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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #44

Christmas book haul
All the joy
Winter wonderland book tag

Hello hello my awesome people and welcome to the last #RandomRamblings post of this year :) it's going to be all christmas-ish themed because I am all in that mood :) but right after this, I'm starting to think about all my favourite books I read this year... why? :) because the time for new edition of Bookmarks is coming closer and closer :) if you don't know what that is, Bookmarks are the awards I started last year, where I name all my favourite books / characters / authors in different categories :) but I will tell you all about it very soon :) for now, let us jump straight into those headlines :) and this time we will go with the order of them :)

So let's start with all the lovely books I got for christmas :) yes, books... as in plural and everything :) I will show you the pic of all four of them and then I will say a bit more about each one :)

So starting from the left we have "The player and the pixie" co-written by the fantastic duo of L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid :) it's book #2 in their Rugby series, but can be read as a standalone as well :) I absolutely adore both of them individually, but when they write together, magic happens :) this particular story is about Sean and Lucy :) what I love about them is that they are both very unique and different than people I usually read about :) Sean is a rugby player who gives this arrogant and distant vibe, but there is more to him than meets the eye :) Lucy on the other hand is such a colorful, literally if you look at her hair ;) character :) she's fun and open and their interactions are amazing :) before I read this book I couldn't really see them together... because we met them both in the first book... :) but I should have know to just trust the lovely authors, because now I am totally in love with this book :) the second book is "Hearts of blue" by L. H. Cosway :) it's book #4 in her Hearts series, but again, it can be read as a standalone :) it's my second favourite story by her I read so far... and I already have my personal #1 "Six of hearts" so I was thrilled to find the story about Lee and Karla under my christmas tree :) this is a phenomenally written contemporary romance about a female cop and a... well, the thing about Lee is... it's complicated :) he is involved in some illegal activities, but that is all I can say without spoilers... :) trust me, the book is wonderful, and what is very important to me, there are definitely consequences to certain actions, so the book feels realistic with still giving us a happy ending :) the next two books are both written by Nalini Singh, one of my all time favourite authors :) first one is "Rock addiction", the beginning of her Rock kiss series :) about Molly, a librarian and Fox, a sexy as sin rocker who rocked her world... ;) see what I did there? ;) it's such a fun read, hot and sweet and it will look sooooo good on my shelf :) and last but definitely not least, we have "Caressed by ice", book #3 in her Psy-changeling series :) the story of Judd and Brenna is definitely one of my favourite in this series, the cold Psy and a wolf changeling who survived something horrible done to her... *sighs* I thnk a re-read is coming :) I know it might sound weird to you if you are unfamiliar with this series, but it's hard to expain in a sentence or two, so just go with me :)

Now let me tell you more about all the joy :) I am in an awfully good mood lately :) and I think there are quite a few reasons why... :) maybe it's the end of the year / the beginning of a new one that puts me in this sort of resolution-ish mood to make all sorts of changes around me, or maybe it's just that I am more aware of them now, even though some of them started happening a few months back :) but I am definitely working on organizing stuff around myself, as well as with myself internally ;) I'm talking about time management and prioritizing stuff I want / have to do and working on balancing everything as best as I can :) trust me, I'm no expert, but I'm working on it :) and it gets better and better with each month :) but I think lately, there are two big reasons for my great mood :) #1 my holiday break, that I am still on :) five whole days off from work when I can sleep in and stay up late, instead of dragging myself up at 5.30 AM to get ready, has done some miracles for my mood :) and #2 ALL... THE... BOOKS... :) let me explain that :) recently I was banned from buying any books for myself, because I knew I would get some for christmas and I didn't want to duplicate any of them accidentally :) so I waited patiently and after opening up my presents I was able to sit in front of my lovely Sascha, and yes, I'm talking about my laptop and yes I totally named her ;) #NoShame :) and used up my december book budget :) because I have no will power when it comes to books, ever since I started my full time job and I have a steady flow of income, I had to put some restrictions on myself when it comes to how much monthly I can spend on books :) but I was able to get five books within my budget this month :) BUT that's not everything... :) you may or may not remember this, but a few weeks earlier, I shared with you guys that I'm gonna have a working saturday... shorter weekend is not my favourite thing so I decided that the extra money I will get for that day, I can spend it on books :) that thought definitely helped me survive it :) well... I got the money for that saturday recently so naturally why wait when you can spend it immediately? :) and BookDepository had a really good bargain on pretty much all books by Nalini Singh sooooo... I was actually able to buy more books that I anticipated :) AND I stayed in my budget :) I feel like I need to repeat that before I'll tell you how many books I bought... *coughs* ten new books *coughs* :) yes, your math is correct... I now have FIFTEEN new books coming my way :) *squeels with joy* I am so happy about it :) that is also the reason why I haven't shown you my shelf with the addition of the books I got for christmas :) I'm gonna wait for the end of january when all the books will get here, as well as the few I will buy with my january budget... look at me thinking ahead, all planning and everything ;) and THEN I will show you the pic, because by that time I will have not one, but TWO shelves :) I'm so excited to grow my book collection :) I think now it's much easier to understand why I have such a positive attitude lately :)

