Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: "Darkchylde" by R. Queen

Author: R. Queen
Title: "Darkchylde"
Book 1 in series The Ariel Chylde Saga
Main character: Ariel Chylde

I got the ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and let me tell you... it was like nothing I've read before... and quite honestly, not what I expected... :) I finished it some time ago and I still have troubles getting all my thoughts together and trying to write something about it... especially since I feel I need to be really vague when it comes to details about the actual story and characters, because this book truly surprised me many times and I don't want to ruin those surprises for you... so let me tell you a bit about the main character and the premise of the book and then I will share with you some of my none-spoilery thoughts and feelings after finishing it :)

The main character of this book is Ariel... the majority of the story is told from her perspective, although we do get chapters from other people as well :) she is... I want to say a senior in high school, but I didn't write that particular detail down so I'm not 100 % sure... but back to more important details... she is... well... the situation about her is quite complicated, especially since I don't want to spoil you the most important things... so let me just say, that she's fighting some very horrible nightmares... is there more to this situation...? I'm not gonna answer that :) what I CAN tell you is that there is definitely more to know about Ariel and her past... but we get those answers further in the book so no spoilers from me :) soooo... to be honest, that is all I can tell you about her and the premise of the story :) I mean, I probably could tell you a little detail or two more, but to be honest, I really think it's best to get into the book knowing as little as possible :) so now let me tell you about all my feelings about it :)

Ok, so to be completely honest, if I would knew before what this book is actually about, I probably wouldn't read it... and here's why :) it reads like a horror movie... and I mean that as a compliment :) the writing style pulls you in from the very beginning and was the main reason why I actually finished this book :) you may not know this about me, but I really don't like horror movies... I can't even watch trailers for them, because my imagination is to vivid and I can't sleep afterwards... so imagine what thoughts went through my head when I started reading this book and getting to know what was really going on in it... we are thrown straight into action, basically without any explanation whatsoever... and pretty much throughout the first half of the book I was all like "what the WHAT is going on?!?" :) but then, the answers started appearing... and I was not happy with that situation as well... why? oh I'll tell you :) it was damn scary, that's why :) like I said before, the writing style was truly phenomenal in this story... vivid and descriptive, it made me feel like I was watching a movie... and that was also what made me read this book for quite some time... because the story got so creepy and scary at times, that I couldn't read it at night... I had to wait for the time when I could finish this book during the day... #TrueStory :) I definitely don't regret reading it, after all I made a conscious decision to actually finish the book, but I blame the fantastic writing style for that ;) the story itself was full of surprising turns of events, and that's mainly why I don't want to say anything else about it... so if you are looking for a different book... a book that will definitely creep you out and make your imagination run wild... then definitely give this one a try... :)



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