Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: "Going the distance" by Mila Rossi

Author: Mila Rossi
Book 1 in series No excuses
Main characters: Trent "The Punisher" Page and Samantha "Sam" Wellington

I got a free copy of this fun novella from the author, and I quite enjoyed it ;) I read only one of her other books, actually one written under the pseudonym Alice Lake and really liked that historical romance, so when she approached me with a proposition to read one of her contemporary stories, I was definitely interested ;) since it’s a shorter read, my review will be a bit on the shorter side as well... after all, you don’t want me to spoil you every little detail of the book, right? ;) so how about before I go into all my thoughts and feelings, I will tell you a bit more about our main couple and the whole story between them ;)

Sam and Trent... *sighs* what can I tell you about them... ;) they definitely have a very memorable first encounter... he is having one of the worst nights in his life, and when he tries to pick her up in a bar in Las Vegas, where she is spending annual girls weekend with her friends, he doesn’t do a very good job... to be honest, he acts like a total jerk, so I am not blaming her for slapping the hell out of him... ;) I kid you not, she does it... I told you it’s a memorable encounter ;) but don’t worry, he’s not acting like that the whole book... he doesn’t magically change in the next chapter or anything, but I definitely ended up really liking him, so there’s hope for you as well ;) so imagine her surprise, and utter dread when after coming home she discovers that she has to get an interview with him, because her job depends on it... because little did she knew, he’s a famous boxer, who actually on the day they met lost his first fight... so you can imagine how awkward their next meeting is... ;) but she is very determined to get him to say „yes” so she comes up with a plan... a plan that involves them meeting for a few times over a span of few weeks... ;) and that is all I’m gonna say about the plot of the book ;) theirs is a relationship full of contradictions... on the one hand, it’s slow burn... they don’t see each other very often, and things change slowly between them... on the other hand there are moments of total and unexpected heat and attraction ;) but what I love about those moments is how Sam reacts to them ;) she totally acknowledges that it’s pure attraction, and that she really shouldn’t feel that way because she doesn’t even like him ;) at least not at first ;) because the more time they actually spend together, the more they start to like one another ;)

Overall I really liked this book ;) the writing style was good, which made reading this story very easy... and trust me, that is not the case every time ;) writing style is actually the first thing I judge when I read a book... cause I can have troubles with the plot or characters, after all we like to read about different types of people and we have personal preferences for a reason ;) but when the writing style is good, it makes everything better ;) that’s why even though Trent annoyed me at the beginning I kept reading... ;) I was curious what’s gonna happen next ;) and even though the actual resolution felt a bit rushed, even for a novella, I liked it ;) it was a fun and uncomplicated book, without lots of drama and angst, so if this story sounds interesting to you, definitely give it a try ;)



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