Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: "Eight-second ride" by Anne Jolin

Author: Anne Jolin
Book 2 in series Willow Bay stables
Main characters: Owen Daniels and Rayne "Ray" Brookes

I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review :) and it was another great read from this author :) don't worry if you haven't read the previous story in this series, because this one works as a standalone as well :) although I do need to warn you, once you read it... if you haven't read the others, you will definitely want to do it ;) this is yet another perfectly sized book for an entertaining afternoon... a bit longer than a novella but definitely not a full lenght story, it's just enough to spend a nice evening ;) since it's not super long, my review will be on the shorter side as well, since I don't want to spoil you guys every little detail :)

Owen is part of the Daniels family that I fell in love with in that previous story, but again, if you haven't read it, you can just fall in love with them in this installment :) Owen comes home after a few months to see how the vet took care of his horse that got injured a while back... and to his surprise he discovers that Ray he remembers is not the Ray he meets ;) it's actually his daughter who took over the practice after he retired... :) and she definitely catches his eye... ;) I think he is more intrigued about her because she so blatantly refused when he asked her out that first time ;) because which man doesn't like a challenge? ;) she have very good reasons to decline his offer, but I am not gonna get into them, because they are obviously too spoilery ;) but he decides to win her over... and I must say that I would probably give in much sooner than her ;) I absolutely loved Ray, and even though Owen sometimes was a bit too arrogant, I forgave him everytime he opened his mouth and said the word *darlin'* ;) *sighs dreamily* it's my second favourite term of endearment, right after *luv* :)

Besides the main couple there were quite a few fun secondary characters... :) one of them I absolutely cannot name because that person was a total surprise for me while I was reading :) so I know I'm being vague, but you'll thank me once you read the book without that spoiler :) what I can say is that I fell in love with the Daniels family even more in this story :) we have London and Branson, the main couple from the first story and some updates about them :) and of course Aurora, the heroine from the next book was lovely as always... *sighs happily* seriously, this series just keeps getting better and better :)

I don't know what it is about those stories, but even though they are not perfect, I can't help myself and always give them 5 stars ratings :) they are just sooo fun to read :) the writing style is really good and the chapters just fly by and I'm finishing the book before I know what is happening :) this one was once again written in 2 POVs, which gave us chapters from both our main characters perspectives :) I would love nothing more than to share with you a few more details, but I absolutely refuse to spoil you on this lovely story :) so just trust me when I say that it's a super fun and entertaining book that will surprise you with an emotional scene when you least expect it :) I highly recommend this story if you are looking for a quick read that will be a great mix of fun and sweet moments :)



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