the same time, they can be very emotional and include some serious topics... all the previous installments in this series... they work perfectly well as standalones by the way ;) were amazing, so my expectations are definitely high with this one :)

Another one I am very eagerly awaiting is "Soulbound" by Bec McMaster :) it's the third and final story in her Dark arts series... I can't wait to see how this big story arch will end... because even though each novel focuses on a different couple, you need to read all of them in order to understand everything :) when I am posting this, there is no official cover yet, so what you see above is the teaser from the book and the covers of the previous two installments :) this one is a phenomenal mix of fantasy and steampunk vibes by one of my all time favourite authors and I've been dying to read about Sebastian and Cleo ever since I met them in that first story... not only that, but now I am hearing that a spin-off / sequel series is in the works? :) imagine the smile on my face... ;)

Last but definitely not least is "Abounding might" by Melissa McShane, third novel in The extraordinaries series :) this one is a very unique historical series with some paranormal mix in it :) this is one of those series, when all of the installments work as standalones... yes, they are all set in the same world, and sometimes characters make appearances in other stories, but it's not necessary to read them in order to enjoy each of them :) Daphne, the heroine of this story was one of the brightest, and definitely a personal favourite of mine ;) of the previous story, so yet again... I feel that it's the main theme of this post ;) I'm super excited to read a full novel about her :)



Review: "Beg, borrow or steal" by Susie Tate

Author: Susie Tate
Standalone, but... ;)
Main characters: Jamie Grantham and Libby Penny

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this was my first ever story written by this author, and what a wonderful start it turned out to be :) I really loved it and ultimately gave it 4,5 stars :) it's a standalone, but here and there you can catch glimpses about a possible couple in a future book... which is then confirmed in a sneak peek at the very end of this story :) but more about that in a second... because for now, let's concentrate on our main characters... :)

So what can I say to you about Libby and Jamie... :) Jamie is a doctor and a teacher / coordinator in one of the programs for medical students... there is of course a profesional term for all of that, but I don't want to mess it up, so we'll go with my simple explanation... ;) he comes from a wealthy family and seems to be a walking perfection... but don't be fooled by this facade, there's more to him... I'm not gonna spoil you certain details about him, but let's just say that not everything is what it seems... which is even more true when it comes to Libby :) *sighs* I loved her... yes, she was stubborn and there were times when I wanted her to act differently, but to be honest... both her and Jamie were awesomely flawed... is that even a word...? awesomely? oh well, we're just gonna go with it either way ;) she's one of the medical students in Jamie's program and she definitely doesn't make the best first impression on him when she falls asleep during one of his lectures... yeah... but when you are a single mother that is supporting yourself and your young daughter, things happen... I adored how tenacious and hardworking she was... I respected all decisions she made so she could take care of her little girl as best as she could... theirs is a relationship that builds slowly over time, and then it sort of explodes... :) I don't really want to get into too many details, but I definitely enjoyed them together... yes, both of them were stubborn at times and made mistakes... and sometimes were judgemental when they really shouldn't... *coughs* Jamie *coughs* but ultimately I forgave them for all of that, because they were wonderfully human in all of it... :)

Now when it comes to secondary characters in this story... oh, there were so many gems in it... :) I'm just gonna name a few, but much more awesomeness awaits for you within the pages ;) first and foremost... Rosie, Libby's daughter... :) she's about four years old and just... such a blast to be around ;) I mean, come on... her favourite plush toy is a spider named Alan :) and that's just one of many reasons why this little girl stole my heart... :) then we have Kira, Libby's crazy friend... I can definitely see a potential for her to get a story sometime in the future... but what I am most excited about is the couple from the next book from this author... Pav and Millie :) Pav is Jamie's friend and a surgeon... he's confident and charming and Millie is... well... at first she seems cold and distant... but there is a reason why she acts this way... and the more I got to know about her, the more excited I was that she will be the heroine of another book... especially with Pav :) *squeels with exctement* I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on that novel :)

All in all I was very pleasantly surprised by this book :) every time I try out a novel written by a completely new to me author, it's a gamble... even if it was recommended by a trusted source you never really know how you will feel about it :) but this one was a lovely surprise... the writing style was engaging and entertaining... chapters just flew by :) and that epilogue... *sighs happily* :) you are gonna love it :) definitely give this beautiful book a try :)



