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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #36

Even more movies
A giant weight off my shoulders
Halloween book tag

Hello my awesome people :) this time I have my new #RandomRamblings post for you one day earlier than usual :) like I explained last time, I have a costume party to prepare myself for tomorrow and originally I thought I will have to go to work as well that day... so I wouldn't have the time to post my babbling on monday ;) fortunately and very surprisingly, I was able to take the day off, so technically I could post this tomorrow, but since I made you a promise, you're getting it today ;) and since I'm feeling a bit lazy, let's go with the order of the headlines ;) hey, don't judge... we ALL have those days ;)

So about those movies... ;) you may or may not remember that I wanted to start really using my Unlimited card, which gives me an opportunity to see as many movies as I like at my favourite movie theatre for the equivalent of the price of two tickets :) and I feel like I'm on a good road to accomplish that :) last week, or should I say this week, since it's still sunday ;) I saw "Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children" and I actually really enjoyed it :) more than I anticipated :) it was visually stunning, definitely a little bit creepy... or more than a little bit in certain scenes... and I absolutely loved the soundtrack :) wonderful way to spend your evening ;) and no, I haven't read the books yet :) they are on my #BookMountain and I will get to them at some point in the future :) although after watching the movie I'm definitely much more curious about this whole story :) if you haven't heard about it, check out the trailer ;)

As for the second movie I want to talk to you about... ;) I already have the tickets to see "Doctor Strange" next week :) and I absolutely cannot wait to do it :) I am a huge fan of all Marvel movies and I am more than curious to see how this particular one will turn out :) if you haven't before, be sure to check out the trailer :)

I have a confession to make... :) last week I've been in an awfully good mood... :) like, exceptionally awesome mood... :) and it took me a few days to figure out the cause... you guys... I'm finally free!!! :) ok, that sounded a bit dramatic... ;) let me explain :) for the last few months I have been buried under a mountain of ARCs and free copies of books I received for review... don't get me wrong, I am more than grateful for that opportunity, it's just that the amount of those books overwhelmed me... add to that a full time job and... well, I felt the pressure... I was barely keeping up with reading the books I had with deadlines to post a review... and all the rest of them just kept accumulating more and more on my kindle... *sighs heavily* trust me, I have definitely learned my lesson... but I am more than pleased to say, that I am at the very end of reading those books-with-deadlines pile :) just a few more that I can easily read in time :) and I honestly have to say... I have not realized, how big of a weight I had on my shoulders, until it disappeared... :) you may think I'm exaggerating, but I honestly felt guilty when I was doing other stuff besides reading in my spare time... because I always felt like "I should read... I have this giant list of books I NEED to get through before certain dates" and it took away a bit of fun from reading... but now I can enjoy it once again :) if I feel like it, I can devour a book in one afternoon, or read it throughout the entire week :) and that feeling is amazing... :)

