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Blog tour + Giveaway + Review: "Our forever" by Elena Matthews

Author: Elena Matthews
Title: "Our forever"
Standalone, but... ;)
Main characters: Drew Grayson and Jo Donovan


When you fall in love with your best friend, it’s the kind of love that’s supposed to last forever. 
Jo Donovan was a true believer of happily ever afters—until her best friend, Christopher, was killed in Afghanistan, destroying her belief that fairy-tale endings existed. 
Destroying her. Destroying her world. 
Five years later… 
Jo finds herself still stuck in the past, unable to find closure with Christopher’s death. 
When she moves to Austin, Texas, with her son, Junior, she’s finally given the fresh start she’s been desperately seeking. 
What she doesn’t know is that the fresh start comes in the form of her sexy neighbor, Drew Greyson. 
Their friendship starts off rocky, but eventually, a spark between them ignites. It isn’t long before that spark turns explosive, and she finds herself falling for him. 
Drew wants to be her everything, her forever, but will Jo’s pain from losing Christopher stop her from following her heart? 

Warning: Recommended for ages 18+ due to explicit language and sexual situations.

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I got my hands on the ARC of this amazing book, and I couldn’t be more happy about it because... well... it was absolutely fantastic ;) for a person who reads as much as I do on a daily basis, and I am not talking only as a book blogger, but as a reader in general ;) the situation that happened to me with this book, is not a very often occurence ;) long story short, and don’t worry, my whole review is going to be the long version ;) but for now, long story short... I fell in love with this book from the very first chapter, and it only got better after that... ;) so now I will do my best to convince you about its awesomeness, so you’ll give it a try as well ;)

Let me start by saying a little bit more about our main couple... because *sighs dreamily* ;) I adored them both... but since I have a very soft spot for Drew, I’m gonna start with Jo ;) ok, so she had a best friend growing up... she and Christopher were friends forever, before falling in love with each other... unfortunately a few months after the birth of their son, he died after being deployed to Afghanistan as an army doctor... and even though they weren’t married, she’s a widow... and now, five years later, she is still grieving... but that slowly starts to change when she moves to another city after losing her job... ;) my heart really went out to her... I wished I could just reach into the book and hug her... Elena Matthews wrote her as such a vivid, real and honest character, that my heart kept breaking for her and her sadness... but this was definitely not the only side she had... there was also a very sarcastic and even a little bit of sassy side we got to see more and more throughout the book... ;) and it all started with her meeting Drew... *sighs dreamily* I have to say that Drew is starting to be one of my favourite male names... because every time I read a story when he is the hero, like „Beauty and the mustache” by Penny Reid, or „Play of passion” by Nalini Singh, or „The hook up” by Kristen Callihan, or like this book ;) he is always one of the most swoonworthy and awesome guys ever ;) and Drew in this particular book... *sighs* I just... I can’t... there are NO GUYS like him in real life... or I’m looking in all the wrong places ;) he was just... oh so perfect ;) smart, sarcastic with a delightfully dirty mouth ;) and did I mentioned all the tatoos and the fact that he plays guitar and can sing your panties off without really trying? ;) *sighs dreamily* he totally stole my heart ;) and him and Jo together.. it was pure perfection to read ;) not to mention, that they meet in a very interesting way... ;) after Jo and her son move to a new apartment, she is woken up in the middle of the night by a very loud music from the apartment next door... so naturally she storms there and yells at... what do you know, Drew is her neighbour ;) after storming back to her apartment, she gets a sort of an apology gift the next morning, which turns into exchanging messages and slowly into something more... ;) and seeing this more playful side of Jo, the banter between them... I can’t even begin to count how many times I laughed out loud reading their messages and interactions ;) I don’t want to say too much about how their story goes, but what you need to know is that it’s a bit of a slow burn romance, without any unnecessary drama or angst whatsoever ;) which happens way too rarely in books ;)

Besides Jo and Drew, there were of course quite a few secondary characters I need to mention ;) first of all, Junior, her son ;) he was such a great kid to read about ;) smart and cute, I really enjoyed him ;) then I need to tell you about Kaelyn ;) now she was a fun friend ;) Jo’s bestie, a little bit of crazy, but absolutely loyal, we all could use a friend like her in real life... ;) and of course, Christopher’s family... ;) his brothers and parents, even though they appeared or were mentioned only in a few scenes, definitely left the best impression ;) and some of them may or may not already got their own story... ;)

