Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: "All night long" by Mignon Mykel

Author: Mignon Mykel
Book 3 in series O'Gallagher nights
Main characters: Greyson "Grey" Stone and Brenna O'Gallagher

I got the ARC of this novella from the lovely author herself in exchange for an honest review :) and just like with every other novella of hers I read, I wish it would have been longer :) I really like the writing style of Mignon Mykel and I feel like her shorter stories would only get better if we got a few more chapters... or a lot more ;) this particular story is the third and final installment in the O'Gallagher nights series and I highly recommend for you to read the previous two stories before diving into this one :) mainly because the ending to this novella works like a beautiful epilogue to the whole series and you will appreciate all those little scenes more if you are familiar with the characters :) since this is a novella, and a short one as well, my review also won't be too long :)

The story of Brenna and Grey felt like a preview to a full lenght book to me :) a book I would totally love to read by the way ;) we saw little glimpses into their lives over the span of a few years and... I need more :) those chapters went by way too quickly, and that is the main reason why I can't really tell you anything more about their journey... I really liked Grey but Brenna sometimes annoyed me a little... I feel like I would connect with her soooo much more if I got more opportunities to get to know her better... but that's usually the problem with novellas... :) especially from authors with a really great writing style :) those short glimpses are never enough ;) this particular one is written in 2 POVs, so we have parts of the story from Brenna's perspective and then some from Grey's as well... and there are also some surprises at the end of the story :) which is why I really recommend you to read those two previous novellas before this one :) all in all I quite enjoyed this book and definitely will keep coming back to reading this author :) but my fingers are crossed for a full lenght book next time ;)



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