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Review: "Archangel's viper" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 10 in series Guild hunter
Main characters: Viper and Holly

ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) ok, so the first thing you need to know before going into this book... don't expect a fluffy romance... to be honest, don't expect much of a romance at all... another thing, this is book #10 in an on-going series and you definitely should read those books in order... especially since this particular installment takes place at the same time as the previous one :) we have so many stories and events that are connected, archs that takes place over the span of a few books, and you won't understand everything if you skip some of them and start in the middle... because of that, and because some of you reading this review might be completely new to this world, I will keep it spoiler free for all of you, so feel free to read it no matter how many books you are into this series :) ok, before I get into some specifics about this particular book, let me tell you a bit more about this series in general :)

Guild hunter is one of the series the lovely Nalini brings to us... not my favourite one, because that place is and forever will be occupied by her Psy-changeling novels ;) but this one is a mix of paranormal / urban fantasy vibes... we have an alternative version of our world, with supernatural beings... mainly angels / archangels and vampires... there are a few very interesting exceptions, but those two groups are the biggest :) the whole world is divided into archangelic territories, there are about ten of them at any given moment, and this series takes place mainly in New York, where it's the archangel Raphael who rules... *sighs* sorry, got distracted there for a minute :) all of the books in this series are very connected to one another... they are concentrated on a new couple or Raphael and his... Elena :) I almost slipped up and told you something that would blow your socks off if you haven't read the first book :) but I won't do it ;) they are definitely the "power couple" of this series and are the main focus of a few books :) don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, cause they are one of my all time favourite couples to read about :) the whole theme of this series is much darker and... well... sometimes just plain creepier than her other books and I can tell you that not all of you will love it... I definitely highly recommend you to give them a try, just keep an open mind :) ok, that is all when it comes to some overall informations, now let me tell you a bit more about our main couple in this story and my thoughts and feelings about them :)

Since this is a brand new addition to an on-going series, my review will be a bit shorter... it's really hard to do this thing without any spoilers whatsoever, so give me a break ;) so what did I think about this story... well, I definitely have some mixed feelings... no the one hand, and I'm not really sure why, I just couldn't connect as much with Venom and Holly like I wanted... he is a vampire, one of the Seven, which is a group of supernatural beings that work very closely with Raphael, he trusts them with his life... and more importantly, the life of Elena :) Venom is the youngest of them all, and a bit unique... he seems careless and flippant but that is of course not all there is to him :) I definitely loved him more towards the end of the book, when we got to see his more vulnerable side... when it comes to Holly... she has a very traumatic past, as a survivor of something truly horrific, that changed her on a celular level... she is also one of a kind, and people are still trying to figure out how all of the events she survived changed her... I know I'm being vague, but her story is very strongly connected to some surprising turns of events from the first book and I dont want to spoil them :) a few years later and she is still wild and mostly uncontrolled, with this "otherness" inside her that no one really knows what to do with... she and Venom are definitely one of those hate-to-love sort of couples... and it's not like I don't like this type of a story, but... I don't know... something was missing from it... I guess I just wanted to see more of a change from that first part, when they were sniping at each other, to the second part, when suddenly boom! they were together :) but like I mentioned at the beginning, this isn't really a romance... because much bigger part of this story is the mystery of what is exactly happening with Holly... and you guys... I did not expect it to be this... well... horror-ish... which is not really my thing, I think that's why I did not love it as much as other books in this series... I swear, there was one particular moment when I said "what the WHAT just happened?!?!?" but using some words I can't repeat here ;) I still very highly recommend this book, and this series in general for you guys to check out, if you haven't already :) Nalini has an amazing writing style, and all her books are wonderful :) it's only natural that all of us will have our personal favourites :) and she has such diverse series to pick from, we can all find something for ourselves :) Guild hunter series is definitely a darker, more action filled one... with some very creepy vibes as well... or maybe it was just this one story ;) if were being honest, I inhaled this book really quickly ;) so please, do not mistake me not loving this book as much as I adore her other stories as an indication it was a bad one... oh no... :) it is still a Nalini book after all ;) so even when I have troubles connecting to the main couple, or as in this case, it was just not exactly my cup of tea, you cannot argue with the fact that you always get quality writing style from her :) it's entertaining and engaging and keeps you glued to the pages :) I hope I convinced you guys to give it a try, because if you don't know the awesomeness of Nalini and her stories, you are seriously missing out ;) go try her books ;)



