Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: "Keepsake" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Title: "Keepsake"
Book 3 in series True north
Main characters: Zachariah "Zach" Holtz and Lark Wainwright

I got my hands on the ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and *sighs happily* it was sooooo good :) it's the third book in a series, but if you haven't read the previous stories, this one can work as a standalone as well :) but I highly recommend you to read them either way, because they are awesome :) and as much as I loved the second book I was super excited to get back to the Shipley's farm with this one... and if you are not familiar with this series, that sentence may not make sense to you, but I will explain everything along the way :) so let me dive straight into all the praises about this fantastic story :)

So about our main couple :) I loved Zach from the very moment I met him back in that first story :) he works as a sort of universal farm hand on Shipley's farm... and that family is just soooo wonderful, more about them in a moment :) he has quite an unusual past, but since I don't want to spoil you anything in case you don't know it yet, let's just say that he was very... shielded when he was growing up, until he... changed his address... :) I know I'm being vague, but I am trying very hard not to spoil you anything :) but ever since he arrived in Vermont a few years ago he started to learn a whole new way of life... :) I just love him... he's this calm, maybe a bit shy guy, but trust me... the saying "still waters run deep" is more than true in his case... because there is sooo much more to him than I imagined at first :) and it was so fun to see his other side... :) Lark on the other hand is a new character that we haven't met before :) she is struggling after certain events in her life as well... I can't go into too many details, because we don't know what exactly happened until later into the story... but she is quite different than him... or she was before... her nickname after all was Wild Child ;) but everything that happened to her changed her and she is struggling to go back to who she was before... she decides to stay at the Shipley's farm, accepting an invitation from May, her best friend :) she and Zach... *sighs happily* it's definitely a slow burn romance between those two :) and I absolutely loved every minute of it :) but once that fire started... damn... :) not to mention that thanks to chapters written in both of their points of view, we get a fantastic glimpse into their minds... :)

Besides Zach and Lark we of course have a whole bunch of secondary characters :) instad of naming each and every one of them all I'm gonna say is: the Shipley family :) like I mentioned before, I was super happy that we got back on their farm in this story, because I missed all of them :) the banter, the love between them... :) the more family members in one scene the better :) but I will say this... after reading his book I absolutely NEED May's story :) I can't tell you why exactly, but I need it... I don't care when, but it needs to be in my hands at some point ;) although I do have a feeling who will be the main character in the next story in this series... I can't tell you the name, but there was a scene at the end of the book that I don't think the author would put there just to tease us if she didn't have plans for writing another book :)

I loved this book :) I started reading it one evening thinking I'm gonna do some work the next day and then finish it as a reward... yeah... that's not what happened :) I was so curious and couldn't concentrate on anything else, that I just had to finish it :) and it was sooooo worth it :) there were moments when I forgot I was reading a book... I was pulled completely into the story, cheering the characters on, rooting for them and their happy ending... this story made me laugh out loud, but it was also emotional... I definitely did not expect to cry when I was reading it but, well... that happened :) #NoRegrets ;) there were scenes that truly broke my heart in half, but fortunately for my sanity, the lovely Sarina put it back together a bit later in the book... she truly has this amazing ability to write books that are funny but also emotional in a way that really makes you connect to the characters so much, that you forget you read about fictional people :) I would love to be a part of that family... or at least to visit them for a day, and soak up the atmosphere :) so if you are looking for a fantastic book to get lost in, look no further and one click this gem... :)



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