Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: "Two in the afternoon" by Cora Cade

Author: Cora Cade
Book 2 in series A day of pleasure
Main characters: Callum "Cal" Eversman and Molly Ryan

I got my hands on a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and I honestly have to say that it is definitely my favourite story written by her so far :) I have one more that I haven't read, so I am pretty comfortable to say that this will be probably my favourite couple of hers :) well, maybe till we get Gabe's story, but I will get to that in a minute :) all you need to know as of right now is that this novella was simply amazing and you should all read it :) now let me get into a bit more details... don't worry, only a few so as not to spoil you about every little thing happening in the book ;)

This is exactly the kind of a story I adore... Molly survived a pretty traumatic event, and a few months ago she started her life again in this small town... unfortunately, the past doesn't always want to stay buried, so when the people in her life realizes that, they want to help her.. I know I'm being vague, but that's totally on purpose :) they keep an eye out on her, but when some of them goes out of town, that's when Cal comes along :) he's a friend, and a soldier on a few weeks leave, that Molly's friend asked for help :) *sighs dreamily* and he is just... sooo... dreamy ;) he is a man of few words, and although I usually prefer the more talkative and charming guys, he totally and unexpectedly stole my heart :) Molly on the other hand... she is a spitfire :) she did not let her past experiences extinguished her fire and I love how unabashedly honest she is :) there is definitely an instant attraction between them, and if you worry that throughout the majority of the book there are secrets and half-truths between Molly and Cal, you can stop that right now :) the reason why he is there is pretty quickly out in the open :) which made me really glad, cause I am not a fan of secrets :) they are a bit like day and night :) she's small and loud, and he's huge and on the silent side :) but I adore them together :) that's pretty much everything I can tell you about them :) mainly because I loved this book so much and I truly believe the less you know about it before, the better your experience will be :) I certainly was surprised quite a few times when I read it, and I want you to be surprised as well :)

I absolutely adored this book :) besides the main couple, there were quite a few secondary characters, that I won't name here... well, except for Gabe, and only because I promised you an explanation before :) he's Molly's brother, also a soldier, and he will get a full lenght novel at some point in the future :) and personally, I cannot wait to read it :) but about those other characters... here's the thing :) all the stories the lovely Cora writes, can be totally read as standalones :) you get all the necessary informations about each main couple, but from the perspective of a person who read the majority of them, I would recommend you to read them in order :) since all the novellas takes place in the same town, a lot of people show up in a lot of stories :) so all those scenes and interactions mean that much more when you actually know the stories and all those people :) but again, the choice is yours :) but I can wholeheartedly recommend you the amazing stories written by Cora Cade :) she has such an entertaining writing style, and since all of her books so far are on the shorter side, they are just perfect for when you have a little less time to enjoy a book :) so definitely give her a try, and pick this one, or anything else she wrote so far, because those little gems are amazing :)



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  1. Thank you so very much, A! I can't tell you how much this review means on my favorite couple... there just aren't enough nice words to share with you. I have always had a soft spot for Molly and Cal and I love nothing more to hear that others do to. Thank you for making my day!