Last but NOT least, me and J, my lovely sister, have a very quick book tag for you guys :) we wanted to do something winter-ish themed, and since the majority of january posts will revolve around Bookmarks awards and stuff, and then the spring will be here before you know it, now is pretty much the last time we can do it :) and what better way to end the year than by doing a book tag :) so we have five, super quick categories to share with you, hopefully you'll find some book recs for yourselves :) and of course, as always, we encourage you to do the book tag, or part of it, for yourselves if you want to :) but no pressure or anything :) ready?
#1 Snowflake -> a unique character :)
A: I had a bit of a problem with my choice for this one, because you can interpret this in a number of ways... but I like when that's the case, because you can do with it whatever you want :) so for this one I chose Dean from "The Score" by Elle Kennedy :) it's part of her Off-campus series but can be read as a standalone :) Dean is... well, for me he is unique as in he is full of contradictions... :) he seems like such an open and out-going person without a care in the world, but there is more to him that what you can see on the surface :) so I'm going with him #NoRegrets :)
J: I decided to pick Beatrix from "Love in the afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas, the conclusion to her The Hathaways series :) it's a fantastic historical romance and one of the main reasons for that, is the heroine :) Beatrix is such a fantastic character... she is... well, a bit odd, but not in a bad way :) she loves animals and is really great with them... much better than she is with people if were being honest :) what I love about this book, and her character, is that she doesn't change to fit the way the society wants to see her... she stays unique :)
#2 Hot cocoa -> a book that melts your heart ;)
A: I have quite a few books that fit this category, but I think I'm gonna go with the one I re-read recently, and that is "Tempt me at twilight" by Lisa Kleypas, book #3 in her The Hathaways series :) it's my favourite out of all five in that series, mainly because it reminds me so much of Beauty and the beast story... :) which is only like my favourite theme in books :) it has a great main couple, a loving and quirky family as secondary characters and writing style to die for... witty banter, sinful seduction... *sighs happily* it melts my heart every time I read it :)
J: for me it has to be "Managed" by Kristen Callihan, book #2 in her VIP series :) but it can be read as a standalone as well, so no worries :) I just finished it a few days ago and I am in love... :) with the hero, with the story, with the writing style... :) it was just soooo amazing :) a slow burn romance that melted my heart into a puddle on the floor... :) many times throughout my read of this book I came to my sister A and made all sorts of *aaaawwwww...* noises about how cute and lovely it is... :)
#3 Presents under a christmas tree -> #1 book on your wishlist :)
A: ok, so that is again one of those open-for-interpretation categories :) you can either choose a book that is already out, but you don't have it yet in your possesion, or go with me and J and pick a book that hasn't come out yet :) I went with "Devil in spring" by Lisa Kleypas :) it's book #3 in her new historical romance series, The Ravenels :) I haven't read the first two... don't get me wrong, I'm totally gonna do it :) but ever since I heard who will be the hero of this particular installment I just had to bump it that much higher on my tbr #BookMountain :) becasue Gabriel is the son of Evie and Sebastion from "Devil in winter", one of my all time favourite books :) so natually now I am dying to read his story :)
J: I had to pick "Beard necessities" by Penny Reid :) this one will be the conclusion to her Winston brothers series, but it's the one I want to read the most... ever since I met all those brothers, it was Billy's story I was curious about... I have a feeling it will break my heart, before putting it back together and I can't wait :) not to mention, that by the time this one will be out, all the other brothers will be paired up, and those couples interactions are always great scenes :) but I need to brace myself for a long wait, because as of now, this book is due at the end of 2018... *sighs heavily* such a long wait... but it will be worth it :)
#4 Mistletoe -> memorable kiss :)
A: ok, so for this one me and J went in the same direction, and that is a book that had a no-kiss rule at the beginning :) so when the kiss DID finally happened... man oh man... it was something all right :) my choice was "Good girl" by Lauren Layne, a fantastic standalone novel about a young country star, who hides in the middle of nowhere after a scandal, and a guy who she thinks is just the handyman, but who turns out to be the owner :) it was a sexy and fun quick read that I highly recommend :)
J: I went with "The hook up" by Kristen Callihan, the beginning of her Game on series :) a new adult sports themed romance with a swoonworthy hero... *sighs dreamily* Drew is just the best :) and trust me, because of that no-kiss rule, even though they do plenty of hot and heavy stuff, but when that kiss finally happens... now THAT is hot ;)
#5 Blizzard -> favourite book to read curled under a blanket :)
A: I had to go with "Beard science" by Penny Reid for this one :) it's the newest installment in her Winston brothers series and I freaking LOVED every page of it :) I cannot wait to have the time to curl under a blanket and re-read this absolutely phenomenal contemporary romance with the most unique and original hero I've ever read about :) trust me, there is no way for me to even attempt to describe how amazing Cletus and Jennifer are, so you just have to trust me, and read this book :)
J: I decided to go with "Tempting the bodyguard" by Jennifer L. Armentrout, the conclusion to her Gamble brothers series :) I chose this book, mainly because I feel like it's not a very popular one, and I absolutely love it :) it's a contemporary romance that I go back to from time to time, because it's the perfect entertainment when I need something fun and quick to read :) I definitely recommend the whole series :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) well... today you got a treat... as in a very long post :) so I hope you are still all here with me at the end of it ;) as always, I love connecting to you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check those every day :)



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