Monday, September 25, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #81

I survived
Another achievement unlocked
Those super short reviews

Hello my lovely people :) after a super long post last week I warned you that this one will be much, much shorter so don't act all surprised... ;) and let's all be happy that I managed to write anything at all :) mainly because it's monday afternoon and I am just now sitting down after work to write this post :) so you will get it this week fresh from edits ;) so let's dive right in :)

First of all... remember that big work event that I've been telling you about / complaining for the last few weeks? ;) yeah... it finally happened on saturday and I survived... and I definitely do mean that... because it was exhausting... after all the preparations we spent an entire saturday outside... starting at 6 AM at the place where everything was happening we started preparing the booths, and coordinate other participants... the time till 10 AM where we started the event just flew by... unfortunately the weather was not entirely on our side, because it started to rain... very early on, so basically from 7 AM till the end I was walking around with wet socks... *sighs* but what's another week of being sick, right? ;) we finished everything late in the evening, because even though the event ended at 5 PM, we still had stuff to do... thankfully it's all behind us and I can start getting back to regular work... yeah... to be honest, it's not gonna get better any time soon, because this morning I made a giant to do list of all the stuff that I had to put aside during the preparations for the event and now I need to take care of them... :) but hey, I guess at least I won't be bored... ;)

Heading straight into that second headline... :) I achieved my Goodreads goal a couple of days ago :) yay me ;) it was one of my book-ish resolutions this year and I actually expected to reach it around this time... :) I wanted to give myself a slightly smaller goal to make sure I will hit it with time to spare... because who needs an additional pressure in their lives, right? ;) so I set it at 104, which is two books for each week of the year :) I knew I had no problems reading so many stories, but to be honest I thought it would take me a few more weeks ;) do you guys like to set such goals for yourselves? because I am thinking about doing not only another Goodreads goal next year, but also about making a list of books I need to read in 2018 :) we shall see how that turns out... ;) let me know if you would be interested in reading something like that :)

And last but not least, a quick info :) you may or may not know, but I recently... as in a few months ago ;) discovered the awesomeness that is "Avatar the last air bender" :) I binged watched the show and the sequel "The legend of Korra" and of course bought all the comic books, that are all about what happens to Aang and the rest of the team after the finale of the original show :) I'm slowly getting through them, but since they are all very short and there's not much I can say about them besides a few sentences, I decided to not post those reviews here... so if you want to know what I thought about them, check out my Avatar the last airbender Goodreads shelf right -> HERE <- :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) see? I told ya it will be super short :) but I have no regrets about it, especially since I will probably need the whole week to fully recover... ;) but be sure to come back for some very cool book recommendations later in the week :) as always, the best way to reach me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :)



Thursday, September 21, 2017

Review: "Blood and betrayal" by Lindsay Buroker

Book 5 in series The emperor's edge
Main character: Amaranthe Lokdon

First of all, you need to know that this is part of a series that definitely needs to be read in order :) all the books in it revolve around the same group of characters... yes, the focus is more concentrated on different members of said group, but the bigger story arch is definitely overlaping all of the books... :) that is also the very reason why it will be very hard for me to write this review... because I can no longer keep it #SpoilersFree for all of you who haven't read the series... so I'm gonna do the same I did with my review for the previous installment... I will have the next paragraph #SpoilersFree, talking a bit about the world and the main characters in general, and then the third and final one will include spoilers from the previous stories, so you have to be caught up with the series to avoid any surprises :)

