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Review: "Locked" by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Authors: Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine
Title: "Locked"
Book 2 in series PresLocke
Main characters: Ace Locke and Dylan Prescott

I got my hands on the ARC of this fantastic book in exchange for an honest review and I couldn't be more happy about it :) ok, first things first... it's one of those series when all books concentrate on one couple, so you really need to read "Aced" before diving into this one, but trust me... it's a phenomenal book so if you haven't already read it, you are seriously missing out :) it's a hot and hilarious story with surprisingly emotional moments as well and it blew my mind... so imagine my joy when I read this sequel and loved it even more... but fair warning, to all of you who are new to this series... I will be spoiling you some things from the first book... nothing from this new installment, but if you haven't read "Aced" yet you might wanna avert your eyes and go buy that first book instead ;) to all of you who stayed with me, let's start :)

Ok, since it's the sequel about the same couple, I'm assuming that all of you who are still with me know the basics about the characters :) but let me refresh your memory if you missed some details ;) Ace is a big action movie star who came out as gay about a year ago... now he's filming a sequel to one of his hits, and on the set he meets the guy he was crushing on... a model from a very yummy billboard he stops by every day... and it's not on his way to work or anything... so yeah... the picture is that good ;) Dylan is an openly gay man, very comfortable with his sexuality, as oppose to Ace who is still struggling with it... when they met in person there is definitely an insane level of attraction between them and that first book was... *fans myself* I have no adjective to fully describe how hot it was... ;) I kid you not, it was one of the hottest books I have ever read and that is saying something ;) they were hiding in that first story, not wanting the world to know anything before they truly figure out what is there between them... but we all know how that ended... after an amazing weekend in Vegas, one of the paparazzi broke into their hotel room and took some photos of them only in towels... and the sequel picks right after that moment... we see how quickly the media frenzy begins... how they follow their every move, digging for more and more details about them and about Dylan... we see the consequences of that relationship, which suddenly turned into a very public one... and every one seems to have an opinion about it...

I don't want to say too much about the details of what is exactly happening in this story, because I certainly don't want to spoil you some gasp-worthy moments... and there are several of them in this story ;) what I will say is that you see how different those consequences are for Ace and Dylan... how people close to them react to all of that... and if you already read some other books written by this authors, you will definitely see a familiar face or two popping in for a scene here and there... ;) but don't worry, if you are new to their writing style, like yours truly ;) those scenes will just make you curious about reading their stories at some point, without feeling like you should have read those books before this one :) but I do have to admit, even though I absolutely loved the majority of those secondary characters, Ziggy and Sunshine, Dylan's parents, are still my favourite ;) for oh so many reasons I won't spoil here... ;)

I absolutely loved this book... which was a bit of a surprise for me... ;) let me explain... :) after totally falling in love with the first book, my expectations going into the sequel were insanely high... especially after that ending... :) which is a terrible thing, because the higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointment might be... so imagine my utter joy when this book was even better than the first :) I'm still not sure how that was possible, but it happened :) again, it was written in 2 POVs, which gave us an inside look into the minds of both main characters... and we all know how much I love that :) we got to know more about both of their families, who could not be more different... we saw how everyone handled the news about Ace and Dylan being together, when it got out into the world... but what I think I loved most about this book, is that there was no stupid and unnecessary drama between our main couple... yes, the situation they needed to handle was very hard, but they were doing it together... and witnessing that was truly amazing... the change in Ace, how more and more confident he grew... and just... I don't want to say more, because I don't want to spoil you all the little things, and some major ones, that are happening in this book, so I will end my review with this: that ending was absolutely beautiful... :) and even though it's not the end of their story... book #3 and conclusion to this series will go out next year... it will definitely make the wait much more pleasurable than the cliffhanger after the first one, that's for sure ;) so be sure to grab a copy of this wonderful sequel, or to start at the beginning if you are new to this series, because trust me... you need Ace and Dylan in your lives ;)


