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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #33

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My very first book haul
Super awesome surprise 

Another week just flew right by me... ;) I mean... just... seriously, with my work and this blog I barely have time for anything else... or maybe my time management sucks ;) something to think about ;) anyway... ;) have I got a great #RandomRamblings post for you guys today :) all sorts of awesomeness to share with you :) so let's just jump to it, and this week, we're gonna go with the order of the headlines :)

So first things first :) we reached another milestone here on this blog of mine ;) last week I posted my 300th entry :) which is incredible, because I remember that in january, after one year of blogging I was at post #100 :) GAH!!! so many reviews and blog tours since then... not to mention all of the #RandomRamblings posts like this one... ;) I am definitely looking forward to reaching another hundred in the future... and then some more ;) I hope you'll all stay with me to witness that ;) ok, that was super short but that's because I have much more interesting things to share with you... ;) mainly...

It's time for my very first book haul :) you might be wondering why I haven't done a book haul before, since I'm reading all the time... ;) that is a good question :) and the answer is very simple :) so far pretty much all the books I've been reading are e-books... mainly sent to me by publishers and / or authors or the ones I get by myself... but I didn't want to do a book haul that would consist of only screenshots of my phone... I feel like a proper book haul should include books that you can actually hold in your hand :) so that's why I'm doing one right now :) those seven books I'm gonna tell you about are the ones I bought from my first paycheck at my new job, to celebrate it :) so I'm gonna show you some pics and leave you the links to my reviews of each and every one of those books, where you can find all the important informations about it :) let me start with a pic of all seven of them to show you what's waiting for you in this haul :) and yes, that is the view from my window ;)

So the first book I want to share with you is the one I actually got a week or so ago, the one I talked about in one of the previous #RandomRamblings posts and promised to share during my book haul :) I can't share with you a review yet, because I didn't get to it... but I will :) the lovely author sent it to me and I can't wait to read it... at some point in the future... ;)

Ok, now we can get to the actual book haul :) and trust me, those seven are one of my all time favourite books... ever :) so there truly is no order in why I'm sharing this or that book first, trust me :) but since I have to start somewhere, how about with "The tower must fall" by S. E. Bennett :) this absolutely amazing fantasy story blew me away when I first read it a few months ago, so naturally I had to have it :) you can find my very enthusiastic review -> here <- :)

Naturally it wouldn't be a book haul without a Penny Reid book ;) but this time I chose the one she co-wrote with L. H. Cosway :) "The hooker and the hermit" is such a hilarious read :) a sports themed romance about a socially awkward blogger... sounds familiar...? ;) and a rugby player... *sighs* #MustRead :) again, you can find my full review -> here <- but just keep in mind the fact that when I wrote that review, this book was just a standalone... it became a series a bit later :) so no worries, there are and will be more :)

And speaking of L. H. Cosway... ;) you know I just HAD TO have "Six of hearts" on my shelf... because, well... *sighs dreamily* Jay.... ;) a contemporary romance where the main hero is a smoothtalking and charming as hell illusionist? uuuummm... yes, please :) you can find my full review -> here <- but if you need a swoonworthy book, look no further and check this one out :)

How about we change genres a little bit? :) because I have an amazing historical romance as well in here :) "Tempt me at twilight" by Lisa Kleypas is my favourite installment in her phenomenal The Hathaways series... :) there is just something in this story that... *sighs* maybe because it reminds me a bit of "Beauty and the beast"... :) you can find my review -> here <- :)

"The deal" by Elle Kennedy was a book that took me bu surprise :) a new adult sports themed romance, I was afraid it would involve quite a bit of angst and / or unnecessary drama... but it did not :) it's still my favourite story in Off-campus series and if you want to know a little bit more about my thoughts you can find my review -> here <- :) but word of advice, it's one of my shorter ones from the beginning months of my blog :)

And of course my first book haul wouldn't be complete without Mal... *sighs happily* oh how I love him... :) he is the hero in "Play" by Kylie Scott, one of the novels in her Stage Dive series :) and damn... I laughed so hard on that book... :) because he is one of the most unpredictable characters.... you never know what his gonna say next :) it's also a surprisingly emotional story, but for more details, be sure to read my review -> here <- :) and yes, I'm perfectly aware that you can see the reflection of my hands taking the pic, but the cover is so glossy and shiny that there was no way to avoid it... trust me... I tried... ;)

Last but definitely not least is the book that I don't have a full review yet :) and that is because "Wild embrace" by Nalini Singh is the newest installment in her Psy-changeling series that consists of four new novellas set in that world :) and I haven't read it yet :) mainly because it's pretty new and also I've been saving reading it for the day when I will actually have a paperback version of the book in my hands :) and I still haven't read it yet, becaue I am waiting for a weekend when I will have the time to actually relax and enjoy it in peace... :) I'm hoping it will happen in a week or two ;) fingers crossed :)

And to end this book haul in the best way, here is the current version of my #Shelfie ;) as in #BookShelfSelfie ;) *sighs happily* don't they all look soooo pretty? :)

And now for that very last part of the headlines :) that super awesome surprise :) well, it was definitely for me... ;) do you see anything... interesting, on the cover of "The tower must fall" that I shared before? ;)

Here, I'll zoom in for you ;)

That's right, it's a cover quote... :) and more than that... it's MY QUOTE!!! :) if you are wondering why it's signed "Ann Key" and not "BookWorm8619" or "A" that's because I send all the links and my reviews to that publisher from my blogger e-mail account that I started under a pseudonym... yeah, you guessed it... "Ann Key" :) but I had no idea they will put my quote on the cover :) I mean, I got the ARC of this book months ago, read it and totally fell in love with it... as in I was shoving it at everyone I could, telling them to drop everything and read it :) I sent my glowing review to the publisher, posted it everywhere and moved on :) a few weeks ago when I was deciding what to buy for my very first book haul, I wanted a fantasy book... so naturally this story was my first pick :) once it arrived I quickly checked that everything was ok, and put all the books on the shelf... I was too busy to even properly appreciate them... :) a few days later I finally had the time to pet them and everything and imagine my shock and surprise when I got to this book and saw MY QUOTE on the freaking cover :) it was like the best kind of a surprise ever :) and now I'm sharing my joy with all of you :)

Ok people, that's a wrap :) hope you enjoyed this longer than usual lately #RandomRamblings post :) as always, I love to connect with you, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check them every day :)



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