Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: "Broken forest" by Eliza Tilton

Author: Eliza Tilton
Book 1 in series Daath chronicles
Main characters: well... about that ;)

I got my hands on a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I have to say that I'm intrigued... ;) I was definitely in the mood to read something a little bit different, so this young adult fantasy novel really landed on my kindle just at the right time... ;) it was my first book written by this author, but it left me curious enough to go back and read the rest of the series... so it's very fortunate that the second installment is already on my kindle ;) but I would love to see what else she has written :) I definitely enjoyed this story... maybe it didn't blew me away or wowed me to the point that I will shove it in your face repeating "read it... read it now" but I gave it 4 stars for a reason ;) my review will be a little bit on the shorter side because there is a lot of things I can't tell you about this book :) after all, I don't want to spoil you all the surprises along the way... ;) but I will do my best, as always, to share with you my thoughts and feelings :) but let's start with a little bit of informations about the story and the characters, shall we? :)

This book is told from three perspectives... :) we have Avikar, a young man, who still feels guilty and blames himself for the death of his little brother a few years back... he used to dream about leaving his home and achieving more than just helping his family with the farm... he still thinks about it, but now he doesn't feel that he deserves it... he was actually my favourite of the three characters :) I think he also had the biggest part in the story, although that may be just connected to the fact that I liked him the best and not necessary to the fact that he had the longest chapters ;) I didn't really count the pages so I can't be sure ;) then we have Jeslyn, his younger sister... when she's kidnapped, he goes on a rescue mission with Derrick... more about him in a minute :) and I don't know what it was exactly about her, but I couldn't really connect to her... yes, there were moments when I really felt for her, but the majority of the time... especially in the second half of the book, I either didn't like what she did or my reaction was "what the WHAT are you doing?!?" :) I hope I will like her more in the second book, but so far I am not a fan... and last but not least there's Lucino... he is... well... "villain" is not the perfect word to use to describe him, but I can't really tell you more about him, so we're just gonna have to go with the "villain" of the story :) he's this very mysterious character from the start of the book, and we get to know only a bit more about him, who he is and what his plans are... :) I don't want to say that I like him, but I am definitely curious about what's gonna happen with him in the future :) and yes, I know I'm being super vague, but I really can't tell you more without some huge spoilers, so you're just gonna have to forgive me for the lack of details :) besides those three main characters, there are of course a bunch of secondary ones, but again... the importance of some of them is definitely a spoiler, so I can't share with you guys their identities... :) the only one I can name here is Derrick :) he's Avikar's best friend and Jeslyn's... "boyfriend" is the closest word I can come up with to describe what is between them :) very close to the beginning of the book Jeslyn is kidnapped and Avikar and Derrick go after her... that's pretty much everything I can tell you about the plot... :) not because there's nothing more, because trust me... there is ;) but all those details contain a lot of unexpected turns or surprising reveals that would spoil you all the fun ;) so I'll leave them for you to discover while you read and instead try to tell you a bit more about my feelings about this story :)

I definitely enjoyed this book :) although it took me a while to understand the world... it feels like we dive straight into the story, and the explanation part is coming along the way... so we get to know bit by bit, more and more about the lands and the characters with each chapter, but it definitely takes some time... :) on the one hand it's a good thing, because you are not overwhelmed by the huge amount of informations thrown at you within the first few chapters... but on the other hand it might be a bit harder to really get into the book because of that... there were definitely parts near the beginning when I got confused and needed a moment to sort things through, but the more you know the easier it gets :) I already told you everything that I can about the characters in this story :) and yes, there are quite more I would love to share with you, but since I don't want to spoil you who is important, I can't tell you about certain secondary characters that caught my attention ;) the writing style was definitely interesting and I am intrigued enough to want to go back to this world and see what's gonna happen next :) so if you are in the mood for a little bit different story then definitely give this one a try ;)



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