Friday, October 14, 2016

Review: "Change rein" by Anne Jolin

Author: Anne Jolin
Title: "Change rein"
Book 1 in series Willow Bay stables
Main characters: Branson Tucker and London Daniels

I got my hands on the free copy of this book when I signed up for the newest, third installment in this series and let me tell you… I am very happy it landed on my kindle ;) I was actually thinking a lot about how to rate this book… I was tempted for the longest time to give it full 5 stars… was it perfect? absolutely not ;) but I had so much fun while reading it, that I decided to go with my gut feeling and ultimately 5 stars it is ;) I think I was in just the perfect mood to read this kind of a story right now, so why fight it? ;) my review will be a bit shorter, because the book itself is not very long… I’d say it’s somewhere between a novella and a full lenght book ;) so the perfect amount of pages for a fun evening ;)

Let me start with our main couple, London and Branson… ;) London is recuperating on her family’s farm after a dangerous fall she sustained during Olympics that ultimately cost her the gold medal… now she’s back home just in time to help her family take care of all the horses that belong to Branson, who after the fire in his own stables needs a new place for them… but wait, there’s more… ;) did I sounded like an infomercial…? ;) oh well, back to the topic ;) it’s no coincidence that Branson chose that particular stables… ;) in fact, he got his eye on London for some time before they actually met… ;) she intrigued him and he was very determined to meet her ;) and yes, their relationship starts as this sort of instant attraction on both sides that then grows into something more… to be honest, I’m usually not the biggest fan of those situations, but somehow this time it worked for me ;) 

Besides our main couple we of course have quite a few very interesting secondary characters… ;) and two of them are very important… ;) mainly because they will be main characters in future stories in this series… or should I say they already are ;) first there’s Owen, the big brother… very protective… ;) I can’t wait to see who will tame him a bit… ;) and then there’s Aurora, the little sister ;) her story is actually the one that draw my attention to this series… and I am more than curious to see how it will go… ;) there are of course a few others, but they appear in only a few scenes here and there, so I will leave them for yourselves to discover while you’re reading… ;)

The story itself is written in 2 POVs, which is always a huge plus for me in books ;) I love to be able to see inside both of main characters heads ;) like I mentioned before, even though the relationship between London and Branson develops pretty quickly and is quite intense, I really enjoyed it ;) I think the main reason for that is that the writing style was so entertaining… ;) I’m surprised by how much fun I had while reading all the banter and interactions, not only between our main couple, but with London and her siblings as well… ;) all of it makes me that much more impatient to get to those sequels ;) was this book perfect? nope… ;) would I love it more if it were longer? absolutely ;) but none of those things change the fact how fun it was for me ;) so I’m giving it 5 stars and definitely recommend it for you as a perfect read for when you’re in the mood for entertaining and a fast read, but with a few surprisingly sweet moments… and a few gasps-in-shock ones as well ;) definitely give it a try ;)



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