Thursday, December 29, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) january edition

Hello hello my amazing people :) welcome to the very last post of 2016 :) it also at the same time the very first post that revolves around books and book-ish things for 2017 :) so it's the best way to jump from one year to another :) and can you guys believe this year is ending? I feel like just yesterday it was july, my birthday month... :) and now I am sitting here in this gloomy, winter weather, thinking about all the upcoming books I want to share with you :) but before I get into them, a few words of explanations :) I decided to change up a bit my *books I can't wait to get my hands on* posts :) nothing major, just a few little things, like putting each cover before I talk about a specific book instead of putting them all together at the very end... :) or making a conscious decision to write a bit more to you guys about each book I mention, to better convince you why you should also have them on your wishlist :) hope you'll enjoy them :) so without further ado, let me jump straight into all the awesomeness I have for you this time :) and I have five amazing stories for you :) to be honest, I already have or will have very soon all those books as ARCs in my possesion, but that just makes me a very happy person, since I would want to read them either way :)

So the first one I want to mention, is actually the one I already finished :) "Hard hitter" by Sarina Bowen is the new installment in her Brooklyn Bruisers series, and I loved it sooooo much more than the first one :) the whole series revolves around different characters connected to a hockey team, and hockey players are only like my favourite athletes to read about ;) don't ask me why, there is no logic behind this :) I still haven't watch a game, nor do I understand the rules :) but I loooove those stories :) since the book is due at the very beginning of january and I will have my full review up on the release day, I will say only that this book is about Patrick, the team captain who is a bit distant from other people, and Ari, the team massage therapist and yoga instructor :) it's a great contemporary sports themed romance that can be totally read as standalone, so go for it even if you are new to this author :)

Ok, so the next book I want to mention is actually something co-written by Sarina Bowen as well :) she and Elle Kennedy have the first book in their new WAGs series coming out at the end of the month :) and man oh man, how much I want to read "Good boy" right now... you have no idea :) I just recently finished Him duology, where we are introduced to the main characters from this story, since WAGs can be counted as sort of a spin-off from that series, and I cannot wait to read more about Blake :) again, it's a series about hockey players... told ya I love them ;) and Blake is like a puppy with ADHD :) he says the most unexpected things :) I would love nothing more than to dive into the ARC of his story that is taunting me on my kindle, but I have a few of them with shorter deadlines I need to get through first... but soon :) *pets my kindle* soon... ;)

Book #3 I want to tell you about is "Wondering sight" by Melissa McShane :) it's the sequel in her The extraordinaries series, but the stories in it, can be read as standalones :) yes, they are all set in the same world, and some characters will probably have appearances in multiple books, but each of them will revolve around a different couple :) after loving the unique idea, which is a combination of historical setting with some very cool paranormal vibes, in the first book, I am very curious to see what she has for us in this new book :) the writing style was impeccable and I need to make sure it wasn't just a one time thing for me :)

Another one you should all have your eyes out for is "Worth the wait" by Claudia Connor :) it's a... well, let's call it the beginning of a spin-off series from her The McKinney brothers series :) because this particular story has a main couple we actually met before :) Nick is the brother of Hannah, the heroine from "Worth the risk" :) that is also the book where we met Mia, the heroine, sooo... ;) I absolutely loved that whole family while I was reading her story, so imagine my joy when I find out her brothers will get their own books :) it's shaping up to be a great contemporary romance sooo... :) color me excited :) I am currently reading it and definitely loving it... even more than I anticipated so fingers crossed it will stay as awesome till the very end :)

Last but definitely not least is "Finding Kyle" by the talented Sawyer Bennett :) it's the newest standalone novel from her that I really don't know that much about :) but it doesn't really matter, since Sawyer has such a fantastic writing style, there wasn't any book of her I read so far that I didn't like :) sure, I adore some of them more than others, but they are all written exceptionally awesome :) so when I got an opportunity to get my hands on her newest standalone, I was all like *yes, please* :) so I can't really tell you more about this one... maybe it's for the better? :) sometimes the less you actually know about the book before reading it, the better your experience :) so I am totally ready to be surprised and amazed;)



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