“You’re looking pretty serious over there, Daydream.” There was humor in his tone, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You okay?”
I nodded slowly as I made my way over to where he sat. I reached for the phone and put it on the table, and when I cupped the side of his face and lowered my lips to his, I said, “I’m just great.”
Ace pulled away slightly and raised an eyebrow. “Great, huh?”
“Mhmm. I was just thinking…”
“Always a dangerous pastime,” Ace said, and brought a palm up to lay it directly over my heart, and I wondered if he could feel it thudding.
“No. Not this time,” I said.
“Nope. I was just thinking how wonderful you are.”
“Okay, sweet talker—”
“I’m serious,” I said, bringing my other hand up so I was cradling his face between my palms. “I wish for one day you could be me, so you could see what an incredibly brave, sweet, extraordinary human being you are. You have so much, Ace, yet…you’re more generous and humble than anyone I know.”
“Shh,” I whispered against his lips. “I just wanted you to know that I…” I caught myself at the last minute as his eyes pierced mine and I was paralyzed by the enormity of emotions flooding me.
God, how is it that in twelve weeks this man has completely turned my world upside down? But he had. Ace had me wanting things…things I’d never even thought about before. Things I always assumed I would never want.
“You…?” he said, but my mind had changed course. The emotions had blurred and morphed into something else entirely, and then, quite unexpectedly, I asked, “Do you want kids?”
From the stunned expression on Ace’s face, I might as well have asked him if he were a serial killer. His eyes had widened and his mouth fell open, and he looked so bewildered I couldn’t stop the chuckle that bubbled out of me.
“Uhh…” he said.
He appeared so shell-shocked it made me laugh even harder. “I’m sorry…but you should see your face right now… I promise, I’m not pregnant.” When I began laughing again, Ace’s mouth snapped shut and he brought both his hands up to my wrists to encircle them and tug me down into the booth with him. He scooted across the seat until he was lounging back against the wall and I was awkwardly sprawled across him.
“Excuse me if you took me a little bit off guard,” he said.
“A little bit?”
“Okay, a whole fucking lot. But that wasn’t where I thought you were going with that at all.”
I aimed a grin his way, trying to play down the fact that I’d been about three seconds away from handing over more of me than I knew I could ever get back should Ace decide he didn’t—
“Hey?” he said. “Where’d you go?”
It was Ace’s turn to chuckle. “What is up with you? You’re all over the place.”
I sighed, knowing that he was right. Maybe it was like a postproduction crash or something. But I felt oddly sentimental. Like all of my feelings were right there on the surface.
I stroked my fingers down his cheek. “I just think you would be an amazing father, is all. And I was curious.”
He narrowed his eyes on me. “I don’t think that’s it at all, but to answer your question. Yes, I think one day and”—his eyes were so intent on holding mine then that there was no way I could look anywhere but at him, and his meaning was crystal clear before he even said it—“with the right person, I would definitely consider having kids. What about you?”
“I never really thought I would, considering where I came from and all. But…” I chewed on my lower lip, suddenly wishing I’d kept my damn mouth shut.
My eyes locked with his and I decided it was now or never to really just lay it out there. “But watching you today on set made me think about what-ifs.”
The grin that curved Ace’s mouth then was cheeky, and for the first time since we’d entered the trailer, his eyes lit with the same amusement his smile was conveying.
“Are you trying to say you want me to knock you up? Because, Dylan, I have to tell you, I have some pretty powerful boys at work, but no amount of horny goat weed is gonna make that happen.”
It was my turn for my jaw to drop then, and when Ace started laughing his ass off I punched him in the arm. “Dick.”
“Aww, but you just said I was wonderful.”
“A wonderful dick.”
“But not magical enough to get you pregnant.”
“Would you stop saying that. You’re freaking me out.”
Ace’s rumble of laughter vibrated through him as he wrapped his arms around my waist, and finally, after a minute or two, when his mirth had subsided, he stroked a hand down my back to my ass and pulled me as close as was possible while wearing clothes.
“It’s okay to look at the future and think about what might be, Daydream.”
I laid my head against his shoulder and shut my eyes. “I know. This is all just happening so fast. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe it’s real.”
I felt his lips at my temple and then he whispered, “It’s real. So believe it. Plan it. Trust it."
I nodded and then angled my face to see him look up at me. He had a soft smile on his face, and for the first time all day he looked relaxed, and I knew that as long as we were together the future looked brighter than ever.

About the author -> Ella Frank:

Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!”

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR.

Find her online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

About the author -> Brooke Blaine:

You could say Brooke Blaine was a book-a-holic from the time she knew how to read; she used to tell her mother that curling up with one at 4 a.m. before elementary school was her 'quiet time.' Not much has changed except for the espresso I.V. pump she now carries around and the size of her onesie pajamas.

Brooke enjoys writing sassy contemporary romance, whether in the form of comedy, suspense, or erotica. The latter has scarred her conservative Southern family for life, bless their hearts.

If you'd like to get in touch with her, she's easy to find - just keep an ear out for the Rick Astley ringtone that's dominated her cell phone for ten years.

Find her online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads



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