Monday, December 19, 2016

Review: "Saving Grace" by Mignon Mykel

Author: Mignon Mykel
Book 1 in series Loving Meadows
Main characters: Sawyer Meadows and Gracelyn "Grace" Dewey

I got an ARC of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and I feel like I need to start with a little explanation :) this book is a spin-off of sorts from one of her other stories, "Interference" :) the heroine of that book and the hero of this one are siblings :) BUT worry not, even if you haven't read that one, because "Saving Grace" works perfectly well as a standalone :) although you probably will fall in love with the couple from that original story and you'll want to read their book, but again, you can start with whichever book interests you the most :) ok, now that we have this out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the book that is the topic of this review :) although I won't share too many details, mainly because the story is a bit on the shorter side AND the majority of it takes place over a span of just a few days, so most of the details I would like to tell you would be too spoilerific :) but I will try my best ;)

Grace and Sawyer actually met about five years before those few days, that this story takes place over :) it was around the time of the wedding of his sister, the one I mentioned before :) they had a little fling at the wedding, but since they lived in totally different states, they decided they would work better as friends :) even though the majority of the book takes place over just a few days, we have quite a lot of flashbacks to certain moments from their pasts, that really help us see and understand their friendship :) and I really enjoyed those little glimpses :) even though the book is not very long, I really connected with both main characters... Grace is a lovely person fighting with her anxieties and Sawyer is a great guy discovering what truly matters to him... both of them did a really remarkable jobs hiding from themselves how much they actually care about each other, so it was really nice to see when they finally gave up and admitted that there is much more between them than just friendship... :) I really REALLY want to say more to you guys, but again... it's a pretty short book so all other details would be spoilers, and you know me and my no-spoilers-in-the-review rule ;)

Overall I really enjoyed this book :) it was written in 2 POVs, which means that we got the opportunity to glimpse inside the heads of both Grace and Sawyer, and when it's done good, it's my favourite type of writing style :) I can say about this story what I say about most of Mignon's books I read... I wish it would have been longer :) I truly enjoy the way she creates characters and connections between them and more often than not, once I finish one of her stories, I wish it would have been at least a few chapters longer... :) because I am always curious to know more about those people and I think I would enjoy her books even more if they were longer :) the best proof of that is that "Interference", the only full lenght book of hers I read, or the longest one ;) is definitely my favourite of hers so far :) besides a truly lovely main couple... and I can't even with how sweet Sawyer was towards Grace and her anxiety troubles... *sighs* we didn't have a lot of secondary characters... the main one was Sydney, his sister and the heroine of that other book I keep mentioning all the time :) but to be honest, that fact didn't bother me at all :) I loved that the focus was on them :) I can definitely recommend this story if you are looking for a contemporary romance, a shorter book with surprisingly a lot of unexpected twists along the way :) if you're in the mood for that, then definitely give this a try :)



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