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Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) february edition

Greetings my awesome people :) yes, it is this time of the month again... ;) time when I share with you some very cool books that will be available to us all very soon ;) this month I have for you three very different and yet very amazing books to choose from :) you guys ready to start? ;)

Ok, so the first one, "Stars above", is actually a set of novellas from The lunar chronicles series by Marissa Meyer :) some of them were published before, but it's the first time when they are all together in one place :) plus, let's not forget about, I wanna say five new stories, but I'm not sure :) you'll just gonna have to wait and see for yourself :) The lunar chronicles is a YA fantasy sort of a series, but definitely don't be discouraged by that, cause I immensly enjoyed it even though my real life YA days are long behind me ;) if you don't believe me how awesome it was, just check out my totally spoiler free review of the whole series :) personally, I can't wait for this additional glimpse into this amazing world that she created... not to mention that she has a very captivating writing style and it's always a pleasure to read one of her books :)

Second book I am totally looking for is "Jockblocked" by Jen Frederick :) it's book #2 in her Gridiron series :) this choice might come as a surprise to you, cause you might be wondering "why the second book if she hasn't read the first one yet" ;) let me tell you why... ;) I actually read the first book, and really enjoyed it :) I even have a review all ready to be posted, just haven't got the time to do it... I was busy with Bookmarks 2015 ;) if this is the first time you hear the phrase "Bookmarks 2015" it's the annual awards that I did this year on my blog for the very first time and you can find all of the posts with winners in different categories in january this year here on my blog :) but back to the book :) it's a new adult sports themed romance and the hero of this book actually appeared in the previous one, and I have to say that I am very curious to see his story ;) in fact, be sure to come back on wednesday, cause the review of the first book will be my first post in february ;)

And the last one I want to talk to you about is "Brotherhood in death" by J. D. Robb :) it's book #42 in her In death series... :) 42... I know, right? I have no idea how she manages to keep the quality so good after so many books :) but they are awesome :) it's a series set a bit in the future, but main changes are just in the technology department ;) about a New York detective... or a lieutenant at this point ;) they all can be read as standalones but I do encourage you to read them in order to see the amazing changes in the characters and interactions between them :) but each book follows a different case, and that case is resolved in the book, so you can pick up whichever you want, to try it out... and once you like it, then go back to read them in order ;) I wanted to write you about this book even though I am like two books behind in this series :) hopefully by the time that book #43 will appear I will be all caught up ;)



Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: "Happily ever ninja" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 5 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Greg and Fiona Archer

Ok people... I have to be honest... I read this book in one day... could not put it down... and yet it took me a whole week before I was able to sit down and write a review... or at least try to do it, cause I'm not really sure I'm ready to do it yet, but I can't wait any longer in case some stuff will disappear from my mind ;) so here is my best effort for you guys... ;)

When Penny Reid said, on many occasions, that this book is odd and different, I was like "sure, but all your books are different and a bit odd and quirky in the best possible way, so why telling us this now?" :) after reading this book I have to say that she was right... it really was different in a whole other way ;) I can also say that now I understand why she was so reluctant about any details of this book... it really is the best way to read it... to not know too much about it so you can just sort of "go with the flow" ;) but don't worry, I will tell you some things... maybe a bit less than usual and I'll concentrate more on my impressions, but I will tell you some stuff ;) oh, and one more thing, as all other books in this series, this one can also be read as a standalone :) now let's focus more on the book itself :)

Our main couple met in college 18 years ago and at the beginning of the book they are already married for 14 years :) so it's definitely not your typical they-met-fell-in-love-and-lived-happily-ever-after-the-end-of-book story ;) they also have two kids, Jack and Grace, both of them under ten-years-old :) there is a novella about how they met available for free now -> "Ninja at first sight" :) you can find my review of it here with all the links in it :) but back to this book :) it's a long distant relationship most times, because of Greg's work and the book really show the reality of this :) this sort of every-day-ups-and-downs of being in a committed relationship, kids optional ;) plus there is also something else, but I absolutely cannot say anything more about it, you'll see for yourself once you read the book :) all I will say is that there is a very cool reason why there is the word "ninja" in the title ;)

Besides our main couple, we have appearances of all the previous couples plus the future main characters as well ;) and even though I am still more curious about Kat and Dan (theirs will be book #7) I have to say that after meeting Matt in this book (the hero of the next one) I can't wait to read his and Marie's story :) all this little glimpses and scenes here and there were a fantastic reminder why I love this series so much :) and even though Greg is tall, sarcastic and has an accent, I have to say that Alex from "Love hacked" is still my favourite ;) 

I really enjoyed this book, although I think it will definitely resonate more with people in commited relationships... :) but to a single person, like me at the moment, it still was a great read ;) it was very honest and raw at times and I have to applaud Penny Reid for writing it this way... :) cause I don't think I've ever read or heard about anything like it before... a book about married couple that does not involve infidelity, sickness or something like that... but a book that is just a fragment of their lives... our chance to see how it all works... that there are some beautiful and intimate moments between two people who know each other for years... along with the every day struggles... that it takes a lot of work to create a relationship that will last... but it's all worth it with the right person :) also I really enjoyed a few chapters from Greg's point of view... cause usually her books are written from the perspective of our heroine and then the epilogue from the hero's perspective :) but this time we got a whole few chapters :) they were a look back in time to a different moments in their life and they were a truly great addition :) and since I am a big fan of two perspectives in books, I hope she will do it more and more in the future :)

Even though I really loved the whole book, my favourite part was the letters... :) let me explain and share something super cool for me :) some time ago Penny asked people to send her real life letters, e-mails, notes and stuff that we exchanged with our significant others :) or letters to future spouses in case some of us are still single... like yours truly ;) they could have been funny, sad, long, short... basically whatever you have :) and then she chose 23 of them to post fragments below each chapter number :) and I am one of the lucky people who are in the book :) if you are wondering, mine is under chapter 17 :) in case you don't have the book and you are curious what does it say, let me know and I'll send it to you... the quote, not the book ;) the fastest way to reach me is through my fb page :) but even if she would not pick my letter, I would love those quotes... I am not ashamed to admit that some of them made me cry... they were all beautiful and honest and so absolutely amazing that each and every one of them made my heart skip a beat :)     

I have for you a few quotes from the beginning of the book because the ones from a bit further down the road would be much too spoilerific ;) and besides, I think the one I chose represent the style of the book pretty well ;) happy reading

Part of a conversation between Fiona and Greg through computer ;)
"'Could you at least take off your shirt?'
'Show me your tits.'
'I miss your skin, just... flash me.'
'Greg, be serious.'
'I am serious. Do I not look serious? Nothing is more serious to me than your body, specifically your tits and legs and mouth. And vagina, but the vagina goes without saying.'
I gritted my teeth so I wouldn't smile, or worse, laugh. I wasn't sure how he managed it, but even when I was in a foul mood and feeling overwhelmed - like today - he always found a way to make me laugh. 'Greg...'
'And your brain. Sorry, I can't believe I didn't mention your brain.'
I allowed myself to give in to his sweet silliness. 'I love that you mentioned my brain, because I love your brain.'
With a hint of vulnerability, he asked, 'But you don't love my vagina?'"

