Monday, November 28, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #40

Crazy few weeks
Temporarily reading two books
Countdown to the concert

Hello, hello my awesome people :) can you believe that it's my #RandomRamblings post #40??? how the time flies by... :) I have quite a few interesting things to share with you guys today, so let's just jump straight into them :) and today we will go with the order of those headlines, because the fact that I'm in a bit of a rush is very much connected to that first line... ;)

Ok, so the upcoming few weeks will be totally crazy :) I have sooo many things on my head that you would not believe :) and I decided to share at least some of you with them so you would understand better why I am not blogging as often as I would like to :) so first, work is going to be... well, busy is not enough to describe it :) besides the usual stuff we all got going on, there are going to be three events in the upcoming two weeks to prepare AND gift baskets, because christmas is coming and it's the time of the year for presents ;) and that's only part of my to-do list :) there's also all the gifts I need to get personally for my family :) I am like half way through them, and I need to get a move on, on that second half, so that everything will be able to get to me in time :) plus all the blog stuff I have, although I am very glad that I don't have as much events here as I used to in the last few months, because if that would be the case, I have no idea when I would actually sleep... :) so if I'm not as active on social media, or not posting here as often as I'd like, those are the reasons... :) everything will slow down after christmas, but for now... *sighs* I'm preparing for anything ;) keep your fingers crossed for me :)

So the next headline is about two books ;) first I need to explain something to you guys:) I used to read a few books at once... so I would have something for my different moods... but after some time I realized that this way of reading books is not really for me... I had troubles remembering all the details about characters and different worlds I've been reading about and well... I decided to switch it up to read just one book at a time... :) but recently I decided to make an exception... :) I was reading an ARC of "On thin ice" by Carrie Aarons, and really loving it, make no mistakes about that.. :) but there was this feeling that's been nagging me for quite some time... a feeling that I needed to read a romance set in the past, with witty banter and a sort of "Beauty and the beast" kind of a situation going on... :) so I knew exactly what kind of a book is on my mind... "Tempt me at twilight" by Lisa Kleypas :) and since I have it in as actual paper version... *sighs dreamily* how long could I have really resisteed? ;) don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question :) so I decided to put "On this ice" on hold and read my historical romance throughout the weekend... :) yeah... good plan ;) unfortunately I was so busy on saturday, and then I... well, fell asleep on saturday night... #PartyWild :) as I am writing this on sunday, I only managed to read two chapters... *sighs* I know, I know... so I changed my plan :) I decided to read "Tempt me at twilight" at home in the evenings, curled up in my reading corner under a warm blanket :) and in the meantime I will be reading "On this ice" on my way to and from work, bcause I have that ARC as an e-book :) we will see how that will work out :) and who knows, maybe I'll sometimes repeat the situation... :) reading a new book AND re-reading something I truly love at the same time :) we will see how this particular experiment will turn out :)

Ok, last but definitely not least... me and J, my awesome sister, are going to see BRUNO MARS live in concert next year!!! :) can you tell how excited I am? ;) when I saw the info about it, I immediately sent the link to J, so we could freak out properly together :) fortunately I saw this two days before the tickets were available to buy, so I could prepare everything :) apparently it wasn't enough :) why, you ask? oh I'll tell you... I've never cursed so much in my entire life than I did on friday while buying the tickets... *sighs* not only the site kept frozing, I had troubles paying for the tickets, and in the end got a message that something went wrong, but there is still a chance that the purchase will go through soon, so I should just keep checking and if it won't happen, contact the people responsible for the site... *sighs* I am not gonna tell you everything that happened, because I don't want to get angry again, instead I will just concentrate on the positive outcome :) I got the confirmation about the tickets :) and that's the only thing that matters :) so me and J are already counting down the days to the concert, even though it's gonna happen at the end of may next year :) and our seats are not bad at all :) either way, we are planning on having a great time, singing and screaming so loud that I will probably lose my voice for a few days afterwards... #NoRegrets ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings :) as always, I love talking with you guys, so if you feel like it, be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I'm there pretty much every day :) have a lovely week :)



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