So how to describe the awesomeness that is this story with just a few sentences... because trust me... I could spend hours discussing the world and all the main players... but we don't have that much time ;) so first things first... this is a fantasy / steampunk-ish series... which is a mix I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy at first, but now I am completely in love and need more :) like I mentioned before, there is a bigger picture going on in this series, but pretty much each of the book concentrates on one part of that story... except for the last few ones, which ended on pretty big cliffhangers... :) #TrueStory ;) but back to my explanation :) the stories take place in the Turgonian empire... and I am really hoping I haven't made a mistake in the name... if I did, sorry... :) it was not on purpose :) and even though I claim that the main character is Amaranthe Lokdon, a former enforcer... think police-ish type :) it's actually a group... my absolutely favourite group of misfits :) they are all... just so... unique :) I'm gonna say a sentence or two about each of them, so you'll have the chance to discover everything else by yourselves :) so first, there's Amaranthe, the leader of this unruly group :) she used to be an enforcer, but some misunderstandings and unfortunate turn of events lead her to land on the wrong side of the law... now she's working to redeem herself and the rest of her team :) she's the most positive of them all and is able to come up with the most insane plans... they usually don't work exactly like she wanted them to, but oh well... ;) next we have Sicarius... and it's insane how much I adore him... especially since you take into consideration fact that he is this mysterious and deadly assassin... and he really *does* kill people... he doesn't talk much, but once a while when he does... *swoons* ;) there's also Maldynado, a warrior disowned by his family, Books, a very smart professor-ish type, Akstyr, a young and angry most of the time mage of sorts and Basilard, an ex slave with lots of scars who doesn't talk... they have a new addition... or two ;) of sorts in these latest installments, but it's too spoilerific to mention in this moment :) what you need to know is that this series is absolutely hilarious :) the interactions and all sorts of shenanigans between our group of misfits are my favourite to read about :) each book is full of surprising twists and adventures and just... GAH!!! just go read the first one already, and then you'll understand :) ok, that's it for the non-spoilery portion of this review :)

LAST WARNING people :) this last paragrapg will contain spoilers from the previous books as well as my thoughts and feelings about this newest installment, so if you are all caught up with the series... or just don't mind huge spoilerific knowledge, then proceed :) so after the mother of all clifhangers at the end of that last book... I immediately had to start reading this one... I mean, if it wasn't for Amaranthe getting kidnapped by a master torturer, I would be able to take a break from fantasy world... but it just wasn't in the cards for me :) fortunately for me, we pick up right where we left off, the aftermath of a semi-successful attempt to kidnap the emperor, per his own wishes, by Amaranthe's team... yeah, it's not looking good people... the entire book takes place over the span of just a few days and I gave this story 4,5 stars... so far it's my lowest rating yet in this series, but that's only because the majority of it, they are separated, and I just personally prefer them to stick together :) I missed those group interactions... :) here we basically have two separate stories, and we skip between them... I was more interested in the one with Amaranthe... and then her and Sicarius, so maybe that's why I enjoyed a bit less the one with the rest of the team :) another reason is that... well, I don't know... but I kind of expected something more from Maldynado... this is the book where we get to know about him some more, and I... I'm not sure why, but I expected some more depth... maybe his character will grow some more in future books :) don't get me wrong, it was still a phenomenal book, just... I liked the other ones a bit better :) I enjoyed the last part the most... because they finally all got in one place :) and I am very eagerly looking forward to continue on with this series to see how Lindsay will finish this story :) all in all I still very highly recommend you guys to give this series a try :)



Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: "Obsession in death" by J. D. Robb

Book 40 in series In death
Main character: Eve Dallas

First of all, I need to start this reviw by saying that it's one of my all time favourite series ever :) #TrueStory :) the best proof of that, is that it's going on for 40+ books and I own them all... well, most of all in translation... at least the ones that were published in my country... but now I am slowly accumulating all of them in original language :) because I find that the translation never gets the awesomeness of the original writing style right... ;) it's gonna be a long process, but I'm up for it :) anyway... since it's an installment far, far away in the series, and I don't want to spoil you certain things, if somehow you are brand new to it, let me tell you a bit more in general about it, and then I proceed to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this particular novel... :)