Fiona and Grace :)
"'You have to take a bath.'
'But the water is wet.'
'That's the point of water.'
'Can't I take a sand bath?'
I looked to the heavens beyond the ceiling of our apartment. 'What are you talking about?'
'Jack says people who live in the desert take sand baths.' Grace's little voice adopted an accusatory edge, as though I'd been keeping this vital piece of information from her. As though I'd been needlessly subjecting her to the horror of wet baths for the last five years, like some sort of barbarian water-pusher."

A bit of Matt and why I can't wait for the next book :)
"I am so sorry, Fiona. Sometimes my stomach does the thinking and I'm powerless against it. Some people have a devil and an angel on their shoulders; I have a stomach on one side and a tongue with giant papillae on the other. And then there's my irrational love for coconut."

Greg about the kids when he comes home :)
"Right... here's what we'll do: I'll get the kids. You take your shower. After homework and playtime, I'll challenge them to shots until they pass out. Then we'll eat the rest of their Halloween candy while binge-watching Game of Thrones."

Greg with the kids :)
"'Dad, mommy is not a robot.' Jack sounded reluctantly amused.
'I never said she was a robot. I said she's one-quarter robot. And as I've told you a hundred times, you're one-sixteenth robot - why do you think you're so good at math?'
'It also explains why your grandmother has no soul. She's one hundred percent robot.'
'Am I a robot?' Grace whispered her question; she must've been standing very close to our bedroom door.
'You have the same percentage as your brother,' Greg responded very gently, 'and that's why you don't like baths.'"

And the last one showing why I love the knitting group ;)
"Sandra ignored Marie's valid analysis of the situation and pointed her knitting needle at Nico. 'You're Catholic, right? What do the Catholics say?'
Nico lifted an eyebrow and regarded Sandra with sparkly eyes. 'I'm not the Lorax of Catholics. I don't speak for the trees of the faithful. That's why we have the Pope.'"



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Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite book

Ok people, are you ready to see the last winner of Bookmarks 2015? :) cause I don't think I am quite ready to say goodbye ;) I had a lot of fun compelling this list of winners for you and even though it was a lot of extra work for me writing it, you guys are worth the effort :) I hope you enjoyed learning about my winners in each category and that you found a good recommendation or two along the way ;) now it's time for the last catogory, the most important one, like "best movie" during Oscars ceremony ;) it's still the last category of the night, right? ;) hey, it's been a while since I watched it, I usually end up reading about the winners online :) but I digress ;) back to the main topic ;) I read a lot of really great books last year and a lot of them were the winners in previous categories, so you know most of them :) and now let me present to you...

"Love hacked" by Penny Reid is book #3 in her Knitting in the city series :) but it can totally be read as a standalone :) it's a contemporary romance that is smart, hilarious and sexy as hell :) it features an amazing main couple and a story full of both fun and "aaawww" moments, action and many surprising twists and turns along the way :) I had a blast reading it and I recommend it all the time to everyone who will listen... and to some people who won't ;) Penny Reid has one of the best and unique writing styles I have ever read :) it's absolutely quirky in the best possible way :) I mean, there is a reason why this woman won three other Bookmarks this year :) I will leave the links below so you can see for yourselves how amazing she is :) there were categories when the choice was very hard, and some others created with a sole purpose to give me one more opportunity to talk about how amazing a book or an author was :) when it came to this category I knew without a doubt that this one will be my winner :) I may not be able to explain it logically besids all the arguments I mentioned to you already, but there is this extra special something in this book... at least for me... this story resonates with me in some way that I am not able to fully explain... it really moved me and I keep coming back to it from time to time :) there is not one bad thing I can say about it :) it was absolutely perfect for me and that is why it's the winner :) I hope I convinced you to try it out, if you haven't already ;) and if you are following my blog or my official fb page there is a pretty good chance I already badgered you to check it out and now you are just reading this post and agreeing with me about how awesome it was ;)

That's a wrap people :) I will see you next year in january to see the winners in another edition of my awards :) who knows what categories will appear then? it all depends on the books that I will devour this year ;) of course when I wrote "see you next year" I meant that the second edition of my awards will be next year... I sincerely hope that you will keep visiting my blog and fb page and reading my reviews and posts on a regular basis :) and be sure to leave a comment or interact in any way with me, cause I love that and I appreciate it very much :) it's always a pleasure for me to talk to people who love books as much as me :) 

Here are the links to my review of the winner book and all other categories that Penny Reid won so you can see why I love her so much ;)



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Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite family

The choice in this category was fairly easy, but I think the only reason for that is because runner up series about two other families consisted of only one book each ;) I think that next year there might be a much bigger competition ;) don't worry, I'll write about all of them :) but first, let me present you the winners...

The Hathaways are an absolutely charming family that stole my heart from the very first book :) they are the main characters in a surprisingly named The Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas ;) they are all historical romances with witty banter, subtle yet very sexy seduction, smart dialogues and one of the best writing styles I've read... not to mention a surprising twist or two along the way ;) I will leave links to all my reviews below, so now let me tell you a bit about the members of the family :) we have Leo, the oldest one of them all and only son... he's quite a mess in the first book, but pulls himself together, so when the time came for his story I was totally in love with him ;) then we have Amelia, the oldest daughter who always worry about everyone and takes care of them all... then we have Win, second daughter, who is the most fragile one of them due to barely surviving a sickness... but thanks to the time jump in her book and some treatments abroad she comes home much stronger :) then there's Poppy, third daughter and the one who wishes for a more normal, less eccentric life... and then we have Beatrix, the youngest and the most peculiar one, which in that family really means something :) she love all animals and is much better at interactions with them than with people ;) and there is also an honorary member of the family, Merripen, a gypsy who they found barely alive when he was a kid and who stayed with them and became a member of their family... :) I loved all the books and would have a really hard time picking my favourite :) if you are not familiar with them I hope that my post and the reviews below will convince you to give them a try :)

Now for the two runner ups ;) first, we have Winston brothers series by Penny Reid :) a series about six bearded and charismatic brothers... if I could I would love to read all of the books at once, unfortunately for me, there is only one available at the moment, with the second one on the way this year :) as all her books, this one is funny, smart and written in a unique and awesome way :) the second runner up family is the Cross brothers who are first introduced in "Hearts of blue" by L .H. Cosway :) it's actually book #4 in her Hearts series, but it can totally be read as a standalone :) and the next books in that series will be about the other brothers :) there are four of them, all of them bad boys... and there is parkour involved people... I might have drooled a bit when I first read about it ;) I think both of those famlies would be a much stronger competition if there only would be more books about them :) but because there were only one about each of them, I had to give it to Hathaways ;) but I predict that there will be a much bigger competition next year ;)

Here are the links to all the books I'm mentioning in this post :)



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Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite book that made me cry

This is one of those catogories that I created just so I can talk yet again about a book that rocked my world... ;) because it was so amazing that all of you should check it out... so without much delay let me present to you...

