Monday, November 14, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #38

Music recommendation
First snow
That delayed book haul I promised you earlier

Welcome my awesome people to another edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) this one will include all sorts of book-ish and none-book-ish things, but... that happens every week, so what else is new? ;) and once more we are gonna embrace the chaos, because even though my life gets more organized every week... little by little, but still, it counts :) chaos is definitely still a good freind of mine ;) and we can't control everything either way, soooo... let's just dive into it :)

I will start in the middle of those headlines :) you guys... we got first snow this week :) well, technically since you will be reading this on monday, it was last week, but you get what I mean :) it was only a bit, but still... :) if you haven't figured it out yet, I am definitely more of a winter than summer person... I love to curl up under a blanket with hot coffee and a good book, and just disappear into a story... *sighs dreamily* :) plus, when it comes to winter, there is always one more blanket that you can use to warm yourself, but when it's a heatwave in summer, there's only so much you can take off... ;) so count me as a #WinterGirl :)

Now let's get to the book haul :) because I have actually eleven books to share with you :) I know, I know... eleven is quite a lot, but it's actually all the books I bought in the last few weeks and I won't be getting any more this year :) I mean, technically, I have one more that's on the way to me right now, but it might be a few weeks till it gets here, so I'm doing my book haul now :) the next book-buying-binge will happen after christmas, so let us enjoy all the lovely books on my shelf today :) so the first one I want to mention is the one I am currently reading :) the newest installment in Guild hunter series by Nalini Singh, one of my all time favourite authors :) although there is a slight chance that I will finish it by the time you will read this, but... oh well :) I am just a huge fan of her writing style, and since recenty I realized how much I missed reading actual paper books, there are quite a few books I haven't read in this book haul :) and this is one of them :) it's tricky for me to buy books I haven't read, because I don't like surprises... as in, if I don't know the author, or I'm not sure I will like the book, I won't waste my money and buy it... I'd rather check it out from the library first, or receive it as a blogger and just check it out earlier, before I decide I need it... but there are exceptions to my not-buing-unread-books rule :) and I will share some of those exceptions here today with you :) for example, I absolutely love Nalini's writing style... I read all sorts of her books, and adored every one of them :) so I decided to buy "Archangel's heart" just so I can have the pleasure of reading an actual paper copy of the story :) and it is awesome :)

The second book I want to share with you is actually also written by Nalini :) it's part of her Psy-changeling series :) "Heart of obsidian" revolves around my probably second favourite couple in these stories :) I'm not gonna share their names here, because if you are new to this series, it's book #12 and the names might be considered a spoiler for some of you :) and if you know it, I don't have to introduce the hero and heroine to you... :) I am more than happy to have this gem on my shelf :)

The next two books I want to share is actually a series co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy :) I think some of you know already what I'm talking about... ;) I am a huge fan of those ladies individually, but I haven't read this particular collaboration before... and it's one of those exceptions I mentioned before :) this time, it was my sister who said I should get them, because I will definitely love them, and since J and me have quite similar book taste, I trust her :) plus, like I mentioned before, I adore both of those authors writing styles, so I can only imagine how fantastic will be their collaboration... :)

The next series I want to show you is Elements by Brittainy C. Cherry... although this series consists of total standalone stories that are only connected by the elements of nature (air, fire, water and earth) :) I actually read the first one, but not the other two yet... but since I was absolutely mesmerized by the truly phenomenal writing style of this author, and my sister J already read the second book and said it was even better than the first, I just knew I needed them on my shelf :) I am saving them for a day when I'm ready to be emotional, because Brittainy C. Cherry is truly a master at making me cry like a baby... and breaking my heart... but also putting it back together in the most beautiful way... *sighs* I can't wait :)

The last four books I want to share with you today is actually four out of a five-books series :) The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas is one of my all time favourite series ever :) these historical romances are brilliantly written and just oh... so... phenomenal... :) and don't worry, I'm hauling only four of them, because I bought book #3 before, so now I have the entire set :) and I couldn't be more happy about it :)

All in all I am really loving how my lovely book shelf is looking these days... :) it's getting bigger and bigger each month :) and slowly I will be getting all the books I love... :) it definitely will take A LOT of time, because let's be honest... I had to give myself a limit of how much money I can spend on books each month, because when it comes to them.. I have no will power and I WOULD spend everything to buy more and more books... ;) but I will get there eventually ;) in the meantime... look at my pretty shelf :)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys a great music theme... I call it my fearless-warrior theme :) I heard it first in "Wonder woman" trailer and now every time I need to get into a right mood and feel like I can kick some ass I listen to it ;) so here is the actual music theme :)

And here is the trailer with that music... seriously guys, it gives me chills every time... :) the more I watch it and listen to the song, the more I am getting excited to watch the actual movie... hopefully it won't end up disappointing me :)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) I had so much fun writing this #RandomRamblings post for you guys :) as always, I love to interact with you, so if you want, feel free to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I am there every day :)


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