Friday, October 7, 2016

Review: "About last night" by Mignon Mykel

Author: Mignon Mykel
Book 2 in series O'Gallagher nights
Main characters: Rory O'Gallagher and Emily Winters

I got the ARC of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it :) although again, I feel like this story could really benefit from at least a few chapters more... what can I say, I like long books ;) don't get me wrong, I did not lower my rating because it's a novella, I knew perfectly well accepting the ARC that it would be a novella, but that's just my personal observation ;) and since it's a shorter story, my review will be a little bit on the shorter side as well, because otherwise I would have to spoil you every little thing from the book ;)

Ok, so let me tell you a bit more about the book itself... don't worry, just a little bit, so you'll still have some surprises while reading ;) Rory is the co-owner of the bar with his brother, and he's the middle one of the O'Gallagher siblings... don't worry if you haven't read the first story in this series, cause this one works perfectly well as a standalone... ;) he is this carefree, fun guy, and I have to say I actually quite liked him :) was he cocky and arrogant? sure, but it's not like he pretended to be someone else or he deceived the women he dated ;) and that leads me to the thing that bugged me a little bit... I really did not understood how much Emily hated him from the start... I mean, I get that some things about him could annoy her, but her feelings were so strong, that I almost expected some bigger story there that would explain all of that... Emily was working at their bar for about a year, and she hated him from the start... now, after all that time they sort of... ignited in this hate-to-lust sort of situations... that was supposed to be just a one time thing but escalated into something more... that is all I can say about the story and the characters, without describing everything in the book ;)

All in all I really enjoyed this novella... I loved the banter between the main couple, not to mention that it was written in 2 POVs which is always a huge plus for me, because I love to be able to get inside both of the main characters heads :) what bugged me throughout this story is the amount of hatred Emily had for Rory... I just couldn't understand that, without some bigger explanation... like I mentioned before, I wish this story would be longer, so as to give us a little bit more of a background for both of them and time for them to come to terms with what really is between them... the ending totally surprised me... I definitely did not see that coming... sorry for being vague, but I can't say anything more without some really major spoilers, but... well... again, I think it would really benefit more from an additional chapter or two... :) I loved that we saw a little glimpse into who might be the main hero of that third novella... because we all know that Brenna, the final sibling will be the heroine ;) and I have to say... I totally approve ;) personally, I really wished this story would be longer, because I absolutely love the writing style of Mignon Mykel, and the more is always the better... ;) but if you are in the mood for a short and sexy read, definitely give her a try ;)



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