"The air he breathes" by Brittainy C. Cherry stayed with me for days after I finished it... it's the beginning of Elements series, but all books are gonna be complete standalones... now let me tell you why it made such an impression on me... it was written in a fantastic and captivating style that kept me glued to the pages... seriously people, I was mesmerized... and now let me talk about the name of this category... "favourite book that made me cry" is actually a very special category for me... because I am a huge cry baby when it comes to tv shows or movies... I get teary eyed or I'm just crying my eyes out a lot ;) I think it's because the picture, combined with the right music really moves me... but when it comes to books, it almost never happens to me... I think it's because it's that much harder to paint using only words... but this book did it for me... I cried many times... not only because it's a very sad book, I mean both of main characters suffered this huge life changing losses in their lives... but I also cried in many "aaawww" moments as well... I am still amazed how she was able to move me with just her words... this book stayed with me for days after I read it... I actually needed like two or three days before I was able to read anything else... and that is the true proof how big impact it had on me, because usually I read something all the time ;) don't worry, it also had this absolutely beautiful ending :) let's face it, I wouldn't recommend it to you if it didn't ;) so I really hope you'll give it a try :)

Here's the link to my review of this book with much more details :)



Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite sports themed romance

This is the category that caused me a bit of problems... let me tell you why... ;) I had a lot of choices but ultimately I was able to narrow it down to two books... don't worry, there will be much more recommendations for you in this post and lots of links to my reviews below, but back to my problem... ;) I had two books and was going back and forth between them unable to choose the winner... so I went to my sister and she had the swinging vote  ;) so let me present to you...

"Alex" by Sawyer Bennett is the beginning of her Cold Fury hockey series :) it's a contemporary sports themed romance that was absolutely amazing :) I loved how it was about people who acted like adults... you know, actually talking with each other about stuff instead of all that unnecessary angst and drama that you can sometimes find in books... you know, this kind of I-saw-him-hugging-a-woman-so-that-must-mean-he's-cheating-on-me-so-I-shall-dump-him-and-deny-him-any-way-to-explain-this situations ;) this book was definitely not this... :) it was funny and sexy and just straight up awesome to read :) I'll leave you links to my review of it, and all others in that series below, so you can check it out with more details, and don't worry, there will be more books published soon... :)

Now let me give you some more amazing book recommendations that can fall into this category :) and I will also leave you links to the reviews I wrote about them, so be prepared for a very lenghty list down below ;) I have to start with the book that was the closest one to snag the title ;) "The deal" by Elle Kennedy is the book #1 in her Off-campus series :) and as I said before, for me it's equally as good as the winner :) it's a new adult (and I'm only saying NA instead of contemporary, because it takes place in college) sports themed romance that stole my heart from the moment I read the first chapter... :) I actually re-read it not so long ago, and it was just as amazing as the first read ;) I loved the honesty between the main characters, the way they go from no interactions whatsoever to this unexpected friends to something more... :) this book, as all others in that series, is written just fantastically... :) it's funny, sexy and it ends before you know it, cause you keep turning page after page ;) besides the very close runner up I want to also mention three more series to you :) so there is Game on series by Kristen Callihan, another fantastically written NA / contemporary books that will make you laugh, cry and make "aaawwww" noises in all the right places ;) there's also The ivy years series by Sarina Bowen :) even though it's NA, the characters actually behave with a lot of maturity :) these books also have an amazing writing style and I am still in awe how she manages to write about some very serious issues but still makes me laugh so many times in one book :) I also want to mention Play by play series by Jaci Burton :) I may have not read it personally... yet ;) but my sister did and she recommends it :) and since it's on my to-be-read list I thought I'd share :)

And now it's time for this long list of links to my reviews I was warning you about in the post ;)
  • book #1 in Cold Fury hockey series abou Alex and Sutton -> "Alex"
  • book #2 in Cold Fury hockey series about Garrett and Olivia -> "Garrett"
  • book #3 in Cold Fury hockey series about Zack and Kate -> "Zack"
  • book #4 in Cold Fury hockey series about Ryker and Gray -> "Ryker"
  • book #1 in Off-campus series about Garrett and Hannah -> "The deal"
  • book #2 in Off-campus series about Logan and Grace -> "The mistake"
  • book #3 (even though I read it in january this year, but I wanted you to have all the links to this series in one place) in Off-campus series about Dean and Allie -> "The score"
  • book #1 in Game on series about Drew and Anna -> "The hook up"
  • book #2 in Game on series about Gray and Ivy -> "The friend zone"
  • book #3 in Game on series about Ethan and Fiona -> "The game plan"
  • book #1 in The ivy years series about Adam and Corey -> "The year we fell down"
  • book #2 in The ivy years series about Bridger and Scarlet -> "The year we hid away"
  • book #3 in The ivy years series about Graham and Rikker -> "The understatement of the year"
  • book #4 in The ivy years series about Rafe and Bella -> "The shameless hour"



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Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite quote

My lovely people, this post is very special to me for many reasons... :) and I will share at least some of them with you in a moment ;) but first a few words of explanation for all of you who don't know about my official fb page :) I post there every day and it's the best way to contact me :) I write there about books that I'm reading, sharing links from my blog and post all these amazing quote / pictures :) what's a "quote / picture" you ask? well now is the time for my explanation :) they are these absolutely beautiful little gems that my awesome sister J is making especially for us :) she uses quotes from books that we read and paires them with pictures so I can have a bit of a "wow factor" ;) and I post them only on my fb page so if you want to see them on a regular basis be sure to check it out ;) and, you know, like, comment, share... generally show some love if you enjoy them and your quirky book dealer ;) but back to the topic :) all of those stunning creations inspired me to add this category, and when I was wondering what quote should win, one of them kept coming back to me over and over again... so let me present to you...

