Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: "Rookie move" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Title: "Rookie move"
Book 1 in series Brooklyn Bruisers
Main characters: Leonardo "Leo" Trevi and Georgia "Gigi" Worthington

I got the ARC of this fantastic book from the lovely author herself and I couldn’t be more happy about it, because Sarina Bowen is definitely one of my all time favourite authors... and with each book I get more and more sure about this ;) she has this wonderful ability to write books that are not only hilarious and hot, but also touch upon some very serious subjects without being too judgy... in a way that makes you think about them without forcing just one opinion onto you... and I love that about her books ;) each and every one of them I read so far has been a great experience for me, and that is saying something, because all of them were very diverse... and the same happened with this story ;) so how about I will tell you a bit more about it? ;)

Georgia and Leo were high school sweethearts ;) you might remember Leo from Sarina’s other series The ivy years ;) especially from „The fifteenth minute”, where his younger brother DJ was the main hero ;) but if you haven’t read those books... or just that final one like yours truly ;) fear not, because this story works perfectly well as a standalone ;) you will get all the necessary informations so that you can enjoy this book even if it would be your first dive into the amazingness that is Sarina’s writing style... ;) ok, but back to our main couple ;) they were together in high school, but after one tragic event during their senior year, everything changed between them... and Georgia broke up with him on graduation day... I know I’m being vague, but I don’t want to spoil you things, especially since I’m not sure if they were mentioned in other books or are they brand new knowledge... ;) now it’s six years later, and Leo is transferred to play in Brooklyn Bruisers hockey team, where Georgia handles PR ;) and even after all this time they can’t pretend that there’s nothing between them ;) and I can’t really blame them, since they are both pretty great ;) yes, what drove them apart was hard, but now they are older and wiser… although that last part is not always true... ;) but I absolutely loved seeing them together ;) to witness how much they still mean to each other... the banter and the chemistry was absolutely great ;) a bit awkward at first and then it got better and better with each day ;) it was definitely a second chance romance worth reading ;) even if sometimes both of them acted stupid, I could understand why they did what they did... plus, that ending was absolutely sweet :)

Besides our main couple we of course had a bunch of secondary characters ;) and I loved seeing all the new faces because there is sooo much potential for future stories here... ;) and I can’t wait to read them all ;) I think my personal favourite was Becca, Georgia’s roommate ;) she was such a fantastic character ;) funny and supportive and just a pleasure to read ;) I’m definitely hoping to get her book at some point in the future ;) but I will take one about Patrick O’Doul with pleasure instead ;) because the captain of the team is next in line ;) he and the lovely Ari will get their turn at the beginning of next year ;) I need to mention two more people ;) Nate, the owner of the team and a super rich tech genius :) and Silas, Leo’s new roommate ;) they were both very entertaining for different reasons that I won’t spoil you here, because it’s really better if you discover them on your own while reading the story ;) but this book is definitely filled with amazing characters that only add to the awesomeness of it ;)

All in all I absolutely loved this book ;) I know, what a shocker... ;) but it was really good ;) I expected nothing less from Sarina Bowen though ;) her writing style is always flawless and pulls me in from the first chapter ;) and this story was exactly like that ;) from the beginning I was cheering on the characters and enjoying all the interactions... some of them took some time to form, but it was sooo worth it ;) so if you are already a fan of Sarina’s books, or if you are only now discovering the amazingness that she is, be sure to give this book a try ;) the phenomenal writing style, loveable characters, all sorts of different connections and relationships... and by that I mean not only romantic ones, but friendships as well.. :) *sighs happily* it made this book such an entertaining and sweet read... I highly recommend it for all of you :) 



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