Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: "60 days" by J. L. Leslie

Author: J. L. Leslie
Title: "60 days"
Book 2 in series Morgan family
Main characters: Weston Fein and Blake Morgan

I got the ARC of this book from the lovely author in exchange for an honest eview and I have to say... I have some very mixed feelings about it... I ultimately gave this book 3,5 stars and I will do my best to tell you why I feel that way without actually spoiling you everything that happens in this story, which is not very long... so I will try and do something a little bit different than what I usually do... I will focus on my feelings about the characters and the story instead of all the little details... :)

So first, a bit of a background about the main characters... :) Blake is not happy at the beginning of the book... she is in a very peculiar situation with her current boyfriend... and no, I'm not gonna tell you what is it exactly, you don't want to be spoiled ;) when they break up, she spends more and more time with Weston... they were friends for a very long time, but now, it turns into something more... again, I don't want to go into more details, because since the story is not very long, to tell you more I would have to share the majority of the plot :) so I will jump straight into talking to you about our main couple :) and I have to start with Weston, because I really liked him :) he was such a fun character, but I think that my love for him was bigger just because of the way I felt exactly the opposite about Blake... *sighs heavily* I did NOT like her... at all... initially I thought that it was because I got sick when I started reading this book... I caught a cold and everything irritated me... so I took a short break from reading this book, hoping it will all pass... unfortunately, that was not the case.. cause I read other books while I ws sick that I absolutely enjoyed... and all of that was confirmed when I recently got back to reading this story and Blake was still annoying... *sighs* I didn't like her choices, and I am talking about her choices throughout the whole book... because I have nothing against a character who might annoy me at the beginning but then he / she grows and changes and by the end of the book I totally love them ;) but with Blake... I liked her just fine as a secondary character in the first book of this series, but as a heroine of her own story... she was just not my kind of a character...

But that's just fine :) after all, our personal preferences are called "personal" for a reason :) and don't get me wrong, I still liked the writing style very much, and I am more than curious about the third book in this series :) not to mention all others I haven't read by this author... it's just... this particular story and heroine wasn't for me... she didn't "click" with me, I couldn't understand her choices, or the way she treated people... or let other people treat her... *sighs* I'm just gonna stop talking about her, because I don't really like to focus on the bad things in books I read ;) so instead of doing that, I will finish my review by saying that even though it's the second book in a series, it can totally be read as a standalone... or you can just skip it if it sounds like something you won't enjoy ;) but I definitely encourage you to form your own opinion, because who knows... you might just fall in love with this story... after all, I saw quite a few 5 stars ratings out there... ;) and that's what I love about books :) we all respond to the same story in so many different ways :) but as long as we stay respectful of other people opinions, we should be just fine ;)



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