Penny Reid is the winner, because she wrote the character who said the words that goes straight to my heart every time I remember them... don't worry, I'll post that particular quote / picture below :) those words were said by Alex, the hero from "Love hacked", book #3 in her Knitting in the city series :) it's a contemporary romance that has it all... ;) it's hilariously funny, smart and hot in all the right places... ;) not to mention that Penny Reid has one of the best and most unique writing styles I have ever read... it's absolutely amazing and I am grateful every time I read one of her books that one of my friends recommended her to me :) the quote itself may not be very long but I sigh every time I read it... it may not have as much effect on you if you haven't read the book... and you really should read it, especially since it can totally be read as a standalone ;) but I do hope you can see why I love it so much... :) so here it is for you:

Today I want to also take a moment to write about a very special someone to me... you guessed it, I'm talking about my amazing sister, J :) she's totally the co-creator and the creative director of this blog ;) I can't tell you how many times she badgered me into reading an awesome book much sooner than I thought I would do it ;) how many amazing quote / pictures she creates all the time for us... :) how many times I have talked with her about books, so many things I write about are inspired by her words... :) she is the biggest supporter of my blog and I love her very much :) she may or may not be my favourite person ever... ;) and I want to use this post today to wish her a very happy birthday :) big hugs to you my little sister :) when I was planning out the categories I started with this one on this day just so I can write about how awesome you are on a post about a category that basically belongs to you, on your special day ;) I hope you know how I and all the readers appreciate everything that you do for us :) never change, just keep being the awesome person that you are :)



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Review: "The score" by Elle Kennedy

Author: Elle Kennedy
Title: "The score"
Book 3 in series Off-campus
Main characters: Dean Heyward Di Laurentis and Allie Hayes

I have a huge problem now people... I have troubles putting my thoughts into words, because this book was so completely, absolutely awesome that I'm afraid I won't do it justice with my review ;) and don't even get me started on Dean... ;) I adore guys in this series... I fell in love with Garrett from book #1 at once... he completely stole my heart ;) then Logan, from book #2 was such a good addition to my book boyfriends list ;) but Dean... <sigh> ;) I did not expect to love him as much as I did... I knew it was gonna be a super fun read but still... I will get into more details in a minute, but first let me tell you that, as usual, I encourage you to read the books in order, to see the change in certain characters and to get to know them better before they would get their own story, but you can read all of them as standalones if you want to :) cause all the info to enjoy each story is in the book ;) and now let me tell you why you have to read this book like right now... ;)

Since you guys already know how much I loved Dean let me tell you a bit more about Allie first ;) we met her in book #1, cause she's friends and roommates with Hannah, the heroine of "The deal" :) I don't know if it's just me but I kind of remembered her a bit differently ;) or maybe she was just this secondary character that got a little bit lost in my mind because I just adored the main couple so much and they took all my attention ;) but back to Allie :) she's a drama major and want to pursue her acting career after college :) she's recently single after breaking up with her on-again-off-again boyfriend... it's break up #4 in three years but it's finally the one that sticks... I really loved her :) she's fun and open and has a definitely more adventurous and kinky side that I thought ;) there are a few secrets hidden in that tiny person ;) plus, her story resonated with me on a few unexpected levels because of some my personal stuff that I won't bore you with here ;) but that definitely made the book for me even better :) and Dean... seriously people, I did not expect to love him this much... ;) he's totally, unabashedly inappropriate... :) he's just this delicious-dirty-talking-panties-dropping walking sin with an aversion to clothes ;) I adored how wickedly honest and direct he was even though he made me blush more than once.. ;) but believe me, there is much more to him than just this player side :) cause we knew him like that before... I mean this is the guy who was giving advice on how to take a perfect dick-pic in one of the previous books... ;) I kid you not :) but what I did not expect is to see this very cute and adorable side of him... not to mention that he's much smarter than most people think of him :)

Their road to be together starts kind of unexpectedly... :) Allie needs a place to crash to avoid her ex and she is invited to Dean's home :) cause Dean and Garrett, Hannah's guy, are roommates, along with Logan and Tucker, whose book is next by the way, but why it's such a great news I'll get to that later on :) back to Allie and Dean... :) she appears at their door and interrupts what was suppose to be an amazing threesome for Dean and his two lady guests ;) so he's not hery happy to see her, but being a good friend that he is, he agrees to the babysitting ;) add a joint and some tequila and fast forward to the next morning when they wake up in his bed after some hot and steamy one night stand ;) she's determined to not repeat that, since she's not really into casual stuff, but apparently she's much harder to get over than Dean thought... cause he can't shake her off his mind... and let's just say that after one night with her, Little Dean doesn't want anyone else... ;) so he decides to pursue her to repeat that night ;) and even though she's reluctant at the beginning, she can't deny the attraction that is between them for long... to be honest I would cave sooo much sooner ;) I mean wih all those sexts and seducing... I mean, there is a very good reason why ladies love Dean so much ;) so they start this sort of casual-let's-get-this-attraction-out-of-our-systems thing... that unexpectedly and accidentally starts to grow into something more :) it's subtle and really lovely to read :) but what I really adored to see is that Dean is still Dean... he's definitely not getting soft and nice... oh no... ;) he stays the same, but all his energy is directed on Allie... ;)

Besides the main couple, who is front and center throughout the whole book... and who can blame them, I would love to read about them over and over again ;) but we also have some secondary characters :) mainly it's the couples from previous books but there are some new additions that will definitely make you smile :) let me just say that Dean has to help coach a kids hockey team and you can imagine the cuteness... ;) and we definitely get to know more about some characters with potential to become future heroes and heroines... ;) I'm also gonna say, that the very ending of this book makes me really curious about Tucker's story... don't worry, I won't spoil you anything by adding something that might ruin the surprise for you... but my jaw was dropped... ;)

I absolutely loved this book... the writing style was fantastic... and there was two perspectives, one of my favourite things in books... :) besides guys with accents and sarcastic humor :) I am in heaven when I have a chance to get inside the minds of both main characters :) so not only it is written in such a way that you keep turning page after page but it is also hilariously funny... like falling-on-the-floor-laughing funny :) and let's not forget the adjective that describes this book best... hot :) it was mind-blowing-toes-curling-skin-blushing-breath-catching sexy :) just... wow :) do not read this book in public... you've been warned :) it definitely had some surpising turns of events that made me gasp in shock and teared up a little bit... and it's a true talent to be able to write a book that has it all... funny, emotional and "aawww" moments that create this perfect little gem that I want to read over and over again :) and it's always a good sign when I'm plotting my review before I even finish the book ;) there was much more awesome details that I didn't mention here because I want you to have a few surprises along the way :)

This time when it came to quotes I had to make a very conscious decision to stop marking them :) so all you see below are just the ones from the first eight or so chapters... and believe me, there's much more when they came from, but I can't just quote you whole pages :) plus, some of the best ones definitely cannot be repeat in public out loud ;) so be sure to check out the book to see all the awesomeness that it is ;) happy reading :)

When Allie stays with Dean to avoid her ex, he needs to take care of something before ;)
"'Yeah. Go ahead and pick something to watch,' he answers. 'I'm just popping upstairs to jerk it and then I'll join you.'
'Okay, I think I'm in the mood for... wait, what?'
But he's already gone, leaving me gasping at the empty doorway. He's popping upstairs to do what? He was joking, right?"

And a bit later when he comes back down ;)
"'Did you seriously jerk off just now?' I demand.
He nods as if it's no biggie. 'What, you think I can sit through a whole movie with blue balls?'
I gawk at him. 'So you can't have sex with anyone while I'm in the house, but you can go upstairs and do that?'
A wolfish grin stretches his mouth. 'I could've done it down here, but then you would've been too tempted to take over for me. I was trying to be nice.'"

