Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: "Worth the risk" by Claudia Connor

Author: Claudia Connor
Book 2 in series The McKinney brothers
Main characters: Stephen McKinney and Hannah Walker

I have a very unusual way of reading this series... ;) well, unusual for me at least ;) let me explain... ;) I am one of those people who likes to read series in order... even if they are only loosely connected, I always enjoy those little connections and scenes that mean so much more if you read the books in order... but ever since I started signing up for all sorts of ARCs and events, I often pick up a second or third story in a series or even a later one ;) and I don’t mind that at all, because it’s a great way for me to discover new authors ;) that’s exactly how I found Claudia Connor ;) I picked up book #3 in this series and really loved it ;) so when after a short break from reading that I needed to unwind, and a bad weekend when I DNF-ed two books in two days, I knew that I needed something really good to pull me out of this situation ;) and ever since my lovely sister J read all the books in this series, she kept telling me that this one will be my favourite and it’s just the story for me... ;) and she was soooooo right ;) because I absolutely loved this book ;) so now let me tell you a bit more why... ;)

I need to start with our main couple... Hannah and Stephen... because *sighs dreamily* I loved them both... ;) Hannah is a young woman who suffered from a very tragic event around 10 years ago... I don’t want to go into too many details, but something truly horrible happened to her... years later she rebuilt her life and now has a place on her farm where she helps children with disabilities and after traumas with her horses ;) it’s a truly beautiful idea... she’s a bit shy and closed off, which is natural after everything that happened to her... but she also has a fighter in her... she’s a survivor with a very brave side as well ;) and even a little bit sassy from time to time... ;) she and Stephen are actually a little bit of reversed „Beauty and the beast” type of a story... although I only partially agree with that statement... ;) yes, she has scars... and a lot of them, but Stephen have a very traumatic event in his past as well... the only difference is that it hadn’t left visual scars on him... because trust me, both of them have mental and emotional scars... but he definitely looks like the „beauty” of the story ;) handsome, smart, rich and successful he seems to be the perfect catch... and everyone usually fawns all over him and fights for his attention... so when he meets Hannah, who acts totally different, that definitely catches his attention ;) but that’s only the beginning of a beautiful slow burn romance between them... *sighs happily* I was soooo in the mood for that kind of a story ;) the way he slowly earned her trust... how day by day they grew closer and opened up to one another... although he was conflicted for a long time... on the one hand, he felt like he was bad for her, but on the other hand, he couldn’t stop thinking about her... I can’t really explain you better why he thought he was not good for Hannah, because I don’t want to spoil you stuff, so that short explanation just gonna have to be enough ;) but what I loved most about them, is how their relationship felt real... which is a great compliment for the author... yes, they both made mistakes, but then acted like adults and did their best to remedy the situation... not to mention the fact that their relationship wasn’t an easy one... both of them have a past and those tragic events shaped them into the people they are today... but watching them together... how happy they made each other... *sighs happily* it truly was a pleasure ;)

Of course besides our main couple we have a bunch of secondary characters as well ;) but instead of talking about each and every one of those people, because trust me... we would be here all day in that case ;) I’m gonna divide them into two groups ;) first, we have the whole McKinney family... they are absolutely wonderful... and trust me, after reading about Matt and Abby in yet another book, I am now even more curious about finally reading their story in book #1 ;) it will happen... at some point in the future ;) I am definitely not making declarations about a time frame though ;) but that whole family is so fun to read about... so many siblings, significant others and kids... ;) but I already knew they are fantastic after reading about them in the third book ;) what surprised me is how much I adored Hannah’s brothers... that second group I want to mention to you ;) she has four of them, and the word „overprotective” is definitely not enough to describe how they feel about her... I can’t really blame them though for acting that way after everything that happened about ten years ago... but back to more good news ;) I am very happy to share with you that they will get their own spin-off-ish series, with the first book about Nick and Mia coming out next year ;) excuse me while I take a little break to do a happy dance ;)

As we are nearing the end of my review, I feel like I need to say this again: J, you were absolutely right ;) I loved this story... the wonderful writing style... characters who absolutely stole my heart... slow burn romance that made me sigh and make „aaaaawwww” noises more times than I want to admit... ;) *sighs happily* see?? I told ya ;) it was a lovely read and if you haven’t picked it up before, definitely do it now ;) and don’t worry, even though it’s book #2 in a series, it works perfectly well as a standalone, so you can read it whenever you want ;) it will make you smile, tear up a bit and gasp in surprise... I loved every part of it and I definitely hope I was able to convince you to give this wonderful book a try ;)



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