Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: "Wild embrace" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 15,5 in series Psy-changeling
Main characters: well, about that... ;)

I have so many great things to say about this book… ;) but I need to start with a more personal confession… ;) this was the first book in a really long time… and I mean not weeks or months, but actually years… when I read a paper version of a book… ;) long story short, e-books are just easier for me to get, plus all the ARCs and free copies of books I get from publishers and authors are also in e-book format… so I forgot how much I adore reading a book that I can actually hold in my hands, and turn pages… *sighs happily* ;) you may think that a lot of my joy about this book comes from that fact, but that’s only partially true ;) yes, it definitely added to my experience that I was able to read paper edition of this anthology, but I would love it just as much in e-book format ;) so after that little explanation let me tell you more about these stories ;)

Ok, I need to start with a few words about this book and the world it’s set it in general ;) it’s the newest installment in Psy-changeling series and since I am a big fan of it, I am up to speed on all other books in it, so it’s hard to say if it can be read as a standalone… ;) although to be honest, I think it can ;) yes, all sorts of little scenes and interactions will definitely have much more meaning if you know the people and the bigger picture BUT even if you are brand new to this series, you will get enough explanations along the way to follow all the stories ;) if I would start talking and trying to explain all the nuances of the world we would be here all day… #NoJoke ;) it’s one of my favourite series of all time for many reasons, but for the purpose of this review I will say only this: Psy-changeling series is set in an alternate version of our world, a bit in the future and we have three main groups of characters… psy, who are mentally gifted, but their gifts came with a price… we have changelings, who are all sorts of shape-shifters and my personal favourite group to read about ;) and of course humans, the most regular and usual of all of them… each book in this series revolves around a different couple, but there are all sorts of bigger stories unfolding over the span of a few or more books, so I highly recommend you to read the full lenght novels in order ;) but novellas in this series, not only these few, but all others she wrote as well, are a great way of checking out if this series is something for you ;) my lovely sister J read it before me, and she recommended me a particular reading order ;) I’m gonna review all four stories in the order they appear in the book, but you can read them however you like ;) just like I did ;) so let’s begin ;) and don’t worry, as always, I won’t spoil you anything, I’ll just share some general things about each of the story and my feelings about it ;) I’m going to be deliberately vague, because since all the stories aren’t that long, I want to leave as many surprises about them as I can ;)

The first story, „Echo of silence” is actually the second one I read ;) and it was also my second favourite out of the four ;) this subtle and slow-building connection between a psy man and a human woman was really beautiful… the hero of this novella was mentioned before in this series, but we knew very little about him… to be honest, I did not expect to love this story as much as I did ;) it was full of these little gestures and words that hid much more meaning than what you might think at first… ;) and I absolutely loved it ;)

„Dorian” was the second story in the book, but the first one I read… ;) it’s hard to even call it a novella, it’s more of a short story, showing us glimpses into different moments in life of Dorian, a character who already got his own full lenght story ;) so in this case his story does contain some pretty big spoilers about that full lenght book… to be honest, I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed these few chapters… it was truly great to see all those characters that I already know and love when they were much younger… ;)

„Partners in persuasion” was actually the very last novella I read and for a very good reason ;) my sister claimed it will be my absolute favourite one out of all of them and she was totally right ;) I loved it ;) the story of a dominant female leopard and a submissive male wolf on paper sounds impossible ;) two different packs and two different personalities… I was wondering how Nalini will pull this off… ;) I should have known to just trust her… ;) because this novella, full of hilarious and sexy moments, as well as surprisingly emotional and vulnerable ones was a delight to read ;) this particular couple immediately landed very high on my favourite list from this series ;) I will definitely be coming back to them, especially if I will need a taste of a series, without having the time to read a full lenght book ;)

Last but not least, is the fourth novella, „Flirtation of fate” that I read as my third story from this book… originally I was the most curious about it, because Gem and Kenji appeared on quite a few occasions throughout this series and you could see that there’s definitely something there, brewing under the surface… ;) so when I learned we will finally get more in this anthology, I was very happy ;) in the end, it turned out that their story was… a bit different than what I expected… let me explain ;) theirs is the longest novella in the book, but actually about a half of it is a murder investigation… dun dun duuuunnnn… ;) sorry, this moment needed a dramatic music theme ;) I think I would love this story more, if the romance part was bigger ;) don’t get me wrong, I really liked it, it’s just… I wanted a bit more ;)

All in all I had sooo much fun reading this book ;) Nalini truly is one of the best world builders amongst the authors… she is able to create all sorts of interactions and connections between sometimes surprising characters and wove those people into one world that changes constantly… and to top all of that, when you re-read her books, you always discover some small gems showing how many things she is aware of that will happen many books before the actual situation plays out ;) and I absolutely love that ;) because of that very reason, her series are always fantastic reads ;) Psy-changeling is actually my favourite of hers ;) don’t get me wrong, I love all others, but this one… this one has a very special place in my heart ;) hopefully I convinced you guys to give this book and this series in general a try, because if you haven’t read it yet, you have no idea how badly you are missing out on some phenomenal writing style and characters that will stay with you for a very long time after you finish the book… ;)



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