A beautiful example that Dean can joke around but he's there for his friends :)
"'What did he do?' Dean demands in a low voice. 'And how bad of a beat-down does he deserve? Me and Garrett can handle our own in a fight, but if you want some bone-crushing, we can unleash Logan on him.'"

One of the first interactions between Dean and Allie in the book :)
"'Dean flops down directly beside me, slings one muscular arm around my shoulders, and tugs me close. As if it's totally normal.
I frown at him. 'Why is your arm around me?'
His expression is all innocence. 'This is how I watch movies.'
'Really? So you put your arm around Garrett when you watch movies with him?'
'Absolutely. And if he's nice to me, sometimes I slide my hand down his pants.' Dean's other hand skims down to the waistband of my leggins. 'Be nice to me, and I promise I'll be even nicer in return.'"

When Dean wants to convince Allie for another night together ;)
"Allie picks up after four rings, her wary voice sliding into my ear. 'Hey, what's up?'
I let out a ragged breath. 'I want to fuck you again.'
'Is this a thing now? You're going to call me every night and say that?'
'Maybe?' Shit. I'm cranky and horny and as confused as she is. 'Say yes, baby doll. Just say yes and put me out of my misery.'"

Part of the conversation between Dean and one of his friends ;)
"'Are you seriously dissecting Twilight right now?'
God, I am. This is what Allie has reduced me to. A sad, pathetic loser who goes to a bar and forces his friend to participate in a Twilight book club.
'I don't know whether to make fun of you or refer you to a shrink.'"



Friday, January 22, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite musician

To be honest I haven't read that many books about musicians last year, so the choice who would win wasn't that hard ;) but I think that even if I would read more this particular guy would still win... cause he absolutely stole my heart... :) so let me present to you...

Noah is the hero from "Rock redemption" by Nalini Singh :) it's part of her Rock kiss series, but to be honest, all of those books can be read as standalones :) but back to our winner ;) I was afraid before reading this book... I knew it would be emotional and a bit dark, but on the other hand I had total faith in Nalini Singh and her ability to write a fantastic story worthy of those characters and with a satisfying ending... and I was right :) and even though it was heartwrenching sometimes to read, it was truly a beautiful story... but don't get me wrong, it was heartwrenching to read because his story was very sad and not because the words were awful... cause the writing style was amazing as always... :) Noah and the way he changed and faced his demons in this book absolutely deserved this win... I will leave the link to my much more detailed review below, so you can check it out ;)

Besides our winner, I need to mention two more ;) first, there is Zander from "Rise" by Karina Bliss, a wonderful, slow building romance between a rock star and his biographer :) I loved how their relationship changed throughout the book and that it was a story between a fully grown up people ;) it's always refreshing to read a book without unnecessary angst and drama that could be solved if people actually acted like adults ;) and then we have Stage dive series by Kylie Scott :) I actually have not read it yet, but it's about the four members of one band and my sister says it's awesome ;) I totally trust J and her word on that and so should you ;) it is definitely on my to-be-read-at-some-point-in-my-life-hopefully-really-soon list ;) but since we are talking about musicians I wanted to mention it to you so you'll have another recommendation... ;)

Here are the links to my reviews of the books I mentioned in this post :)
  • book #3 in Rock kiss series about Noah and Kit -> "Rock redemption"
  • book #1 in Rock solid series about Zander and Elizabeth -> "Rise"



Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite paranormal romance

When it came to this category, I have to admit that the choice was very hard... cause the competition was fierce... ;) because A -> I read a lot of really good paranormal books last year and B -> my definition of "paranormal" is pretty wide so you can imagine my dilemma ;) but ultimately I had to give it to the book written by one of my favourite authors in one of my favourite series of all time... :) so let me present to you...

Ok, so I am totally aware that some of you may think that "Born of betrayal" by Sherrilyn Kenyon can't be counted as a "paranormal romance" and you totally have the right to think that, but hey... it's my blog, and my awards so I'm saying that it totally counts ;) besides, The league is one of my all time favourite series so I had to reward it in some way ;) all of the books in this series can be read as standalones, but I do encourage you to read them in order to see the change in some of the characters and to avoid spoilers ;) but if you really want to, you can start wherever to see if it will work out for you, because you have just enough informations in each book to follow the story and characters :) and once you fall in love with it then go back and start from the beginning ;) all of the books are written absolutely fantastic... they are full of sarcastic humor, but also some tragic stories... but don't worry, each book has a happy ending ;) they are always funny, sexy and emotional in all the right places :) and have bonds and connections between characters much stronger than blood... and I chose this particular book because besides a great story between the main couple, we have a lot of familiar faces making appearances :) it's like a cherry on top of a super yummy cake ;) not to mention that there are some really surprising twists along the way that make the wait for the next book really hard ;)

But as I said, the competition was pretty fierce, so let me share with you some of the books that were pretty close to the title ;) and don't worry, I'll leave all the links to my reviews of the books I am mentioning below, so you can check all of them in more details :) so first of all, I finally started reading Dark hunter series by the awesome Sherrilyn Kenyon, and those first few books I managed to squeeze last year were truly great ;) as with her The league series, they can be read as standalones if you really want to, cause you have the info to follow the story, but I do encourage you to read them in order ;) another fantastic read was "Revenant" by Larissa Ione :) I mean, what's not to love? angels, demons, a lot of laugh and a surprising tear or two along the way... ;) I also really enjoyed "The darkest touch" by Gena Showalter :) but I loved the idea of warriors possessed by demons as a punishment for their involvement in opening Pandora's box from the very first book ;) and I can't forget about "Shards of hope" by Nalini Singh :) I fall in love with that world more and more with each book I read :) those last three books that I mentioned are all part of different series and I strongly recommend you to read them in order, because they are very connected to one another and you might have troubles understanding everything that is going on in them without the knowledge from previous books :) I'm mentioning them to you more as an encouragement to check them out and start with the first book if you'd be interested ;) but they are all definitely worth reading ;)

Here are the links to my reviews of the books I mentioned in this post :)



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite collaboration

Remember when I wrote that some of the categoies were created specifically so I can talk about a book or an author again because I loved it so much and everyone should know about it? ;) well, this is one of those categories :) there was no competition since it was the only book co-written by two authors that I read last year and it was so fantastic that it deserves a catogory all of its own ;) so let me present to you...

