Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) december edition

How?!? just how is it possible that it's the end of another month?!? seriously people... I feel like I just wrote this post for the previous month... *sighs* time really flies by when you're busy ;) and december will go by even faster, because of all the stuff I need to do... but worry not, I will do my best to not disappear completely as a blogger :) ok, so back to all the upcoming books from december that I can't wait to read... ok, to be honest, it won't be ALL the books that I will probably read at some point in the future, because I want to tell you only about three of them :) there are a few more from the series I know, but I'm not up to speed in them, or something like that, so... this time I'm just gonna share with you guys three books that I was actually lucky to get ARC's of :)

So the first one is actually the one I am currently reading :) "On thin ice" by Carrie Aarons is a standalone contemporary romance about a young heiress who after the murder of her parents is now hiding in one of the mansions belonging to her family that not many people know about... and the hero is the groundskeeper there... so besides the very slow burn romance... at least in the part I already read, there's definitely a mystery part of this story about who did that to this family... I don't want to say more, because of spoilers, but I can't wait to uncover all the secrets ;)

Another book that I am really looking forward to read is "Becoming a legend" by Sarah Robinson :) it's book #3 in her Kavanagh legends series and after absolutely loving the previous one... only the previous one because I still have yet to read the first book... :) I can't wait to read this installment :) I don't want to say too much about the main characters, but the series overall tells the stories of Kavanagh siblings, focusing each book on a happy ending for one of them :) I am a huge fan of Sarah's writing style and I can't wait to dive into this series, because I simply adore that family :)

Last but not least, there is the newest installment in Cold Fury hockey series written by Sawyer Bennett, "Max" :) now about that one, it's a bit of a funny story :) I read the first four books a while ago and absolutely loved them :) then I sort of skipped the fifth one, because of... well, lack of time and all sorts of different reasons :) but since they all can be read as standalones, I decided to read this new one without catching up on "Hawke" :) Sawyer Bennet is another author that has a great writing style and I can't wait to see what she has planned next in this series :)



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