Monday, November 21, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #39

Super tiny book haul
THAT trailer 
My every friday morning

Hello hello my awesome people :) how are you all feeling at the beginning of yet another week? I hope you all can find at least one reason to smile... ;) I have a super quick post for you today, but filled with all sorts of amazing stuff ;) and today we are gonna once again embrace the chaos and forget about the order of those headlines... ;)

Because I absolutely need to start with the end... :) I have recently found a pic... well I re-found it, because originally I discovered it a few months ago... but now it works even more perfectly :) ok, are you ready? this... this is what my every friday morning looks like... :)

#NoJoke :) this is EXACTLY how I look like on friday mornings... :) ever since I started a full time job that starts at 7 AM my mornings are... well... it's been an adjustment ;) let's leave it at that :) but the first few days each week aren't that horrible :) I just get up and power through my desire to sleep more... ;) but fridays... man oh man... fridays are the worst... I swear, my will power and the fact that I know I'm gonna be able to sleep in the next day are the only things that allow me to get up... and by get up I mean rise-up-like-zombie-slash-mummy-from-the-grave-and-try-to-resemble-a-hman-being-for-the-day :) do you guys feel like this or is it just me? ;)

Another thing I wanted to share with you today is a super tiny book haul... and by tiny, I mean I have just one book to show you :) it's the one I mentioned in my book haul last week, when I thought it would still be weeks before it would get to me... honestly, if I knew it would get here so fast, I would just wait one more week and haul all my new books together... :) but maybe it's actually a good thing that this book will get all the spotlight, because "Beard science" by Penny Reid was absolutely fantastic :) I read the ARC of it in an e-book format, and after finishing it I immediately knew I'll need the paper version on my shelf ASAP :) it's definitely one of the best books I read... like ever :) I normally don't do it, but if you missed it before, I'll leave the link to my full review right -> here <- :) I just need everyone to read this amazing gem :) I'm gonna share a pic of the book with you, but not the whole shelf, because that one book don't make much of a difference from the pic from last week :) next haul I'll be doing will be after christmas, because I was banned from buying books by my sister :) so I'm gonna go on a binge after that ;)

Last but definitely not least, we have got to talk about that trailer... you know... the first full lenght trailer to what is probably my most highly anticipated movie of next year... "Beauty and the beast" *squeels with excitement* there are no words that can describe my love for this story so I'm not even gonna try... ;) I'm sure you all have seen it by now, but if somehow you missed it, join me in watching it yet again... how many times I saw this already, you ask? :) yeah... I lost count long ago... #NoShame #NoRegrets :)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed this short post :) I love to connect and talk to you all, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I'm there every day :)



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