"The hooker and the hermit" was co-written by the amazingly awesome duo: L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid :) individually they are fantastic... but when they combine their talents the result is truly spectacular :) the best proof...? a book that was suppose to be a standalone but it turns out is just the beginning of a new series :) but let's go back to the winner, shall we? :) it's a contemporary romance that has it all... ;) you don't believe me? well, let me prove it to you... ;) is it funny you ask? no... it's absolutely hilarious... ;) does it has good main characters? of course... :) who wouldn't love an irish rugby player... so we have an accent... <sigh> one of my favourite qualities... ;) and a socially awkward social media expert with an alter ego? ;) and how's the writing style? freaking amazing, that's how... ;) you definitely don't see which one of them wrote which part or however they did it... the book reads simply amazing, you keep turning page after page wondering what's gonna happen next and how it will all end :) I can hear you thinking... "ok, it's funny, written great and have good main couple... but is it sexy?" and the answer to that would be... hell yeah ;) believe me, there are some smoking hot moments in the book... moments that will make you never look at seatbelts the same way ever again... ;) and it has a truly lovely happy ending, cause I wouldn't recommend it otherwise... you guys know that I'm a sucker for a good "happily ever after" ;) I hope I convinced you to try it out because it's sooooo worth it :) you can thank me later... ;)

Here's the link to my review of this book if you still have doubts, but I mean come on... still...? ;)



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite conclusion to a series

Ok people, I have to be honest... I had a clear winner from the beginning, but I still want to mention three other amazing books that would make the choice that much harder if the winner was not a book that I was waiting to read for like a year and a half to finally know the answers... ;) and it was definitely worth the wait :) so without wasting any more time I present to you...

There could really be only one winner... "Winter" by Marissa Meyer, the conclusion to the amazing The lunar chronicles series :) I'm gonna leave the link to my review of "Winter" below, although it's a spoiler free review of the whole series so you can check it out without fear ;) it's full of details about the characters and stuff, but here and now I want to just concentrate on my feelings after reading that book... :) I've waited a very long time to read the final installment in that series and to learn the answers to all of my questions... and the more I waited the more I was afraid I'm gonna be disappointed... because it has happened before... when the first few books in a series are really good but then it becomes obvious that the author has no idea where she or he wants to take the story... and then the ending is just... meh... but that is soooooo not the case with Marissa Meyer :) after finishing the whole series I have to say that she knew where she was going with that story from the beginning... the connections between certain characters, things that we discover along the way... and don't even get me started on her writing style... she has the ability to write one of the most captivating stories I have ever read... :) I can't wait to read something else written by her to see if she can repeat that magical experience ;) but back to "Winter" ;) it was, just like the whole series, a perfect mix of funny, "aaawww" and emotional moments... it made me cry and laugh and gasp in shock... and most important... it left with me with the most satisfying feeling after finishing it... and as a reader who invested a lot of time and emotions in a series, that is the best feeling there is ;)

There are three more books I want to mention to you in this category... all three of them have a lot in common :) they are done in an amazing writing style... they have both hilarious and very emotional moments... and they are all last books in an arch... not the last one in a series... and I am very thankful for that ;) but all of them finish up some plots that were building throughout previous books :) if it wasn't for "Winter" I would pick my winner between them, that's why I want to mention them to you :) so there is "Shards of hope" by Nalini Singh a paranormal romance with psy, changeling and human characters and all the connections between them... then there's "Revenant" by Larissa Ione another paranormal romance, but this one with demons, angels and all other sorts of magical creatures ;) and last but not least we have "Of silk and steam" by Bec McMaster a truly amazing steampunk romance with paranormal elements :) as I said before, all of them are amazing so I hope you'll maybe consider them to be your next series to read ;)

Here are the links to the reviews I mentioned in my post :)



Monday, January 18, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite historical romance

When it came to this category the decision was both easy and very hard ;) easy, because I was thinking only about one author as the winner and very hard because I read like ten historical romances written by her in the last year... :) and like I mentioned in one of the previous posts... she published those books some time ago, but I read them only last year ;) but ultimately when the time came for me to choose... the winner could be only one... ;) so I present to you...

Even though I loved loved looooved all the books written by Lisa Kleypas, "Devil in winter" had to be the winner :) it's book #3 in her Wallflowers series and it instantly became one of my favourites ;) I mean, what's not to love? ;) we have a walking, talking sin... ;) charming as hell main hero, Sebastian :) we have a shy and stuttering main heroine who hides much more inside her than anybody could guess... ;) we have sarcastic and witty banter... subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, seduction ;) and let's not forget about shocking and surprising turns of events :) people, this book has it all :) and did I mentioned that the writing style pulls you in from the very first page and does not let you go until you know how the story ends? ;) yes, Lisa Kleypas is that amazing... :) and even though I always recommend to read a series in order, you get all the informations you need to enjoy this story in this book :) but I will leave you below links to my reviews of all five books in this series so you can see how awesome they are ;) I hope that if you don't know her and her amazing writing style yet, you'll give it a try :) I promise it's soooo worth it ;)

Here are the links to the reviews of the books in Wallflowers series that I did :) in the correct order:



Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: "Ninja at first sight" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 4,75 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Greg Archer and Fiona Shepard

This lovely novella originally came out about two months ago... but after reading the first reviews about how awesome it was and how unbearable the next two months will be waiting for their book to be published... because this one is a prequel about how the married couple from the next Knitting and the city book met and got together ;) I decided to wait... ;) and after finally reading this story I can tell you that it was a very good decision... believe me, a week of waiting sounds sooo much better than two months ;) and now let me tell you more about this wonderful little gem :) but only a little bit more ;)

Fiona appeared in the previous Knitting and the city books, but here we meet her when she's eighteen and starting college :) and it's definitely nice to see how this awesome person that we already know and love from the series got to be the way she is now :) she's rather observing other people and life than participating in it, at least at the beginning :) and then there's Greg... <sigh> up till now Alex from "Love hacked" (book #3 in this series) was my favourite hero in her books... but Greg... he's tall, sarcastic and speaks with a british accent... <sigh> ;) I think I'm in love... :) I'm almost afraid to read the full lenght book about them... ;) cause I have a feeling they may become my favourite couple ;)

I thought I would write you a bit more about the actual story, but since it's only seven chapters long I don't want you to know everything before you even read it ;) but I will say this... it's a fantastically written story, as always when it comes to Penny Reid's books :) there is a swoonworthy hero and a kick-ass heroine, again, not a surprise ;) there are smart dialogues, hilarious humor and declarations of love that will absolutely melt you into one big puddle of "aaawwww" ;) I swear, every time I read her books, she's like a breath of fresh air reminding me that it is absolutely possible to write smart and beautiful romances that will steal your heart and make you daydream when you should really concentrate on something else ;) and if you are not familiar with this amazing woman... and you really should :) now it's the perfect time to try her out, because this novella is currently FREE :) I have no idea how long it will last, so you should get it while you can ;) here are the links to Amazon, B&N / NookKobo and Smashwords but if you are using something else, you should check with your e-book provider because it's probably free there too ;) and this novella is a really good way to see the writing style and get the feel of the books before you absolutely fall in love with her and feel the need to buy all of them ;) you can thank me later ;)

I had to really restricted myself with the quotes this time people... ;) because believe me, if I wanted to, I could find one on pretty much every page ;) so here are just a few that you can enjoy before you read this amazing novella for yourself ;)

The very first words ;)
"'I don't like this. I feel like I've been lied to.' My mother said this loudly, glaring at the open door to the suite area. I was certain her voice carried down the hall. 'I've never heard of co-ed dorms. It's disgusting. They might as well just hand out condoms and host an orgy.'"

