Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: "Max" by Sawyer Bennett

Title: "Max"
Book 6 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters: Max Fournier and Julianne "Jules" Bradley

I got the ARC of this book from the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) and I have to say... I really loved it :) "Alex", the first book in this series is still my favourite one, but this story comes... well, it's a close second place :) if you are new to this series worry not, all the books in it works perfectly well as standalones :) but I can guarantee that becuase certain characters appear throughout the series and we get to see the previous couples in new books, you WILL be curious about their stories :) but you can start with whatever book interests you the most :) ok, so now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about this particular installment :)

Max and Jules are... just the best :) don't get me wrong, by any means they are not perfect... although maybe Max is very close ;) but I truly loved both of them :) Max is the goalie in the Cold Fury hockey team, and even though he certainly did appear before I... well... sort of forgot about him ;) I would feel worse, but to be honest, I read the previous books sooo long ago, that I barely remember anyone at all... #TooManyBooks :) but I loved him from the start :) he was such an amazing character... sweet and determined to win Jules over... not the slightest bit deterred by all the stuff happening around her... ok, that sounds pretty vague, so let me paint you a better picture... Jules is a young woman, working two jobs and doing her best to take care of three kids... she became their official guardian a few months ago, when her older sister died... he meets her when she's working in a gas station and when she doesn't even recognize him... well, that definitely catches his attention ;) not to mention that she's also smart and strong and doing her best to provide for those kids and just... I really liked her, because even though with all those hard and sad things that happened in her life, she is still able to smile and find little joys from time to time :)

Theirs is a relationship that, to be honest, I don't want to tell you too many details about :) she definitely catches his attention from that very first meeting, and very quickly after that he decides to pursue her :) what I love most about them is how honest they are with each other... well, at least like in the majority of the story :) it's so refreshing to see a couple that actually communicates with each other when they come across an obstacle in their relationship :) because let's be honest, every couple has some struggles... it's how you deal with them that shows how good you are, or can be, together... :) and I adored how they were working through theirs :) and there were some pretty big ones along the way :) but since I would rather leave the more spoilerific details of their road to a happy ending for you to discover once you'll be reading this wonderful story for yourselves, I will say no more ;)

Of course, besides the truly lovely main couple, we have a bunch of secondary characters as well appearing in this book :) the majority of previous main couples are here in a scene or few, and it works either way :) if you do know them from before and know their stories, seeing them again and catching up a bit with their lives have that much more meaning for you :) BUT if you are completely new to this series, or to some of the characters if you haven't read ALL the books, all those wonderful women and interesting men will make you that much more curious to read their stories... see? told ya it works both ways :) I'm not gonna name all of them, because we would be here all day if I would start telling you all about those amazing people, but trust me... you'll love them :)

All in all I absolutely loved this book... was it perfect? not at all :) as in, the characters were flawed and worked their way through some obstacles as well as made some mistakes along the way... but Sawyer created such real people, that I was rooting for them from the very start... I did not mind at all that they weren't always making the best decisions, because I understood were those decisions came from... and it felt so honest, I couldn't help but fall in love with them even more :) I adored the main couple and how sweet they were with each other... all the appearances of previous couples made this book that much better for me, since it made me remember how much I love this whole series created by the lovely Sawyer Bennett :) her writing style is phenomenal as always :) and once again we have 2 POVs in this story, which means we have chapters from Max's point of view, as well as Jules's :) and it really helps you truly get to know them and see where they are coming from :) I can wholeheartedly recommend this series in general, and I am more than happy to say that six books in, it is as strong as ever :) so whether you are new to the awesomeness of the Cold Fury stories or you are already a fan, go grab this amazing gem :)



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