Monday, October 24, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #35

All the movies
Temporary change 
My sick week

Hello my lovely people :) it's been a while since we talked ;) and all that is actually connected to one of the headlines of this post, so I will just dive straight into it :) and this time we will embrace the chaos once again and not go with the order of those headlines ;)

I'm gonna start from the very end... I was sick this past week... and it totally sucked... I woke up last saturday (not the one two days ago, but the one before that) and I was speechless... like literally speechless... I lost my voice... which freaked me out a little bit, because it never happened before... next day I could add fever to the mix... and if that wasn't enough, next day brought a runny nose... ugh... I got a sick leave from work for the whole week and I buried myself under a blanket with lots of tissues and hot water with lemon and honey... and some medicine of course... I was hoping I would feel better sooner than I did, but unfortunately it really took me a whole week to finally start feeling like a human again... :) that is why there was no #RandomRamblings post last week and no other reviews or social media posts till friday, when I actually started to feel a bit better again... hopefully this was my one time being sick this winter :) fingers crossed :) I'm almost afraid to go back to work tomorrow (I say tomorrow cause I'm writing this on a sunday evening) and see how much stuff I will have to catch up on... but it will be fine, at least at some point ;) keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

Ok, now let us skip to that beginning, shall we? :) I saw a really funny movie recently :) "Bridget Jones's baby" :) I know, I know what some of you may say... because I was saying the same things before I actually saw the movie ;) but it turned out really great :) it was such an entertaining afternoon I spent with my mom and my sister J + her friend :) there was one scene in particular, when she went into labor and tried to get to the hospital that made me cry from laughter... :) I kid you not, I was crying and having troubles beathing I was laughing so hard... :) I have the trailer for you right here if you want to check it out ;)

But that's not the only movie I want to talk to you about :) now that I FINALLY caught up on almost everything on my blog I decided to start taking advantage of the Unlimited card I got a few months ago in my favourite movie theatre :) the rules are basically this: for the equivalent of about two tickets that I pay regularly every month, I can go and see as many movies as I can :) sounds sweet, right? :) I agree, but somehow I wasn't really using it as much as I could... always an excuse to stay home and read some more ;) but I am changing things up a bit... it's all part of a bigger plan that I'm not gonna dwell on right now ;) but me and J are going to see another interesting movie on tuesday... "Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children" :) yes, I know it's based on a book and no, I haven't read it yet... ;) but it's gonna be months before I WILL get to them and it seems like a story I would love to see on the big screen sooo... ;) here's the trailer for you :)

Last but not least, a little temporary change :) just this once, the next #RandomRamblings post will go live on sunday :) the same thing will happen with my new "books I can't wait to get my hands on :)" post :) instead of the last day of the month, it will go live a day earlier, also on sunday :) mainly because Halloween is on monday, and after coming home from work, I will eat something really quickly, and then me and my sister J are going to a costume party so I won't have time to do anything else :) straight after eating we have to start getting ready and go, so instead of posting my stuff late, I will do it early :) hope this works with you guys ;)

Ok that's a wrap people :) hope you enjoyed this post :) as always, I love interacting with you so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :)



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