Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: "Shadowbound" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Title: "Shadowbound"
Book 1 in series Dark arts
Main characters: Lucien, Lord Rathbourne and Ianthe Martin

I am sitting here thinking how to start this review... because I have sooooo many things to share with you... and even more that I absolutely cannot tell you, because they are truly spoilerific ;) plus, there are all my feelings about this book, the story and the characters... *sighs* it’s a lot ;) but I will do my best to at least try to have some order in my review ;) so how about I’ll start with saying a little bit more about the world in this book, especially since it’s the beginning of a new series ;)

There is a lot of world building going on in this installment... which is only natural, with it being the first book in a new series and all ;) not to mention that it’s a fantasy / steampunk-ish story, so the amount of informations and details we get is truly big... I honestly have to say, that from time to time I needed a moment to analyze everything and just go through it in my mind, so I wouldn’t get confused... ;) but worry not, the further you get into the book, the easier it is to understand everything... and the most important things are repeated a few times, so you DO understand everything at some point ;) so how about I will actually tell you something about the premise of the book ;) it’s a sort of alternate version of Victorian London but with sorcery and magical relics and I just love a mix like that ;) in fact we have three relics: the blade, the chalice and the wand... and the number three itself is important... for many more reasons than just the relics, but unfortunately I cannot tell you more without spoilers ;) I feel like this will be the main theme of my review... all the things I can't tell you ;) it's definitely a very interesting world and the more I got to know about it, the more excited I got about the future books :)

Now let us move on to the main couple... and actually, they were my least favourite part of the book... ;) don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed them, after all I gave the whole book 4 / 4,5 stars rating, but theirs is a type of relationship I'm not the biggest fan of in books... ;) and I'm not even talking about the fact that they have sort of an agreement when he is her Shield during the day but her nights belong to him... ;) that actually didn't bother me... I am talking about something totally different... unfortunately for you, I can't be more specific, because the reasons why I wasn't a fan, can be counted as quite spoilerefic :) but it's connected to my personal preferences as a reader, and not to the abilities of Bec McMaster as a writer... because trust me, I am in love with her writing style :) so long story short, Ianthe is looking for one of the relics that got stolen, and since it was taken from a very secure place, she can't really trust anyone... anyone besides the man she helped imprison in Bedlam about a year ago... dun dun duuuunnnn ;) so you can imagine that there is some tension between them ;) I don't really want to say anything more, because I feel like the less you know before actually reading the book, the better ;) because then you can be surprised by all the turns and twists just as I was :)

Of course besides the main couple there is quite a lot of secondary characters introduced in this book... and even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the main couple in this first installment, I cannot wait to read the second book... because we do meet the hero from that story in this one and from the moment he was introduced, I was totally crossing my fingers he will have his own story... but wait, there's more... ;) as much as I am curious about him, it's actually the couple from the third book that REALLY captured my attention because damn... I absolutely cannot tell you names for all of them, because again... it's too spoilerefic, but the moment you read about them I promise, you will know who I'm talking about... ;) GAH!!! it's really hard to tell you why I loved them all so much without spoiling you some very important details, so all I can say is that they seem like such interesting characters... complex and just... *sighs dreamily* I need those books ASAP ;) so it's actually a very good thing that the second one comes out very soon... like in a matter of weeks :) but the pain of waiting for that third, and what I'm assuming may be the conclusion to the series... that pain will be huge ;) besides all the future heroes and heroines there are of course quite a few more very important people, but again... and I feel like by this time in the review you slowly want to kill me for repeating this over and over again... ;) I don't want to tell you any names, so as not to spoil you who turns out to be important ;) so I'm just gonna run away before you hurt me, and get to my general feelings about this book ;)

I am a huge fan of Bec McMaster... I inhaled all of her London steampunk books so I was more than curious before picking this one up... it's been on my tbr #BookMountain for the longest time... well, for a few months to be exactly since it came out :) and when I got accepted to her ARCs team and knew that I will get an Advanced Reader Copy of "Hexbound", the second book in this series :) it finally gave me the excuse to read it before that happens ;) I know that for some of you the fact that I needed an excuse to read the book may be funny, but with the amount of all the ARCs and free copies and everything on my #BookMountain sometimes I need a deadline from someone else but me, to actually finally pick up and read a certain book :) but back to the topic :) I was super curious how a story set in another world than the one I already know from her will be... and I have to say, I really enjoyed it :) I think it was a fantastic beginning of a series :) overall I gave the story 4 stars, but needed to add 0,5 for the secondary characters... all those future heroes and heroines, especially the couple from the third book... *sighs dreamily* theirs were my favourite scenes from the whole book... :) the writing style was fantastic as always, and I cannot wait to get to know more... Bec McMaster is phenomenal in creating a book in a way that you not only are satisfied with the resolution between the main couple, but she gets you super curious about all the future installments, leaving small glimpses and little teasers here and there about what might happen next ;) I can wholeheartedly recommend you this book, so if you haven't read it yet, definitely give it a try :)



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