So this is a series where our main character is Eve Dallas, a homicide detective... well, now lieutenant but you get the gyst ;) and each novel concentrate on another one of her cases :) so technically all of them can be read as standalones, since you get all the important and necessary informations about characters and each case... but I actually recommend you to read them in order... :) this way you will see how all the key players changed over time... how certain relationships form and grew... :) then those little scenes here and there will mean so much more :) especially since besides Eve as the main character, we have a strong group of, let's call them secondary characters, but a few of them are basically regular ones at this point :) and you can witness them change as well :) I adore seeing how everyone is doing, and definitely have my own favourites among them... ;) but the decision how to read this sereis, as always, is yours to make ;) oh, I almost forgot to mention, that these books are set in the future... as in about 50 years from now... but don't worry if you are not a fan of sci-fi and such... :) the main difference from the present, is the technology :) so definitely give it a try ;)

Ok, let me tell you a bit more about this particular novel... :) I'm not gonna go into too many details, but will try to do my best to convince you to give it, and this whole series, a try :) it was yet another great addition ;) I know, I know, what a shocker ;) I am already used to phenomenal writing style, that captures me from the start... at this point I am not sure when exactly we get to learn certain things so I will be brief :) Eve is determind as always, to catch the killer, but this time, it's personal... because the killer left a message especially for her at the crime scene... and she knows it's just the beginning... dun dun duuuunnn... sorry, but the moment needed a dramatic music effect ;) so as always, we follow Eve around when she does what she does best... doing her job :) I really liked the parts where we got to see a bit from the killer's perspective... I adored the interactions between Eve and her friends... and to her constant surprise she has more and more of them :) it's definitely amazing to see how everything changes for her... I have a feeling, that once I re-read this series at some point from the beginning, it will be a shock to see Eve from those first books now, comparing to how she acts today :) but still, those are some really great books, so if you haven't already, definitely check them out :)



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Review: "Pretender to the crown" by Melissa McShane

Book 1 in series The saga of Willow North
Main character: Willow

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) long story short... I am absolutely in love with this story... if I could I would start the sequel straight away... and not only because this one ends on a sort of a cliffhanger ;) it's a fantasy story, first one in a series, and like the title suggests, it's the beginning of a saga about Willow :) so yeah, you will have to read the books in order to understand all the connections :) but it's going to be a trilogy, and the rest of the books are going to be published in the upcoming months, so no long wait for us... you will understand why I'm so grateful for that fact once you read this awesome book :) so let me tell you a bit more about the world and our main heroine :)

Like I mentioned before, this is a fantasy story... and it's actually set in the same world as one of Melissa's other series The crown of Tremontane, only some time before the events of said series... but don't worry if you are not caught up with her work, this one works perfectly well as the beginning of your friendship with her stories ;) it may be even better if you haven't read that other series because... well... let's just say that Willow is a very well known person... so since I read the first book in that series I sort-of-a-little-bit know how her story will end... but just one general thing... and let me tell you... I am dying to know how she got from being a thief to... you'll see ;) because yeah, she's a thief... a very skilled one, partially thanks to her inner talent of sensing worked metal... I'm sorry, but that is just such a cool talent... trust me, I am not doing it justice, it's explained and showed much better in the actual book :) but that changes quickly when a man from her past visits her, with a young boy king in tow, as they are both running away from assassins... :) that is when we begin our journey full of adventures :) now that we have it out of the way, let me try to share all of the awesomeness of this book :)

To be honest... I'm not sure where to start :) this story was just sooooo good :) I adored Willow as the main character... she's smart, resourceful and clever... definitely not perfect, but quite a badass :) *sighs happily* I need to know more about her... :) I need to more about a lot of stuff actually :) mainly because the writing style was so phenomenal, and the story so full of surprises I am so invested in it, I need the sequel ASAP in my hands... the best proof? right at the beginning... here I am enjoying the story and how it goes and then BAM! six years time jump in the third chapter... and I was like *whaaaaaaa...?* ;) and then promptly get back to reading... :) this is a novel full of diverse and interesting worlds I can't wait to explore more... these worlds are filled with a variety of entertaining characters... that again, I can't wait to get to know more about... and a lot of them are strong and smart women :) the banter between different characters, the interactions and relationships are so complex... *sighs dreamily* I very highly recommend all of you to give this amazing gem a try, you will not regret it :)



Release blitz + Review: "Lucas" by Sawyer Bennett

Title: "Lucas"
Book 8 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters" Lucas Fournier and Stephanie Frazier


The Carolina Cold Fury hockey team is stacked with hotshots. But when a new player joins their ranks, he learns that even superstars can’t go it alone when it comes to love.

