Monday, December 19, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #43

Christmas preparations
Two surprising trailers
Letting go and finding balance

Hello hello there my awesome people :) can you believe the year is almost over?!? :) this #RandomRamblings post is the one before the very last one this year :) and I have all sorts of different stuff to share with you guys, so how about we just jump straight to it :) and once more, we are gonna embrace the chaos and ignore the order of those headlines... although we WILL start with that first one... ;)

I cannot believe christmas are in less than one week... :) it's crazy!!! :) but I am finally getting my christmas mood on :) all the craziness in work has died down after the last few weeks... I am not gonna bore you with all the details, but let's just say that three work events, which included working on a saturday and staying up late in the middle of the week, plus preparing all the gift baskets... although that one is still on-going ;) plus all the usual office work we all have... *sighs* it took it's toll on all of us... :) thankfully the majority of all that is behind me now, and I am back to my usual optimistic self :) especially since I have all the christmas presents at home AND... we decorated our tree on saturday :) and it's standing all pretty with twinkling lights *sighs happily* I am definitely in the right mood now ;)

Now about that last part of the headlines... :) I think it's partly because the end of the year is coming, and that always puts me in this sort of resolution / summary-ish sort of a mood, but I realized how much I changed this year... :) it was all done in small steps, a little bit at a time, but when you compare me at the beginning of the year and me now, you can really see the diference :) of course, it's always a work in progress, changing priorities and trying my best to balance everything I have going on in my life in the best way, but hey... live and learn, right? :) I am definitely very proud of myself for letting go of certain expectations and pressures I used to put on myself... it was mostly related to this blog, which is a bit ridiculous now that I think about it, because I started it, and I'm still doing this, as a hobby and a way for me to share my biggest passion with other people... but I got a bit carried away with expectations, that again... I put on myself... *stupid A...* ;) again... I learned my lessons and changed certain things so the same situation won't happen in the future :) I am definitely still learning stuff about myself and what works best for me, but I felt like I needed to pat myself on the back officially for a job well done :) as a way of encouraging myself to do even better in the future :)

And last but not least... :) you guys probably know by now... and if you don't you will now ;) but besides my absolutely huge love for books ;) that's what this blog is all about, right? :) I also adore watching movies :) especially on the big screen :) that is the main reason why my list of movies that I can't wait for is soooo long :) and I usually keep pretty good tabs on the ones I want to see, even if the premiere date is way, way, WAY in the future :) but sometimes I can be totally surprised :) as in, I know that a certain movie is being made and everything, but all in all I'm not really interested in seeing it... that is until I see a really good trailer that catches my attention... :) and that sort of thing happened twice recently :) so I wanted to share those movies with you :) I don't want to say anything else about them, so you'll be surprised just as I was when I saw those trailers, but let me just say... my list definitely got a bit longer ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) as always, I love interacting with you online, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I check those every day :) see you next week for the final #RandomRamblings post of this year :)



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