One of the first interactions between Fiona and Greg ;)
"'Really,' he drawled, his eyes narrowing, his mouth curving in a slight smirk. 'I am so very interested in learning of my deficiencies.'
'That's a lie,' I said plainly, wiping off my hands with a towel. 'But, as sarcasm is an effective technique when debating, I'll allow it.'
'You'll allow it,' he stated, his voice impassive, monotone.
'Yes, I will. Even though sarcasm is beneath you. But I digress, as your lack of sincerity isn't the point.'"

When Greg comes to her one night drunk and declare some things through the closed doors ;)
"'Don't let me in,' he said, his voice back to its emotionless baseline. 'I might ravish you or force you into a hasty, unsuitable marriage.'"

Another conversation between Greg and Fiona :)
"'Shouldn't you be playing up your good points? Isn't that what guys do when they're interested in a girl?'
'But you've never been kissed,' he responded, his tone still flat but his eyes dancing with mischief, 'and you've never dated. This is my chance to ruin you for anyone else.'
'By telling me all about how terrible you are?'
'By being honest. By playing no games. When I tell you that I'm a selfish bastard, I mean it. And when I tell you that you're wonderful and amazing and stunning and definitely the most extraordinary woman I've ever met, you'll know I mean that, too.'"

One more reason why I love Greg :) when he tells Fiona when he "knew" ;)
"'I saw you...' he kissed my parted lips, 'you'd bent over to pick up your pen, or some such item...' he kissed me again, this time on the corner of my mouth, and my eyelids fell, my heart swelling, my breath catching, 'and I thought to myself...' one more press of his lips on my jaw, 'I thought, I am going to tap that ass.'
My eyes flew open, as did my mouth, and my head reared back, 'Greg!'
'And other things!' He grinned, wagging his eyebrows, pulling me forward, 'I thought, I am going to tap that ass, as well as other things, all having to do with how lovely you are and how much I respect you as a person.'"

And the last one with our main couple ;)
"'Face the window, Fe. It's time to cuddle.' Greg stretched beside me, over the covers, and nudged my shoulder, encouraging me to turn.
'Is this serious cuddling?' I teased. 'Should I take notes?'
'Yes and yes. You should always be taking notes when we're together. I'm a consistent source of how to do everything right.'"



Friday, January 15, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite novella

When it comes to novellas I haven't read many of them last year :) so making a decision shouldn't be too hard, right? ;) the choice came down to one new novella, and two re-reads from two different series written by the same author... all three of them had great writing style, humor, otherwordly and / or mystical creatures and magical elements, but ultimately... and after some thought... I've decided that my winner is...

"Hades" is a novella set in the Demonica series by Larissa Ione :) a paranormal series with demons of many kinds and soooo many other creatures that I won't even start naming them all ;) I adore this whole series, mainly because it's a perfect mix of funny and emotional and this particular novella is no exception :) her books are always a pleasure to read, so I really wanted to award her for something to show my love ;) because let's be honest, who wouldn't love a mean fallen angel with a blue mohawk who always walk around shirtless? ;) you don't have to answer, it was a rhetorical question ;)

A very close runner up was Nalini Singh :) and I was hesitating over two of her novellas that I re-read last year :) first of them, "Secrets at midnight", that can be found in the "Night shift" anthology, comes from her Psy-changeling series, one of my all time favourite ;) the second one is "Angel's dance" from her other series, Guild hunter :) both of them are this paranormal / urban fantasy worlds when each book tells the story of a different couple, but all of them are connected on so many levels that it's best to read them in order :) I mean the books in both series, cause both novellas can be read as standalones and are a perfect way to dip your toe into those worlds and see if you might like them ;) so I really do encourage you to try them out ;) I am in love with her writing style, the way she creates stories and characters, and no matter if it's a full lenght novel or a novella or just a short story, it's always the same high quality :) that's what made my decision hard, but ultimately I had to go with something new ;)

Here are the links to my reviews of all three novellas :)
  • novella from Demonica series about Hades and Cataclysm -> "Hades"
  • novella from Psy-changeling series about Bastien and Kirby -> "Secrets at midnight"
  • novella from Guild hunter series about Galen and Jessamy -> "Angel's dance"



Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite new author

Ok, so the winner of this category is an author that I discovered last year... not necessarily someone who published his or hers first book last year, cause sometimes I'm a little late to the party ;) and believe me, there were a lot of possibilities :) I've read a bunch of wonderful books last year written by authors absolutely new to me, and some of them will be even winners in different categories... ;) but when it came down to picking my favourite new author, the winner could be only one... ;) I present to you...

It had to be Penny Reid :) I read a lot of fantastically written books last year, but nothing compared to her :) she has the most unique and original writing style I have ever read... and I've been reading for a long time so that is saying something :) she writes contemporary romances that are smart, hilariously funny and a bit geeky from time to time ;) there are also swoonworthy heroes and kick-ass heroines ;) and all of her books are different :) the personalities of the main characters, their journey to be together... each and every one of her books that I've read so far tells a completely different and original story, and yet all of them has that unique stamp of quality and writing style that I already know and love :) so you can see Penny Reid in all of her books, but I bet that if I'd ask you for your favourite book written by her our answers would be different :) and I love it, cause all of us can find a story that speaks to us the most... a story closest to our heart :) and that is a unique gift and talent, to be able to write in such a way :) I definitely hope she will never run out of ideas, because a world where she would not write is a terryfying possibility that I don't want to think about... ;)

I have for you links to my reviews of books written by Penny Reid, that I read so far :)



Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite contemporary romance

Ok, when it came to this category, I had a bit of a problem with my decision... a lot of the books that I truly loved this past year will be mentioned in different categories, but when it came to this one... it was a choice between the two... or to be more accurate, between a book and one of the books in a great series... :) but ultimately, the book won ;) so let me present to you...

All in all I had to go with the T-Rex ;) let me explain... ;) "Rock hard" by Nalini Singh is part of her Rock kiss series :) and even though all characters are connected to one another in one way or the other, all of the books can be read as standalones :) what I find truly hilarious is that from the series about members of a rock band, I chose the only book about someone else ;) cause Charlie (the heroine) is best friends with Molly from book #1 ;) and Gabriel, or T-Rex ;) is her new boss :) I absolutely adored this book :) it wasn't a big shock to me since I love Nalini Singh and her writing style :) her way of creating stories and characters and those complicated and beautiful connections between them works for me every time :) so no wonder I loved this one so much :) it takes place over a bit longer part of time than usual and it's a big plus... :) to see how the relationship between the characters slowly builds up :) the whole story is the perfect mix of funny, endearing, sexy and just oh so cute ;) and did I mentioned that Gabriel is a former rugby player...? ;) just so you can picture him a little bit better in your head... ;)

A very close runner up was actually a series... ;) Hearts series by L. H. Cosway :) and again, even though there are connections between the books, all of them can be read as standalones :) but from all the books in this series "Six of hearts" (book #1) was the closest one to almost snag the title ;) because Jay... <sigh> who wouldn't love a smooth talking, charming as hell illusionist...? ;) I absolutely adored him but ultimately I had to give this one to Gabriel ;)

I have for you links to my reviews of the books I was talking about so you can check them out for yourselves ;)



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite relationship between sisters

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, I'm starting with a category very dear to my heart :) since I am very close with my own sister I wanted to share with you a book relationship between sisters that made me smile and laugh and just melted my heart ;) to be honest there was absolutely no competition and when I was thinking about the categories and winners for my awards I immediately knew that I will have to give this one to them ;) so without further ado I present to you...