Lucas Fournier is only serious about one thing: hockey. The league’s fun-loving charmer, Luc is always up for a good prank or a great lay, and he has no intention of settling down. But being traded to the Carolina Cold Fury—and to play alongside his big brother, Max—is no joke. With another title in sight, the last thing Luc wants is to let his new teammates down. To succeed, Luc will need to keep his head in the game and the most . . . er, demanding member of his anatomy in check. But when temptation hits, Luc hits back harder.

Museum curator Stephanie Frazier has always put business before pleasure, which just about explains her nonexistent sex life. But when Stephanie meets Luc at a champagne-fueled gala, she finds herself flirting like crazy—and going home with the uninhibited athlete. For one night, she learns what passion is all about. She just never counted on the little surprise Luc leaves behind. And that’s when things really start to get . . . interesting.

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) Cold Fury hockey is one of the series I truly adore, but after absolutely loving the first few books... with time, I liked some of the stories less and less... and this newest installment... it pains me to say, but I am very disappointed right now... all in all I gave this book 2,75 stars because I had some major problems with our main couple... my review will definitely be on the shorter side, because I don't like to dwell on things I didn't enjoy, but I highly recommend you guys to check other reviews of this book as well :)

Ok, so what can I tell you about our main couple... *sighs heavily* I didn't like either of them... Lucas was ok-ish throughout the most of the story, although some of his child-ish and petulant reactions definitely got on my nerves... Stephanie on the other hand... oh, I had some issues with her... I mean, I understand that she had a terrible childhhod and it deeply affected her, but... what pissed me off the most is that she kept saying / thinking, how broken she is, how damaged and straight f***ed up and yet she didn't do anything to truly changed that... she just kept repeating that she adapted and that's just how it is... and I was so annoyed by it... *sighs* I mean, either you have accepted everything about yourself, in which case stop with the complaints, or do something about it... the next part of this paragraph contains stuff that might be considered spoiler-ish... I figured it out after reading the synopsis, but if you haven't and don't want to know anything beforehand, just skip the rest of this paragraph :) as I predicted we have an unexpected baby plot in this book... it's not as bad as a secret baby plot, when a woman gets pregnant and then doeasn't say anything until a few years later or so... oh, I hate those books with a fiery passion in most cases... so I was actually pleasantly surprised that in this case, after she figured it out, she immediately tells him, and even though he's shocked, his reaction is pretty good as well... :) at least about the co-parenting and supporting each other... because the decision to become friends with benefits due to the chemistry there is between them...? yeah... what can go wrong with that?!? like I mentioned before, I had a lot of problems with them and their decisions :) ok, now that I ranted a little bit, let me tell you more about my overall thoughts about the book...

It truly pains me to give this story such a low rating... but I really tried to like it more... it just wasn't for me... #SorryNotSorry... the writing style is still really good, and I definitely loved the appearances of the previous couples in here, but the current one...? nope... and unfortunately I think I'm gonna skip the next installment as well... because there are glimpses throughout the story... and a very straightforward explanation in the epilogue that shows who will be the main couple in the next book and... I have no desire to read about them... I'm not sure about the one after that, hopefully it will catch my attention again, because I don't want to abandon this series... but for now I'm taking a break :) but definitely don't get me wrong, just because I didn't like it, doesn't mean you will have problems with it as well :) I absolutely encourage you to check out some other reviews and then make a decision for yourselves... if it sounds like something you will enjoy, then give it a try ;)

About the author:

Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released multiple books, many of which have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

Sawyer likes her Bloody Marys strong, her martinis dirty, and her heroes a combination of the two. When not bringing fictional romance to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to a very active daughter, as well as full-time servant to her adorably naughty dogs. She believes in the good of others, and that a bad day can be cured with a great work-out, cake, or even better, both.

Sawyer also writes general and women’s fiction under the pen name S. Bennett and sweet romance under the name Juliette Poe.

