Monday, December 5, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #41

All the movies
Crazy busy december
I'm all done with christmas shopping

Hello my lovely people :) it's been a while since we talked... or maybe it just feels like that to me, because I'm crazy busy with all the non-blog-ish stuff :) that is also the reason why this post will be a bit on the shorter side... :) and today we will again embrace the chaos and start with the middle of those headlines... ;)

Soooooo... this month is going to be really crazy... already the previous week was busy for me... I even had to stay an hour and a half longer at work on friday, because there were simply too much stuff to do... *sighs* and it's only gonna get worse... all the events we have in the upcoming two weeks plus all the christmas packages we need to prepare... on top of all the usual stuff we have going on... I swear, the hours just fly right by me... so please, keep your fingers crossed for me, so that I will survive all this ;)

Now let me go back a bit, to the beginning of the headlines :) I took an advantage of the fact that I had my last free moments last week, and me an J, my awesome sister, saw two movies together :) first, we saw "Fantastic beasts and where to find them" on monday, and I absolutely loved it :) it was fun and magical and I highly recommend you to see it ;) check out the trailer below if by some chance you don't know what this movie is all about :)

On the totally opposite end of the spectrum, we also saw "Underworld blood wars" on friday :) and even though it wasn't spectacular or it didn't blew my mind, it was a very entertaining evening :) check out the trailer and see if it sounds like something you might enjoy as well :)

Last but not least, I need to share with you my joy... I FINALLY have all the christmas presents I wanted to buy this year for my family :) well... if we're being totally honest, I have ordered all of them, and now I'm just waiting for a few deliveries ;) I know, I know... maybe some of you still haven't bought anything and you always do it later in the month, but I need to have my stuff early... mainly because I order the majority of it online, and the closer to christmas it gets, the more nervous I am if everything will arrive on time :) but last weekend I ordered the last few ones on my list and they should all get here this week :) phew... one thing I can cross off my list... only like few dozens more to go... ;) but hey, I will get there... at some point I will do all of it ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people about all the stuff going on with me, how about you? :) I know it was really short, but the only other option was no post at all, so hopefully you'll forgive me for the short version :) as always, I love to connect with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or my Goodreads account, I'm there every day :)



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