They are characters from Game on series by Kristen Callihan, a new adult / contemporary sports themed romances :) all books can be read as standalones but they are connected in one or more ways by the relationships between certain characters ;) but back to the awesome sisters :) Ivy is the older one and "The friend zone" tells the story of her and Gray, and Fiona, or Fi for short ;) is the younger one and "The game plan" tells the story of her and Ethan :) I'm gonna leave you the links to my reviews of the books I'm mentioning here below, so now let us concentrate on the sisters ;)

I absolutely loved their connection... it really reminded me of my own relationship with my sister, J ;) this sarcastic banter, the love and support they have for one another, this bickering and making fun of each other, but never in a mean way :) it was truly the first time when I didn't see any sign of envy or stupidity, or coldness or just ignorance... and I finally saw that awesome bond between sisters that resembled what I have in real life :) and as an interesting side note, Kristen Callihan based that relationship on her and her own sisters :) bond between Ivy and Fi really adds this amazing bonus for me in those books, and it was just an icing on the cake, because besides that they are extremely well written, funny as hell and smoking hot... ;) you should check them out ;)

As promised here are the links to my reviews of the Game on series :)



Monday, January 11, 2016

A very special super awesome post ;)

Ok people, before I go into all the awesomeness I have to share with you today, I have to add that I am fighting the remnants of a nasty cold at the moment, but I'm finally feeling better, so I hope I can be the charming, quirky and funny book dealer you all know and love... at least I hope I'm not the only one who sees me that way ;) anyway... :) I can already see that this post is gonna be really fun to write for me ;) ok, so let us start :)

If you are following the official fb page of my blog... and if not you are seriously missing out ;) go check it out :) I post there really cool stuff every day and it's the best and fastest way to contact me :) so if you are following it I shared a few days ago four numbers in a random order and said that all will be explained today :) so here I am explaining why those numbers are so important and why this post is super special :) so let us start with...

#1 :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ;) believe it or not but I started this blog one year ago... :) one WHOLE year :) it's crazy now that I think about it... it started a bit slow, but I think it evolved in a pretty cool way :) I love books and sharing my passion with you guys have been amazing :) it started more like a writing exercise, cause practically no one knew about it at the beginning, only my sister... and there will definitely be more about J in a moment ;) even I didn't know what exactly I want it to be :) but with time I think it turned out pretty good ;) and for that I have to thank first and foremost, my amazing sister J :) she is my #1 biggest supporter and a huge helper / researcher / creator of so many amazing things... :) because she makes all of the quotes / pictures that I post on the fb page of my blog... see, another reason why you should definitely check it out ;) we talk about books all the time, exchanging opinions and recommending stuff to each other :) so thank you my little sister ;) thank you for all your hard work and beautiful things you create for me to use and all your love and support :) this is your anniversary too :) but beside her I want to thank you, my awesome readers and supporters :) sometimes I still can't believe that there are actual human people who read my reviews... and not only read, but actually buy books based on them :) and the fact that you take time to like, comment and share your opinions with me is just mind blowing :) so I want to thank all of you for that, and especially Elena, Karina, Karen, Maraea and Ansuya :) there are... and you have no idea how happy that makes me... much more of you my dear readers, but these fabulous five have a special place in my heart ;) thank you ladies :) and now let us go to...

#100 :) happy 100th post you guys :) because this post that you are reading right now, is exactly 100th post on my blog :) and I think I would've hit it much sooner if not for a bit of a slow start... and I can promise you that we will hit the 200th mark much sooner... ;) I loved writing here from the very start but I have to admit that when actual people started reading it... well, besides me and my sister, cause we are people too ;) it really gave me the kick to do more and to be better :) and I have to say that I truly love how my style of writing reviews changed throughout this whole time :) I always try to write a spoiler free review, so even if you haven't read the book, or a series, your experience won't be ruined ;) and even if I happen to have some spoilers, I am sure to give you plenty of warnings before, so you won't read them accidentally :) I always try to write you everything that I would like to know before starting a book :) I am very happy that I stayed true to my feelings and opinions about books and that I share them with you honestly, but as I always say... those are only my own opinions... yours might be totally different :) I might love a book that you will not finish because it won't be your cup of tea and vice versa ;) and it's all good as long as we remember that we all have a right to like different things and we should respect that :) and now I can finally go to the last two numbers, cause they are connected...

#2015 and #14 :) I am super excited to finally be able to share with you guys the surprise I've been working on :) welcome to the first annual, cause I am planning on doing them every january, awards on my blog :) BOOKMARKS 2015 !!! :) and there is "2015" in the name, because I chose the winners from all the books I've read in that year :) and when I say "I chose" I mean me with the help of my sister, of course ;) so every week day, starting tomorrow, till the end of january, I will be announcing winner in one of the categories :) that gives us the last number :) there will be fourteen winners announced in their own blog posts throughout the next three weeks :) I can't wait to share them with you guys :) so starting tomorrow I will be posting my "favourite <insert the rest of the category>" winners :) and I very deliberately used the word "favourite" instead of "best" because like I've said before, just because they are my favourites it doesn't make them yours ;) and labeling a book "best" something might be restrictive in some ways :) so I decided to have fun and pick my favourite fourteen authors, books and book-ish winners :) can't wait to share them with you... and we will start tomorrow with a category very close to my heart... why? you're just gonna have to come back and see for yourself ;) and one more thing about my awards... :) some categories are legit, but some of them I made up strictly so I could talk more about a very specific book and share with you how much I loved it ;) and all winners will be rewarded with a beautiful graphic thing-y made by J :) and I do hope that you guys will share with me your favourite <insert the name of the category> after I'll announce my own winners ;) can't wait to start all of it tomorrow ;)

But don't worry, I will still be posting new reviews this month :) as I said before, every remaining week day there will be announced one winner of Bookmarks 2015 :) but on every saturday, there will be a brand new review for you guys :) it's insane... cause there are gonna be 17 more new posts this month :) see, I told you we're gonna hit the 200th mark much sooner ;) but in february, I am coming back to 2-3 new reviews a week... unless I will have another brilliant idea and then who knows what will happen... ;)