Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review: "Archangel's heart" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 9 in series Guild hunter
Main characters: Raphael and Elena

I’ve came across a variety of reviews about this newest installment in Guild hunter series… some loved it, some said it was different than the rest of the books and / or slow-paced… we all have the right to our own opinions, and mine is… I really loved it ;) although it’s going to be pretty hard to tell you exactly why I feel that way ;) as always with new books in an on-going series that needs to be read in order, it’s extremely hard to write a spoiler-free review for people who haven’t read the series… so I decided to do a small paragraph about this series in general and why you should absolutely give it a try if you haven’t before, and then I will get to the part including spoilers from previous stories… mind you, no spoilers from this new book, but I will definitely mention things that happenned in previous stories ;) so you’ve been warned ;)

Ok, so about this series in general… ;) you may or may not know this yet, but I am a huge Nalini’s fan in general ;) I absolutely adore her writing style and the way she creates worlds, characters and all sorts of connections between them ;) this particular series can be counted as a sort of urban fantasy / paranormal one ;) what with all the angels, archangels, vampires and such existing in an alternate version of our reality ;) it’s definitely a series that I highly recommend you read all the books in order, because even though majority of them revolves around a different couples, with the exception of Raphael and Elena, who are the center of a few books, there are a lot of things and events that span over a few books and have consequences in even more… so it’s definitely better to follow the plot as the author intended it ;) it’s hard to tell you only a bit more about these books without some big spoilers or without me talking your ears off for a few days, because it’s definitely layered and complex… so what I will say is that I highly recommend you to try it ;)

Ok, so that concludes our spoiler-free-for-people-who-have-not-read-this-series portion of my review ;) so all of you should now avert your eyes, if you don’t want to know anything else ;) to the rest of you who are up to speed, or who just don’t care if you’ll be spoiled, read on ;) seriously people LAST WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD, but not about this book, only all the previous ones ;) ok, so definitely the big surprise was right at the beginning, when I found out that we picked up two years after the end of the last book… ;) the next one, was that the actual book took place over the span of only a few days… but trust me… A LOT has happened during those few days… ;) it’s another installment revolving around Raphael, archangel of New York and his consort, Elena and even though I am sooo looking forward to other characters getting their happy endings, I can’t help but adore this couple ;) so since it’s been two years, and during this time Lijuan was not seen by anyone, all the archangels from the Cadre are summoned by the Luminata… a mysterious and never before seen group that… well… there’s definitely something going on there… ;) so Raphael, along with Elena and Aodhan travel to Lumia, their territory, and… damn… sooooo many thing happened there ;) you know, now that I think of it… that’s pretty much everything I can tell you, without actually spoiling some pretty big revelations ;) so how about I’ll jump into my actual thoughts and feelings about this book ;)

I know that some people didn’t like this story, but I loved it… which actually surprised me a bit ;) yes, the overall vibe was a bit different, but I liked it ;) I adored seeing Raphael and Elena being all power couple and everything, as well as those little and vulnerable scenes just between them… ;) I adored getting to know a bit more about certain characters that appeared before ;) not to mention how much I looooooved the creepy atmosphere and secrets in Lumia… because damn… you have no idea what you’ll discover there… trust me… ;) I am a huge fan of Nalini’s writing style in general, and I always adore how she is able to introduce new characters so far into her series, that I can’t help but fall in love with from the moment I meet them and absolutely can’t wait to see more of them ;) that truly is a gift ;) even though I want to say soooooo much more about what happens in this installment and what we discover about Elena’s family for example… I will restrain myself ;) because I absolutely refuse to ruin all those surprises for you ;) so hopefully I convinced you to give this fantastic book, or series if you are new to it, a try ;) trust me, it will be worth it ;)



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