Like I said, many many times during this review, this book was absolutely amazing... ;) I was blown away by the writing style of a completely new to me author... you can bet that all of her other books landed on my tbr #BookMountain wishlist ;) the characters she created, their stories and interactions... *sighs happily* it made me laugh, cry and make „aaaawwww” noises in all the best places ;) the majority of the book is written from Jo’s perspective, with a few chapters when we can glimpse into the mind of Drew ;) and both perspectives are flawless... I mean... I was in such an awe of the way that writing style got to me... you never know what you get when you try a new author, so it’s always so amazing to discover a gem like Elena Matthews... ;) trust me people, you all need this story in your lives ;) go one click it right now, you won’t regret it :)


I furiously stomp to the side table, grab my keys, and storm out of my apartment, forgetting that I’m dressed in only a long T-shirt and panties.
My eyes zone in on my neighbor’s door where the loud music is coming from.
I have no idea whom I’ll be dealing with, whether a drug dealer or an ax murderer, but that doesn’t prevent me from banging my fist against the wood of this asshole’s door.
I feel the wrath of a dragon burning through my veins, especially as I continue to knock on the door—or more accurately, aggressively imprint my fist into the wood—waiting for someone to hear me over the racket.
This is what happens when you wake mama bear up; she turns vicious.
Finally, after my hand becomes numb from the consistent banging, the music suddenly stops, and the door swings open. I’m on the guy before he can finish opening the door, but I don’t miss the way his eyes lazily fall down the length of my body in my barely there T-shirt.
“Do you know what time it is?” I shout. I don’t give him a chance to reply as I continue with my irrational rant, “It’s two in the morning. Two! That mind-numbing noise you call music has not only woken me up, but also my six-year-old son! Who in their right mind plays music at this time of night? It’s inconsiderate to your neighbors, especially ones who have just moved in. Thank God staying here is only temporary, and I don’t have to live across the hall to an asshole like you for long. Seriously, it’s too early for this shit!” I finish a little breathless. I was more abrupt than I needed to be.
As the silence lingers between us, I shift uncomfortably at the intense gaze that burns into me from a set of blue eyes greedily taking in my lack of clothing. I have the urge to pull my T-shirt further down my naked legs, but instead, I stand tall and stare him out, feigning confidence when I’m trembling inside and my heart is racing.
Shit, what if this guy is a drug dealer or a murderer?
As my rage simmers and dissolves into fear, I finally take in the guy with the shit taste in music, and that’s when I realize he’s dressed just as indecently as I am. He’s in only a pair of shorts, and his messy dark brown hair looks as if someone put their hands through it a couple of hundred times, telling me that I’ve, no doubt, interrupted a sex session.
At that thought, through no fault of my own, my eyes instinctively drop down to his chest. That’s when I see how incredibly ripped he is, and his skin is decorated in various tattoos. I can’t help but follow the continuous patterns of art that cover both arms, noticing that one is Captain America’s shield tearing from out of his skin. The unique tattoos carry on over his right shoulder, along the center of his chest, and down his stomach. I continue lower, and it’s not until my gaze begins to drift to the V of his hips and the tattoos that fade into his shorts when I quickly avert my eyes.
My hackles rise again when I see a subtle smirk curling his mouth.
“Well?” I question, wondering why the hell he’s just watching me with an amused smile. When the silence continues and he doesn’t utter a single word, I huff in annoyance, my anger simmering again. “Fine! Don’t apologize, but do not come to my door when you need a cup of sugar! Good night,” I bite out before turning on my heels and heading back in the direction of my apartment.
Strange sensations of shivers erupt up my spine at the feel of his stare searing into my back. The heightened awareness throws me off-balance and quite frankly terrifies me, but I push the inexplicable feeling away and focus on getting the last word in. “Oh, and keep the goddamn music down!”

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Receptionist by day, author by night, Elena Matthews is from Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United, MediaCity and of course, Coronation Street. When Elena isn’t writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or watching guilty pleasures such as Grey’s Anatomy. And when she isn’t doing any of those things, you can often find her on Facebook, obsessing over Kellan Kyle, book boyfriend extraordinaire.

Find her online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Pinterest



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