Find her online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #80

Again... shame!!!
One less shelf on Goodreads
My biggest 
book-ish haul ever

Hello my lovely people :) sit down, relax, grab a beverage of your choice and some snacks because we have a big one ahead of us... :) yep, my promised giant book-ish haul is gonna be in this #RandomRamblings post :) but don't worry, the balance will be restored next week, because I have my big work event on saturday (the 23rd) which means a whole day working... and by that I mean from 6 AM till about 8 or 9 PM... yeah... and I definitely won't have the enregy to write anything longer... I'm probably gonna have to sit down and prepare something earlier... but I will be super busy before the event as well and... *sighs* let's not worry about that today :) and instead how about we jump into those headlines :) we're gonna start slow, in the order of them, and then finish with a bang ;)

So first things first... I owe some of you guys an apology... I always encourage you to leave a comment here or on my social media accounts, and just in a few days ago... I realized that some of you did in fact left comments here on the blog... when it comes to Facebook and Goodreads, it's much easier for me to keep track of everything and see all the comments, but here... I'm not sure why, but I thought I would get some sort of notifications when a new comment will wait for my approval to be posted... I only do that as a precaution for bad language, spam and so on... I'm not sure why I expected notifications, because now that I think about it... I didn't get them before... *sighs heavily* so it's totally on me that I had some comments that have been waiting since *coughs* last year *coughs* I know, I know... I'm a horrible blogger... I already yelled at myself for letting all of that happen and I promise to do my best to not make that situation happen again... #PinkiePromise :)

Another short explanatin before we dive into all the books... ;) I decided to delete my *on hold* shelf on Goodreads... I rarely used it anyway, and basically just to mark books that I was interested in reading, but after starting to read them, my mood changed and I needed to pick something else up... so they were *on hold*, usually for a couple of weeks... but now that my reading habits changed I decided to delete it :) before we get into my book-ish haul, let me explain you those changes... I used to read a few books at the same time... but after a while that stopped working for me... I had troubles to get into so many stories at once, so I changed it back to one book at a time :) then it became two books: one paperback at home, and one e-book I read on my commute to and from work... e-book usually being an ARC or free copy from the publisher / author and so on... but recently... recently I was having so much troubles picking just one paperback that I want to read... my mood kept changing constantly and I finally figured out that to repair the situation, I just need to pick up additional books :) so I am currently reading five of them :) one e-book on my phone :) one comic book and three paperbacks: a fantasy novel, a contemporary romance and a fun, filled with adventures story :) you can check all of them on my official Goodrrads account, which I will leave the link to down below at the end of this post :) so be sure to stay tuned for that :)

And now let's get into what all of you... and me most of all ;) have been waiting for :) *squeels with excitement* I have so much stuff to show you guys... :) so prepare thyselves... :) I'm gonna start with some book-ish merchandise... and by that I mean bookmarks :) the first three... well, actually two since one of them is a double, are gifts :) they are all magnetic ones, which means you put the pages between them :) the red one, with the caption *kocham czytanie* which means *I love reading* in my language, was a gift from my sister J, I don't even remember when... the other two, with the lovely birds, is a very recent gift from my dear friend across the world :) thank you again M :)

These four I bought for myself... I've decided that now that I am purchasing more and more books... and coincidentally, now that I am reading more of them at the same time, I want some fun bookmarks... so these few are just the beginning of my collection :) and if you don't see what they say, from left to right it's: *I read past my bedtime* *reading glasses* drink good coffee, read good books* and *my workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt* :)

Now let me tell you a bit more about all the comic books that I bought... :) so you may remember from some of my earlier #RandomRamblings posts, how much I fell in love with the TV show "Avatar the last airbender" :) so imagine my joy when I discovered there are actually comic books that tell the stories after the finale of the show... I was ecstatic... :) and naturally bought all of them immediately :) so we have "The lost adventures" which is an anthology of sort of short stories that goes between the episodes of the show... they actually feel like deleted scenes in a way :) and yes, I already read them ;) and then we have five trilogies, with each of them telling a differnet story :) "The promise" "The search" "The rift" "Smoke and shadow" "North and south" :) and I actually started the first trilogy recently :) they are all sooo pretty ;)

