Friday, December 9, 2016

Review: "Marking Madden" by J. L. Leslie and Nicole Dykes

Book 1 in series Hearts of Hollis
Main characters: Madden Steele and Jade Bowen

I got the ARC of this book from one of the lovely authors in exchange for an honest review :) and I feel like I need to explain myself first... because I almost forgot to write this review... :) seriously, life and work has been crazy busy lately, that after posting some other reviews earlier in the week, I was so proud of myself, that I got everything ready on time, and now I can relax... and a day later I realized that I actually have one more to prepare for the week... :) since I am usually a very organized person, it shows how much stuff I actually have on my mind lately... *sighs* I am really counting down the days to christmas and some time to relax :) ok, but back to the topic, which is this really good book :) I really enjoyed the majority of it, but definitely had some issues that ended in me giving it a 3,75 stars rating :) so how about I will tell you more about the story itself, and then we will get to all my thoughts and feelings about it? ;)

Jade is a young woman who moved into this very small town a few years back, running away from her hard past... that is also what makes her a bit more mature than what I would expect of her, especially at her age... Madden shows up one night at a bar she's working in and he is running from certain things as well... I don't really want to say more about their individual stories, because this book is pretty short, so any detail will be spoilerific ;) what I can and will say, is how I really liked how their relationship evolved :) since at the beginning they are both sort of hung up on other people, the attraction and sparks between them lead to a let's-pretend-we're-dating-to-make-someone-jealous types of situations... ;) but it's all explained between them and since they are both perfectly ok with that plan, I was all for it :) the only time when stuff like that bothers me, is when one of the sides is secretly crushing on the other one... but back to our story :) with time, of course, it all changes between them... it's this friends-with-benefits-turning-surprisingly-into-something-more kind of a thing :) again, I can't tell you any specifics because of my no-spoilers rule, but it was sooo much fun to read... well, up until one moment at the end when the heroine did one of the stupidest things I hate in books... let's just say that making decisions for two people without actually talking to the person said decision regards to is... just stupid, in my opinion :) but that was just one worse part of the story :)

Overall I truly enjoyed it :) you can't tell the book is co-written by two authors, because the writing flows effortlessly :) it's also written in 2 POVS, which means we get the chapters from both Madden and Jade's points of view, which is my favourite type of writing style in books :) especially when you can actually see the difference in the way of thinking in those chapters :) even though I had my troubles with certain actions taken by the heroine, all in all, I truly enjoyed the characters in this book... not only the main couple, but also the secondary ones as well :) Casey, Jade's bestie was definitely my favourite :) so there is A LOT of potential for future stories :) and I know that they are already working on the sequel :) I won't spoil you the hero of that second book, although I totally know who it's going to be... ;) I'm definitely looking forward to going back to the little town created by these two lovely authors and I absolutely can't wait to get to know certain people more... :)



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