Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review: "Morning light" by Cora Cade

Author: Cora Cade
Book 1 in series A day of pleasure
Main characters: Noah Harper and Tennyson "Tenn" Sharpe

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this was my second story from this author and it made me quite sure that I just adore her writing style :) it's a novella, so my review won't be very long, because I don't want to spoil you guys everything that happens in the actual story :) so I will instead concentrate a bit more on all my thoughts and feelings about it and why you should all give it a try ;) but first things first :)

Tennyson, or "Tenn" as most people call her has been best friends with Chris, Noah's brother, for years :) she and Noah on the other hand... well... let's just say something sparked years ago, right before he got deployed... :) nothing happened, but... ;) you know ;) they kept in touch over the years and grew closer because of the letters they sent each other :) now it's about ten years later and Noah finally returned to town with a plan to win her over :) but it's a tricky situation, since he don't want to risk their friendship... :) ok, that is all the details I can possibly share with you guys without spoiling you every little thing that happens in this absolutely great novella :) so how about I skip to all the praises I have to say about it ;)

I adored this story :) was it perfect? absolutely not :) but that was part of its charm :) I loved that the characters were flawed and made mistakes, but they weren't stubborn or unwilling to admit to those mistakes :) I adored the chemistry between Noah and Tenn and how sassy, but still vulnerable, she was :) I definitely loved all the little teasers and glimpses into certain secondary characters that made you that much more curious about other stories in this series :) I am definitely picking up the sequel tomorrow ;) did I wish it was longer? of course :) I would love to get to know even more about this couple but even though their story was a novella, I had sooooooo much fun reading it :) and I think that the main reason for my love was, like I mentioned briefly before, the writing style :) it's so entertaining that you keep turning page after page and then suddenly it's "the end" :) I cannot wait to read a full lenght novel written by Cora Cade :) totally sending her way all the inspirational vibes ;) so if you have only a bit of time, then definitely pick this story, or probably any other she wrote, whichever interests you the most, because I can already tell you... they all will put the biggest smile on your face... not to mention they will make you blush as well, so be careful where you read them... ;) you've been warned :)



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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! This hit me right in the feels-it's so wonderful to know someone loved Noah and Tenn as much as I do.