And now let's dive into all the rest of the books I got... trust me, there is no order or logic in the way I am gonna talk about them... :) let's start with "Beard in mind" by Penny Reid, the newest installment in one of my all time favourite series ever, Winston brothers :) I was actually lucky enough to get an eARC of this book, since I was a part of the blog tour, but of course I need a paperback on my shelf to pet it whenever I want... :) it's an absolutely stunning contemporary romance that hit me in all the feels and you all need to read it :)

Next we have Fire and thorns series by Rae Carson :) you may notice a theme in this haul... meaning I tried the sample of the first books in a few series, that came highly recommended, and decided to buy the ones that got my attention... and by buy, I men of course the fact that I bought all the books at once... ;) I don't know a lot about this particular one, just that it's a fantasy genre and the main heroine is supposed to have a fantastic character development arch throughout the trilogy :) and no, you are seeing correctly, there are in fact four books, because I bought the collection of short stories as well :)

"Geekerella" by Ashley Poston is that sweet contemporary young adult romance that I almost bought last time, but I didn't, so I decided to remedy that situation this time :) all I know about this one is that it's sweet and funny and a retelling of Cinderella with a fangirl twist... and I'm all for it :)

You may be surprised by seeing this in my haul... because who doesn't have "Harry Potter" series by J. K. Rowling on their shelves?!?! and I did have them for the longest time, but in translation... but now that I've been getting the urge to read them again... I decided to buy the original ones... plus, look at those gorgeous covers :)

I got the newest installments of the In death series by J. D. Robb :) at least these were the newest when I bought them, I think in the meantime one more was published... but I'm gonna get that another time... I am still a few books behind :) this one is about a detective, now lieutenant, and each book concentrates on one of her cases... 40+ books and I am still in love :)

Since I was on a roll, I decided to get the missing four... out of five ;) of the books in London steampunk series by Bec McMaster, who is now one of my autobuy authors :) this particular series is a mix of paranormal and steampunk vibes and it's sooooo good :) I highly recommend her and her work :) this series was the first one I read by her, and I immediately fell in love :)

After loving some other work by Amy Harmon, her fantasy series to be exact, I decided to try out her more contemporary work... and since "Making faces" is the one I heard the most about, and nothing but praises ;) it's the one I decided to pick up... I don't really wanna know what exactly it's about, I just want to jump into it and get swept away :) it's gonna be an emotional read, but I think I am ready for it :)

Are you all still with me? don't worry, we are slowly getting to the end... :) next stop, "The night circus" by Erin Morgenstern... another one I know next to nothing about, and to be honest that's how I want it to stay... I was intrigued by the prologue and again, it came highly recommended, so I got it :) expect more thoughts once I actually start reading it :)

The one before last we have The raven cycle by Maggie Stiefvater :) again, it's one of those series I've been seeing everywhere, and one that is very hard to explain, but it came very highly recommended from a sourse that never disappointed me before, so I decided to just go fot it :)

And for the very end of my haul I have Shades of magic trilogy by V. E. Schwab :) it's actually a series that I just started, because ever since I first heard about it, I was super intrigued... all I know is that it's a fantasy-ish story with a guy who travels between different Londons... after getting a glimpse of the prologue, I went ahead and bought all three of them... you know, just in case I needed to get straight into the sequels after reading the first book :)

Ok, now that you saw all the books I got... :) you can probably guess that of course I needed to rearrange my shelves... :) and since I got so many new ones, I had to expand from five to eight... and since I had a whole new idea of how I want to put them, first I had to take all of them off said shelves... yeah... it was quite the view, so naturally I had to take pics to show you :)

Yeah... it took me a while, but I finally managed to put all of them on the shelves... there is no order or logic in how I divided them... well, there is to me, but you wouldn't get it ;) so instead of explaining everything I will just show you all the pics... enjoy ;)

Ok, that is a wrap of a super long post... :) I hope you all managed to stay with me till the very end... ;) I will talk to you soon, but in the meantime, I would love if you'd connect with me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account... I check them every day and it's the best way to talk to me online ;)