Now about that last point :) it's been ages since me and my sister did a book tag together :) mostly because it actually takes me much longer to write it, and I was super busy for the last few months... :) but since I have more free time now, we decided that Halloween is the perfect time to get back to it :) originally we wanted to do one of the Halloween book tags that are out there, but once we started to think about how to answer the questions, we wanted to change them a bit here and there so in the end we decided that it would be just easier to create our own book tag :) so here it is for you guys :) our very own Halloween book tag with nine....well, not questions, more like talking points ;) but you get the gist :) we hope you'll enjoy it and of course feel free to choose your own books / characters for them as well :)
#1 Dracula -> a book that sucked you dry ;)
A: ok, before you go in a weird direction, what we meant by that is a book that really got to you emotionally... not a book with teeth that actually bled you ;) and for that I chose "Steadfast"  by  Sarina Bowen... it's part of her True north series, but works perfectly well as a standalone... and let me tell you... this contemporary romance really got to me... Sarina has such an amazing writing style, and the story of Jude, an ex-con who is still recovering from addiction, and how he after a few years away comes back to his hometown and Sophie, his high school sweetheart... *sighs* it was beautiful... emotional as hell, it broke my heart so many times... but the ending is sooo worth it :)
J: I have to go with "Born of legend" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, part of her The league series... because... well... I read this book a few months ago, and it's still sooo close to my heart... Dagger's story... and yes, that's a nickname, but I can't tell you his real name, that's too much of a spoiler if you are not up to speed with this series... his life... *sighs heavily* I still get emotional from time to time when I remember certain moments from it... don't worry, Sherrilyn always gives us, readers, beautiful endings to her stories, but sometimes the road to that happy ending is longer and more emotional than others...
#2 Invisible man -> a character that works in the shadows ;)
A: Cletus Winston from "Beard science" by Penny Reid, book #3 in her Winston brothers series :) oh he is so devious... ;) at one point in that book he is called "maniacally clever" and that is a spot on description... :) what makes him even more dangerous, is that the majority of people don't see him that way until it's too late :) until he already planned and executed the thing he wanted to achieve... he is a true mastermind :) and also, I had to mention this book because so far it was my favourite read of this year ;)
J: Jason from "Archangel's storm" by Nalini Singh, part of her Guild hunter series :) he is a spymaster for archangel Rafael and is all sorts of mysterious... ;) he speaks very little, but when he does... damn... ;) he's all stealth and mystery with all those wicked tattoos... defiitely a character to keep an eye on... although it won't be easy, since he's soooo good at hiding ;)
#3 Frankenstein's monster -> a character brought back to life ;)
A: and by that we don't mean literally brought back from the dead... ;) although if you can think of an example, that would be cool ;) but we decided to go with a more metaphorical explanation :) so I chose for this one Jo from "Our forever" by Elena Matthews :) Jo lost the father of her son five years ago and ever since she hasn't been the same... it's not until she moves to another city and meets her neighbour that she starts to really open up again for everything that life has to offer... esily one of the best books I've read this year :)
J: I chose Rae from "Rae of sunshine" by Micalea Smeltzer, book #1 in her Light in the dark series... she did something that know weighs heavily on her conscience... and no, I won't say anything else, because no spoilers from me ;) and now she is barely living weighed down by everything... until she meets someone who decides to show her that life is sooo much more than just one bad decision... I highly recommend this story :)
#4 Werewolf -> favourite shapeshifter ;)
A: that was a hard one, but I finally decided on Ben from Psy-changeling series by Nalini Singh :) he's this absolutely adorable little member of the SnowDancer pack, so that means he's a wolf changeling :) but you could pick out pretty much each kid that appears in this series and it would work as well :) the little ones win my heart and steal the focus in each little scene they are mentioned throughout the series :) those are definitely one of my favourite parts :)
J: I was really tempted to go with one of the characters from the same series as well, but decided against it... I mean, can Nalini's books be the answer to all the questions? yes... yes they can ;) but we decided to try hard to give you more book recommendations in this tag so with a heavy heart I'm choosing a character from a different sereis... well... not THAT heavy heart ;) after all, Dragos from Elder races series by Thea Harrison is definitely worth mentioning ;) after all, who wouldn't love a dragon who wears suits and is all dangerous and stuff to everyone but his mate? ;) he and Pia are definitely one of my all time favourite couples ;)
#5 Mummy -> a book or series that takes place in an exotic country / world ;)
A: I have to go with The league series by Sherrilyn Kenyon :) I mean, what's a book tag if I don't mention one of my all time favourite series ever ;) and also, what's more exotic than a whole other planet... or should I say planets as in plural ;) I feel like by now I already said everything I possibly can about why you should all read this series if you haven't before so I'm gonna shut up now ;)
J: I'm going with The Faraday files series by Kate McIntyre :) it's this phenomenally written series that takes place in sort of alternative Victorian London but with all these steampunk and paranormal vibes :) seriously, I cannot recommend this series enough, just go read it :)
#6 Ghost -> a book with white on the cover ;)
A: trust me, there were soooo many for both of us to choose from, but ultimately we found examples from series not mentioned anywhere else in this book tag, just to give you even more great book recs :) so I went wih "Hustler" by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince :) a hilarious and sexy as hell contemporary romance that blew my mind ;)
J: and I decided on a book that is a part of a really great sports themed series :) again, to give you even more great book recs :) "Thrown by a curve" by Jaci Burton, book #5 in her Play by play series :)


#7 Witches and wizards -> a character with a special ability that you would like to be for a day ;)
A: that was a very tough question, for both of us :) but ultimately I picked Verity from "Hexbound" by Bec McMaster, book #2 in her Dark arts series :) I mean, who wouldn't want to be able to teleport? ;) and the fact that you would also have Adrian Bishop all to yourself is just an icing on the cake ;)
J: I know that you are probably expecting some sort of magical ability straight from fantasy or paranormal book, but I'm gonna go in a different direction ;) I picked Nat from "Bling landing" by Carrie Aarons, beginning of her Flipped series :) you may disagree with me, but being a kick-ass gymnast on a level that allows you to compete in the Olympics is definitely a special talent unavailable for me to achieve on my own, so I would love to be her for a day ;)
#8 Spider web -> a series where books are connected to each other ;)
A: again, it's one of those questions when I feel I need to explain it a little bit more :) there are a lot of series out there, where all the books in them works perfectly well as standalones :) you can read them out of order or skip some of them if they don't interest you and it's just fine :) but for this one, we went with series that have bigger story archs that unfolds over several books in that series... or series where all the books are very tightly connected to one another, and you HAVE TO read them in order, or you risk missing out on important events and / or being spoiled on some pretty huge twists :) and for that I chose Lords of the underworld by Gena Showalter :) a fantastic paranormal series that gets better and better with each new book :)
J: for all the same reasons explained above, I chose Eternal guardians by Elisabeth Naughton :) another paranormal series where I loved each new book even better than the last :)
#9 Black cat -> a book or series with a beloved pet ;)
A: ok, I decided to cheat a little bit and pick Willow Bay stables by Anne Jolin :) mainly because there is no one particular pet in that series that I loved, but because in all three books horses play important part so I think you'll let it slide ;) plus, it's a fantastically written series that I wanted to recommend you ;)
J: I picked Spock from "Tribute" by Nora Roberts :) trust me, she is absolutely amazing in adding animals that steal your heart in her books, but I had to chose this particular one this time... I mean, who wouldn't love a dog who attacks invisible aliens? ;) yes, you read that right... #TrueStory ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed this much longer than usual #RandomRamblings post, because I definitely had fun writing it :) who knows, maybe you found a good new book rec or few today :) you know how much I love to connect with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I am there every day :)



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